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Yeah. Y'know, that's a good idea. I'll hold onto that.

Maybe Daring Do?
All adventures need a patron, someone who can do something with the loot. (Weather buy, sell, give to the right people etc) someone to cover the expedition costs and find clues for the locations of the long lost relic.

it would fit both his canon cutiemark and your meaning for it, he could find it his personal duty (Moraly speaking) to return lost items to their rightful descendants.

Thanks for faving A Blueblood for Everyone! Any Bluebloods you're looking to see again soon?

2113226 Because I like the style nowadays its always ether a overpowered human that is hated, or a wimp who is loved by all its kinda refreshing. Not only that but you can actually spell and not have massive wall texts! /)
/ /

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