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Just an amateur adult-fic writer who passes his time writing stuff. “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present”

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With the school nearly empty after hours, the girls spend most of their time hanging around campus, however, its normal glamor and excitement have begun to grow dull. It's good to spend time with friends, but what if there's nothing to do with them? With no magical catastrophes popping up around Canterlot High anymore there's not much excitement in the world.

I know they’re bored, but shouldn’t they be grateful?

Sunset scrolls through her phone again, but still remains conscious of her friend's question. "Eh, maybe. I mean, you know that one saying: 'Where there is light, there must be shadow...yadayadayada. Maybe the princess has finally managed to spread enough friendship throughout the world, there's no room for shadows to hide."

That’s not 100% true.

"...Speak of the devil."

Who said that?

Sunset doesn't comply with her demands. Instead, she looks over the video game with harsh skepticism. It looks like a harmless MMORPG with the words LORD QUEST in stoic red letters at the top.

That’s sus.

The cover art consists of at least seven members of a party, each a different class and rank—mage, knight, blood sorcerer, cleric, gunslinger, rogue, and bard—trespassing into a sinister crypt or dungeon.

Would I have to search those up to understand them?

"Sounds like the perfect way to have some fun," Rainbow Dash comments. "I say we do it."

They always got that one person in the group.

“Oh, joy! Are you the foretold heroes that will save the land of Emacula?” the fairy ball asks in a high pitched voice.

Hey Zelda, how you been?

Sunset raises an eyebrow in puzzlement. “Wait, heroes?” She looks back at the rest of the girls to see them wearing similar expressions of confusion. “I’m not the only one who heard it mention plural, right?”

Why is that weird?

Looking back at the screen, Sunset sees two options to choose from: “Yes we are.”, “No we are not.”, and “What do you mean ‘heroes’?”

That’s more than two.

The girls look at each other in fear and bewilderment. They search around the room to make sure no cameras are anywhere spying on them.

Don’t get scared, now.

Before the girls could respond, they can see bits and pieces of their digitalized bodies being plucked and pulled into the TV. They try to run, but their pieces autonomously fly into the screen, disappearing on the other side. Rainbow Dash and Applejack hang onto the bedposts but their lower halves are almost gone, leading up to the disappearance of their top half and then their hands, finally sucking their screaming heads into the screen. The rest of the girls hug each other in desperation as they fly into the TV and disappear without a trace. The screen shuts off, leaving a black screen of emptiness and an empty room in its wake.

Is this supposed to be like jumanji?

With the school nearly empty after hours, the girls spend most of their time hanging around campus, however, its normal glamor and excitement have begun to grow dull. It's good to spend time with friends, but what if there's nothing to do with them? With no magical catastrophes popping up around Canterlot High anymore there's not much excitement in the world.

I know they’re bored, but shouldn’t they be grateful?

It's okay for things to be peaceful, but you need some excitement in life. Otherwise, what's the point of living if you can't have fun?

The cover art consists of at least seven members of a party, each a different class and rank—mage, knight, blood sorcerer, cleric, gunslinger, rogue, and bard—trespassing into a sinister crypt or dungeon.

Would I have to search those up to understand them?

The roles will be explained in the next chapter.

Before the girls could respond, they can see bits and pieces of their digitalized bodies being plucked and pulled into the TV. They try to run, but their pieces autonomously fly into the screen, disappearing on the other side. Rainbow Dash and Applejack hang onto the bedposts but their lower halves are almost gone, leading up to the disappearance of their top half and then their hands, finally sucking their screaming heads into the screen. The rest of the girls hug each other in desperation as they fly into the TV and disappear without a trace. The screen shuts off, leaving a black screen of emptiness and an empty room in its wake.

Is this supposed to be like jumanji?

More like an isekai situation in anime, except the characters didn't die.

These are fun little comments, but how did you enjoy the chapter overall?

Okay, not a terrible first chapter. I'll stick around for a while.

Sorry, I don’t think you push the reply button so I couldn’t see your comment, but it seems good so far, and thanks for answering some of my questions.

Oh, sorry. I really don’t take the time to look back at my actions sometimes. But thanks!

Well let's see what's next

"Don't worry, I'm just performing the summoning procedure. It's completely painless," the fairy replies. "Now when you arrive, you'll end up pretty dazed so don't try and stand up too fast. I'll explain everything the moment you girls make it to the character selection area."

Does this characters selection come with fantasy races too?

Unfortunately, no, but they will encounter these things later on.

