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First two chapters of wizards of equistria 2 are ready to be presented to the following three members


3rd chapter is underway and will be worked on in the basis of "when I feel like it." Seems a bit mean I know but there's a reason behind it. I'm now involved with 3 stories and one of them actually has a massive universe behind it with multiple users in said universe. Gotta make sure I keep up to date on it. Don't worry you can always check the word count on my main page to see how close it gets to being posted. When it hits 2500 words is when it's close to posting time.

Now then what are the plans for this chapter?
Answering a question posed in the comments and introducing Lifewriter! The Life Wizard submission by the groups creator Adaptroug! Stay too- I mean tuned for when the chapter releases!

Second chapter of Messing with Fire has been published and a contest has been announced! I'm allowing 5 people to enter into my story via wizard OCs, 1 for each school that hasn't been covered yet. Submit your character to me via pm if you wish to enter. Make sure you've got the following for the submission or IT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
Edit: Don't forget the name as well.
1. School(and secondary school if applicable)
3. Fighting Style
4. Deck(and treasure cards if applicable. Include gear and pet spells)
5. Any pets

Another category to get to be one of the first three.

I would like to see someone incorporate Wizard101 tournaments with Equestria girls in a crossover.

Group announcement.
Wizards of Equestria is ending and a squeal is being writ as we speak. Three people in this group will be able to get a First look when The first two chapters are compleate. The three will be decided must fall into one of two catagories.

Have experience writing wizard 101 crossovers.

Have Been an active member in the forums especially in Custom spells.

If there aren't enough of either of these it will be a matter of luck if you get to be one of those three.

361185 if you want a bit of reference material check out wizards of equestria

361167 alright a bit of good news. I went through and rewrote the thing a bit, i'm just going through and re-editing it a bit more(making twilight's attacks a bit more magic-oriented) then it shall be submitted. This is what happens when i tire of skyrim for awhile and decide to get off my lazy rear.

Edit: finished with the last edits and submitted. here's hoping for the best!

Then do what I do

Try to get one line or one hundred words typed daily.

If not the people can wait to see the masterpiece you created

361156 all depends on how long it takes me to go back and do the necessary rewrites. also depends on how lazy i get.. seriously i play a lot of games so they take up a ton of time as well and that's apart from my real life job.

361153 for curiosity, when will you post the story

361088 yeah he didn't summon a heckhound... he summoned a dragon. if what he'd done before hadn't gotten celestia and luna's attention, this certainly did.


They may look cute at first but they quickly become ferocious beasts

360813 that's exactly what got him into trouble in the first place.


Remember unless bound by a wizard circle all spells except for minors and majors are summons.

Beware the heck hound

I was thinking putting a world door in somewhere that the character has to find after he... well after he escapes again. with the backstory i gave my protagonist he has a massive habit of getting into trouble.

360561 To be honest.
First try a link between the places you are crossovering.
ex, a portal or even telepathy between a person in universe A to universe B.

After I recover from final exam stress... I was planning to do a crossover. Do you have any tips that might come in handy?

It is a game by kingsisle and I have looked everywhere for one story about it. there were none.

We will pioneer into the future.

I dunno wat wizard101 is but it looked a little lonely in here.

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