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underrated Drake

Just a regular guy who has very little knowledge on MLP but a lot of creativity.

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I don't intend to be rude but I have read numerous stories that u wrote most of which were never finished but were also never cancelled so I wish to ask if u ever plan to finish em.

Additionally I also want to clarify that it's fine to sometimes have multiple stories but considering the length of ur average words per chapter on most of ur stories it would take a whole decade if u solely continue those stories without making new one.

Yeah, some of them have been placed on Hiatus for Writting reasons (They have subjects that in today's day and age are... TOO sensitive for a certain selection of people, that's why I decided not to updated them regularly [Ice Breaker]. In other cases, writter's block, and in others, I just don't like the way I wrote those stories so, I'm thinking of ways to finish them off in a possitive way.

But, I will update most of them soon enough.

Edit: If you dislike, please let me know why, I always welcome constructive criticism and I want all of you to enjoy my stories

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Will you ever write a story inspired by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?”:pinkiegasp:

I'll have to watch the anime, but, if I feel confident enough, sure!

Well Sherman's cleared up all his debt and exposed all those people who done him wrong financially ruining them, save for his landlord who he let walk away in exchange for the building. I can't wait to see what he decides to change next

Regarding the issue of sensitivity it's a fair reason to not update regularly. I could care less regarding that for myself so long as no rules are broken on this website, though that doesn't mean that for other it's fine since sometimes it's kinda demotivating with the dislikes and the comments sparking debate and what not.

With the other point on how u write them, unless u specifically hate the way u executed the story either by making a contrived points or lackluster exploration on certain things, it's fine regarding to continue em, since yes it may feel different when compared to current chapters to older ones, that doesn't mean the overarching plot is lost so u probably could just keep at it. (Though if u wish to end it all the same, that's fair. It is ur story after all)

The only encouragement I could give is to keep writing and improving. One day u will write a story that's worthwhile to finish.

“In the sprawling world of Equestria, where the skies weave tales of enchantment and the earth thrums with unbridled magic, every soul is kissed by arcane wonders at birth. Magic, as intrinsic to life as the air we breathe, courses through the veins of every being, regardless of race or creed. And within this realm of mystical allure, each individual is graced with a unique gift – a skill that shapes their destiny.
As soon as I read this part I knew it is going to be a awe-inspiring story.
Keep up the amazing work

UUUUUUGGGH! it is so good but it had to end so quickly please update soon this is pure art, the way the word as placed.

Sherman once again made a business proposition, but Richards isn't going to settle for community hero. And Sherman changed a man's life. But he can't use the skill to give himself love, he has to find it on his own. And now he changed his body structure and is going to be much more appealing to many.

Dunno if you know of it or nah, but spike's bizarre adventure is a good read

Mind blow work keep it up.
With great power comes the great need to take a shit.
And is Harold Jenkins based off of Henry Jekeil from Dr. Jekeil and Mr. Hyde?

Damn you got that reference straight on... unlike the one I left in the first chapter... no one has found it yet... well, only TRUE gamers will find it.

hmm. pleasantly surprised
hope to see more chapters

do you mean
"Where am I... am I dead?!" Sherman stammered, his voice trembling with a mixture of fear and awe.

"You are in Limbo, my son," the voice replied, its tone both gentle and omnipotent.
Limbo as in LIMBO made by Playdead and Double eleven?

That's one, but there is another one.... it's incredibly obvious

1is it Sherman Drake based off of Nathan "Nate" Drake from uncharted?

And are you going to put more easter eggs in the story?

Too many... but most of them will go right over people's heads

Sherman finally registered with a guild and found two people who would let him join regardless of his rank. But now they're in such a pickle. I hope they manage to find their way out.

Amazing. Good thing to come for Sherman. Can't wait for more

Can't wait for more to come. This is getting exciting!

Agh! the stories you write are so good but are not long enough.
some questions what are the dungeons like are the portholes that appear all over the city or are they like a physical dungeon that has a physical entrance?
and what do you mean by
As they plummeted, Sherman managed to grab onto his Endless Bag, pulling out a rope in a desperate attempt to slow their descent. Big Mac and Braeburn reached out, grabbing the rope as they fell through the void.

The fall seemed to last an eternity, the darkness enveloping them like a thick blanket. Finally, they landed with a thud on a lower level of the dungeon, the impact jarring but not lethal, thanks to Sherman's quick thinking.

Very VERY interesting start, let’s see what adventure awaits us shall we?

This has been quite the unique find and I’m eager to see more, so I shall wait in anticipation while also telling you to keep up the amazing work! Tell the next chapter my good author.

Limbo: (in some Christian beliefs) the supposed abode of the souls of unbaptized infants, and of the just who died before Christ's coming.

They're sure working well together as a team

Now Spike's got so many more new abilities waiting to be unlocked. Can't wait to see how he does.

This sory looks like inspire by “I GOT CHEAT SKILL in ANOTHER WORLD",And i love it


Perfecto, wonderful, beautiful. Need I go on?

His very own Dungeon?

He just bought the Farm. Of Resources. :pinkiegasp:

Spike has really stepped up being a Demi-God now

Spike finally meets Applejack. I can't wait to see how he meets more of the girls. And Sweet Apple Acres above a reservoir of phoenix tears? How convenient, and makes it quite a target

Wonder if Filthy and Spoiled are swapped in this version, or if Spolied is even worse than the FIm version? :twilightoops:

Spike's got himself a girlfriend in Applejack now. Can't wait to see how their love develops more. And to see any of the other girls. And with knowledge of the Phoenix Tears under the farm, the Apples are gonna have to keep this hush for now.

If Big Mac had to break open just a crack and further in the route was sealed, I wonder how Rich found out about things, and what the Apples are going to do about the way now being more visibly opened?:twilightoops:

Sherman reflected on the conversation with God. There was a certain beauty in the unpredictability of life, in the natural ebb and flow of relationships. Love was not something to be manufactured or manipulated; it was to be discovered, nurtured, and cherished.

Cadence approves of this message :heart:

Spike's got a lot new perks being a S-rank. And it looks like he found himself another admirer who's gonna wanna be seeing him again.

that piece of paper for the job turned up far too quickly, given it was supposed to be an external call, setting Spike up directly.

Filthy Rich shouldnt be so hasty, hes being obvious he has moles in the guilds, if not freinds with the Guildmaster and the Master hasnt realised yet?:twilightoops:

Still. A wild Twilight appeared. :moustache:

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