Ok...so when will the next chapter be out?

Working on it. College and work are taking first priority though.

Ok, is there going to be any transformation in this story?

Elaborate? Like character development or character transformation during the selection?

There will be some sort of transformation scenes for each character.

Before I asked what is this story game is based on anyway?

Not really based on anything, but I kinda took it from Sword Art Online or Shield Hero—both are animes—since they both have RPG characteristics.

Right...anyway when I said is there going to be any transformation in this story I mean is there going to be a fantasy races, species and monsters transformation long with some inanimate objects tf too so that what I mean.

I mean, they can try transformation but not for character selection. Maybe to blend into crowds and stuff.

I thinking more liked they be changed by enemies or boss encounter and if they loses to them or bet them and those enemies drops some items liked potions but weirder or changed by curse objects liked weapons and armors or in some events if by choice one they’s can choose whatever forms they’s turn into what class and race they’s choose.

By the way who or what are mane 7 fighting anyway?

Yeah, they can be forcibly changed or they can do it themselves. The Main 7 are primarily going to be fighting bandits, animals, and some fantasy creatures. Of course, the enemies are going to try and have sex with them, so they'll have to watch out for that, too.

Ok also are there going to be some corruption too.

Yeah. It's not going to be like a normal RPG. If you've ever played a game on Nutaku, you'll know what you're getting into.

I don’t know what Nutaku is but yeah.

Well now, a sex RPG. Feels like a mix of SAO and a sex game, but this honestly piqued my interest for less than the premise of sex but rather how you will incorporate the RPG style into it. I'll hold off giving my review until we get more chapter, though good start!

Sunset manages to grab the ball of light in her hands, squeezing him like a balloon. "Let us out of here you little bastard or I'll pop you until you're nothing but pixie dust!"


"Sorry about my friend, fairy," Fluttershy says in the nicest tone she can muster. "We're just a little shaken up about this new experience, is all. Could you perhaps introduce yourself and explain to us what we're doing here?"

Everyone is taken aback by Fluttershy's unexpected confidence, especially in such a strange situation. The floating ball slowly hovers down until he comes to level with the girl's face, reflecting Fluttershy's innocent smile on its mirror-like surface.

It’s not that surprising.

"Well, I'm glad there's at least some caring people among you lot." The fairy peeks around Fluttershy to see Sunset Shimmer blushing in embarrassment while still bubbling with anger.

Hey, you don’t have to say anything. Just point the middle finger like everyone else.

"Yes. Horrible indeed. I was actually the sole protector of the land, Holy Knight Alostar, but the Queen of the Land of Lust got the best of me and managed to tear my soul from my body, leaving me searching in vain for new heroes that can destroy the wretched bitch for all she's done. But before you venture on to your quest, chosen ones, be warned that the people and animals have been placed with a curse that turns them into mindless beasts thirsting for sex, and the only—"

What was he gonna say?

She has her pony features from when she transforms from the power of the geodes. A golden horn is attached to her forehead like a crown, representing her pony counterpart in Equestria. A golden breastplate, pauldron, arm pieces, and boots shine with brilliant radiance as they protect her vital and critical areas.

What vital and critical areas?

"Uh, in order to be fully immersed in the world, which is a sex game, the characters have to be designed accordingly to their chosen class, gender, and body type in a...lewd manner. For you, your pitiful C-cups grew into a pair of juicy Double D-cups. Mmmm..."


The rest of the girls remain hesitant about this experience. Of course, they'll be able to fight vicious baddies and use awesome weapons and magic, but is it really worth losing their dignity by partially exposing their breasts? Besides, in a lewd game, it's possible they'll end up being raped by a vast number of people and an assortment of wild animals. Is this really the risk they wish to take just to have an adventure?

Then just be careful.

She unstraps the lute from her waist and begins to strum away, creating a beautiful, energetic song that enraptures everyone in the area. The girls and Alo become mindless zombies to Pinkie's enchanting music, unable to break free from her grasp as she plays. Pinkie takes notice of this, and instead of stopping, she strums vigorously, causing everyone else to dance a variety of forms, from polkas to ballets to square dancing. Pinkie plucks the last few strings of her song and ends everyone's suffering, allowing the girls and Alo, to collapse on the invisible ground, panting and gasping for air.

I’d kill her.

