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Writer of long, character-driven smut of astounding filthiness, lesbian mind-control a speciality. Short-Fic Commission Slots Now Closed

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Why anthro? Why?

Well, I accidentally smashed my ankle with an wood-axe, better get to the hospital.
>wintermist uploads a new story
It's only a flesh-wound, it can wait.

8540209 Why? Well, because I like the personalities of the individuals involved, and I enjoy the world building of Equestria, but when it comes to smut, I also like to have roughly humanoid anatomy to work with. Fingers offer a lot more delicacy and options than hooves, and I quite like breast-play too. So anthro, for me, is the compromise I come to when I want to make smut with MLP characters. I know anthro isn't for everyone, but hey, at least it's tagged prominently!

dope af. great job wintermist

thundering blast of magic crashed into into her

A little bit of repetition here.

A fun little one-shot, and now I'm left wondering if mind break is hotter with or without hypnosis.

That is a good point Winter, and pony noses are still boopable too.

8541148 I had to read your comment three times before I actually saw the typo. The mind is terrible for seeing what it expects to see. Thanks, and sharp-eyed as ever!

Not as much build-up as I'd like but great all the same.

Damn this was good. Nice job dude.

Can you do more?

Well another good fic, Wintermist stuff is about the only anthro stuff I read as in most cases anthro is meh.

8543288 Well, I don't have any intention to expand this piece - it was something I wrote in an afternoon, when I was stuck on my main writing. Still, it's been nice to see a positive response to it, which I wasn't at all sure it'd get, so I may end up doing other shorts in future if inspiration strikes.

There's something appealing about awful people getting their just desserts. It was most certainly short and sweet. A shame the build-up was too quick though, but I'd still read it again.

OMG yes. This is my fetish.

Also I think it'll take a lot of training to keep Gilda from being needy and desperate. Twilight probably doesn't want her bitch to be constantly begging or telling desperate lies or perhaps even worse trying to use force on Twilight in pursuit of her new addiction.

Twilight threatens to withhold what Gilda needs, but that's got to be a bluff. She'd learn right away how selfish Gilda's new desires are. She wouldn't try to reclaim Twi's affections with love if extorting her magic with cruelty is an option.

But I'm sure that could be fixed with training. Gilda could be made to recognize the sublime bliss of deep and overriding love, but it'll take a lot of work. That's what a sequel is for ;p

As mentioned in my recent blog post, Scarlett Blade has now read this aloud! Youtube link added to the story description.

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