As everyone slowly gets back up, Alo proceeds to give the new bard her class information. "Yeah, fun. So, the bard has AOE abilities; you can control your enemies to let your team members get a shot in or you can force your foes to fight each other if you want. You can easily cause friendly fire to your own team if you're not careful, just like now. Please try to refrain from using it in small areas or in large crowds."

What’s aoe? Also, if she can’t use it in small areas or big groups then when can she use it?

"Hey, Alo." The fairy flies over to Dash, ready to answer any questions about one of the choices. "What does the rogue do?"

"Ah, so glad you asked," Alo says. "The rogues act like spies, focusing on stealth and dwell within the shadows. They're lightning fast with their daggers and are really good at accessing secret passages and tunnels whenever you enter a dungeon."

Ok, so basically ninjas. That’s all I need to hear.

She has a light blue robe with gold lightning bolts streaking the sides and sleeves. Dark blue armor pieces shield her shoulders, forearms, B-cup breasts, and shins, keeping her abdominal area exposed despite some small bit of protection from her pink and white shirt. Her legs are also guarded by charcoal-black pants that seem to constrict her flesh, revealing the gorgeous thickness of her calves and thighs.

Seems interesting.

"I'm not gonna try anything with you, ma'am," Alo states as he slowly puts some distance between him and AJ. "I'm not gonna risk having by wings blown off for a peek at your butt. But I will stare at your luscious boobies if that's okay?"

The only response the cowgirl provides is the barrel of her pistol aimed directly at the fairy's glowing body. She glares at him with disgust and malice. She can't read Alo's expression, but she can see him clearly shaking in fear like a leaf.

I mean, chances are she doesn’t know how to use it that well.

"You even look at mah cleavage, I promise you, I will use you as target practice," she threatens.

I’d call her bluff.

"Well, that's mighty interestin'," Applejack states. "How 'bout I test my accuracy now?" She gently squeezes the trigger, causing the ball of light to cower behind Twilight.

She’s does realize he’s the only one that can guide them through the maze, right?

"Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?!" she shouts in fear. "I'm not taking a bullet for you, get away from me!" She tries to pull the cowering fairy from behind her, but it wraps its mystical wings tightly around her waist.

Is he that big or something?

Twilight looks up at Applejack to see her putting the gun away and smirking at the fairy. "Gotcha ya little varmint. Don't try any more of that horny crap again, because, I won't hesitate next time."

Again, calling her bluff.

Sorry about the long comment.

This is exciting, I like this type of JRPG +18 and MLP stories, it gives me a bit of grace, because I thought it was canceled, even so if you need references look at the users Nohen(My little Corruption), Towan(Corruption of equestria) and the story Tartarus in equestria, can more or less of the same theme, I was inspired by them to create my own fic called "a wrong place", Good chapter and I will wait for more updates I just hope it is not canceled.

Anyone here familiar with Rules Free MMORPG? By Stuart Grosse? Basic idea. Full immersion RPG with no rules, none. No sexual censorship. Battle Raper is an actual title you can earn if you're playing that side. It's what popped into my mind when I saw the quest.

You are perfectly free to play a paladin of the light and smite the evil doers, but if you're playing an evil doer you can play as nasty as you choose and the game will let you. Literally nothing is off the table. After all it's only a game, and not reality.

The protagonist plays an honorable bad guy, I suppose you could call him. He doesn't backstab, or break his word, but if you come at him he has no scruples in how he takes you down. Or what he does to you afterwards. He turned a Dwarf foe who fought on the side of light into a living dildo after defeating him for instance.

He also wrote a twenty book series called "Lewd Dungeon." Which is the same as Rules free, but it's real, not a game.

As the party exits the portal on the other side, they marvel at the grand landscape before them. The sun beams down through the cloudless sky onto a palette of luscious trees that paint the land in a rainbow of colors. Flowers of varying species cover the land, enticing gentle butterflies and hummingbirds, along with busy bees to partake in their sweet nectar, while shiftily planting their pollen for distribution. A crystal-clear river cuts through the field in a serpentine motion, emptying out into a nearby roaring waterfall. Deer, mallards, rabbits, and geese all share the same river, lapping up its cool, quenching essence.

"This is beautiful!" Fluttershy squeals in awe. Everyone watches as she slowly walks from the group, entranced by the breathtaking scenery. "The colorful trees, the majestic animals, and the clear atmosphere is paradise!"

I already don’t trust it.

The girls do as they're told and simply tap their geodes, projecting different colored screens in front of them corresponding to their geode color. All of their statistics, from combat and defense power to attack speed, strengths, and weakness are displayed on these small screens. At the bottom of the menu are their health, lust, and mana bars—red, pink, and green respectively. At the top right of their screens is their inventory and to the far left of that are their quests.

I’m kinda confused about this part.

Ĉ̷͇̝̼̫̆̀̕Ö̵̡̪̬̬Ṟ̴̑̓͊̕R̸̟̙̀̇Ủ̶͓̱̻̂ͅṖ̸̢̖̭̕T̶̬̺͚͕̉̿Ȋ̶͉̖O̶̪̊N̵̡̯͂̀̌̑ is accumulated when a dark mage performs dark magic against their foes. The more dark spells cast, the higher the bar grows. The player will start to notice significant physical and mental changes once the bar has hit 25%. Once the bar has reached 100% the player will undergo full metamorphosis with very little chance of reverting back to their original form. The bar increases by a certain percentage for each spell. The bar will decrease by 10% for each passing day.

I mean, that’s not so bad. Just be ready to knock sunset out.

"Yeah...about that. Whenever you witness a sexual event or have sex, this bar will increase. You'll feel hornier every time you use it and the only ways to make it go down is to go to a rest stop in a village and alleviate it, drink a potion, or...masturbate. If it fills up, you'll remain immobile for a while until you can lower it."

But, wouldn’t having sex automatically lower it?

The girls stare at their guide with shock and disgust. Alo can tell they want to strangle him but without his help, they'll never get out of this place alive.

And that’s one of the reasons why I said I wouldn’t be worried about them hurting me last chapter.

"I mean, masturbating is fun and all," Rainbow says, turning everyone's eyes over to her, "but to lower our lust is a little weird, doncha think?"

Of course she would say that.

Before anyone could inquire him further about what he's talking about, a loud growl emanates from the dense forest to their left. Everyone freezes in their tracks as they hear the rustling of trees and bushes emanating from the forest. Crippling fear clutches their hearts, paralyzing them on the spot, preventing them from grabbing their weapons to defend themselves or even to run away.

I think I speak for all black people when I say this would not be us.

Out of the shadows of the forest, a purple beast slowly emerges, limping towards the terrified group.

Is it hurt?

The horn crowns on Twilight, Rarity, and Sunset’s heads begin to send painful pulses through their skulls as if they’ve become part of their bodies. Their brains feel like they’re about to split from the stabbing pain coursing through them. They look in terror as a dark magical aura floods the area around them as it emanates off of the beast. Its stench is unbearable, like rotten meat mixed with something acidic.

Does it hurt them?

Rarity however feels less comfortable about its appearance, rather than its violent aura. It looks similar to a human but with more grotesque and monstrous features.

Of course.

It howls an otherworldly roar of pain as its upper body detaches and falls off, landing on the ground with a heavy thud. It releases one last grunt before going silent, leaving only the roaring river to sing a violent song in its stead

Everyone stays silent in shock, not noticing the dark clouds overhead have disappeared, bringing the sun back out to bless the land in its rich, warm rays. The river has receded and calmed down to a gentle rush as the trees slowly sway in the wind. The atmosphere has cleared up a bit, washing everyone with a sudden rush of relief.

So the clouds are like a warning when something is near?

She looks back in exasperation to see the rest of her friends running to her, some worried while some are simply excited. Sunset Shimmer reaches out and tries her best to pull Twilight up to her feet, but for some reason, she feels like a bag of bricks. She notices the sharp sword still clutched in her friend's hands, the leather hilt digging into her bare flesh. Sunset knocks it away, letting it land on the floor with a loud clank, and finally lifts Twilight up to her feet.

Isn’t she wearing gloves?

"I think that's EXP, Twi," Pinkie Pie says. "Ooh, it makes you look all sparkly! I wanna slay some monsters next!”

Everyone stares at the bard for a brief minute, a bit startled by her strange desire. Normally, Pinkie wouldn’t say such things, but in a world where survival and combat means everything, it’s probably going to start altering their mindsets a little bit to conform to this new world.

I wouldn’t say that. It’s probably just normal pinkie.

"Hey guys, wait up!"

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy come running around the sharp turn to see the rest of the party standing around the slowly disappearing corpse.

I forgot about them.

"Aw, man! Did you guys already kill a monster without me?" Rainbow asks while trying to catch her breath.

I’m willing to be $5 that if she was there with them she would have either froze like the rest or would have been the first taken down.

Applejack walks over to the crestfallen rogue and rests a gentle hand on her shoulder. Rainbow looks up to see her friend looking down at her with a cocky grin.

"If ya want, we can have a little competition right here and now..." AJ states, her grin growing wider, "...find and exterminate the most of these here varmints before the sun goes down. Whoever wins gets to have the other person be their maid for, say, one week."

Applejack, don’t act tuff, now.

Her face morphs into an overly-enthusiastic smile while her eyes sparkle with excitement. She charges up to run for the front gates, but Sunset grabs her by the collar of her cloak, holding her back like a rampant dog on a leash.

She has a cloak?

The party tries its best to smile innocently at the imposing figures as they make their way up to them, though facing such powerful looking characters, even in a game, feels difficult. The guards disregard their smiles and intersect their spears, blocking the party's path.

Are these other players or npcs?

"State yer business, lasses!" one guard commands in a gruff voice. "Unless yer poor or adventurers, which..." Though his eyes aren't visible, the girls can tell he's looking them over, "...I guess ya'll are, then you can come through."

Alo flutters over to Sunset and gently whispers in her ear. "Psst! Open up your inventory and you should have an 'Adventurer's Card' in there somewhere."

Didn’t he already say they could go?

The scent of fresh pie, bread, fruits, and vegetables fill the air, begging the adventurers to come in and join in on the festivities.

Fine with me.

Not only are the buildings and functions diverse, but the citizens are rather unique as well. Humans, demi-humans, beasts, and even demons live and coexist with one another in this fantasy world.

Are we gonna learn more about them?

"Alright," Sunset says as she gathers her party's attention, "I guess we gotta find a guild or something, correct?"

A guild is like a party, right?

Tight, white thigh-highs cover the lower half of her legs, somehow giving her an even promiscuous appearance.

What does that mean?

The woman moves her typewriter off to the side and pulls out a form and quill. "You'll just have to sign right here ," she says, pointing to an open line. "The name of your guild will appear right here ." She points to another open line right next to the first. "Just a quick FYI, the cost to form a guild will cost you about thirty gold coins. Cost for a room will be thirty silver coins a night."

Let’s say they don’t have enough, what happens then?

I think the good is not starting yet, but I like the way things are set out, for next chapters, I like it.

You have my interest.

"Alright, we've got the report on the town," Sunset says as she lays down a few sheets of paper on the table near the window. "We've got a blacksmith to forge and upgrade weapons, a shrine to help us with our 'lust' meter, and there is a tailor that we can purchase clothes from, but they're more like skins."

How does the shrine help with lust? And are we going to see them in different skins?

"Not so hard," the sharpshooter claims. She readies her rifle again and shatters another gem. Then another, and another.

Is it possible for her to miss or dodge the bullets?

The dark mage opens her spell book and flips it over to a simple fire spell. "Okay, good," she sighs in relief. "No dark spells so far." She channels mana from the atmosphere into the palms of her hands, creating a raging ball of fire between them. " FIRE MAGIC: INCINERATING CANNON BALL !"

So only dark magic corrupts her?

The ball of fire launches from her hands and into the tornado, causing it to burst into flames and disintegrate the slimes within. The stench of brimstone and ash fill the air as the slimes burn to death, igniting the flames in a rainbow of colors. As the tornado dissipates back into the atmosphere, the gems that were once within the slimes fall to the ground, motionless, and unusable. Without wasting time, however, Sunset casts the same fire spell and shatters the gems for good.

What were to happen if she tried it with a blade?

A set of five arrows summon in front of her hands and launch like missiles towards the slimes. They follow the path of their prey, tearing into their flesh, and shattering the gems in their bodies. Each arrow finds its prey like wolves on the hunt: relentless and unwavering. Even when the slimes try to evade, the arrows always turn back and strike the target.

Could you put run the arrows?

To further coax it to climax, the horny mage tightens her anal and vaginal walls around the tentacles while passionately stroking and moaning around the cock in her mouth. It shudders with delight as it forces its way into her. Even when being taken over by rapturous lust, Sunset notices how much experience she's gained in the way of sex. She'd never considered such intricate tongue twirling, hand jerking, or orifice clenching, but somehow, she's become a pro in such a short time, and she couldn't be happier for herself.

What does having EXP in lust do?

Sunset's tongue wraps around her slime version, letting them dance and play around passionately until the kiss is broken. She looks up at Slimeset, dazed by the sudden rush of lust in her system. She's never been into girls this way but having her—sort of—first experience with one, how could she go back to men? After all, it takes a girl to know what a girl likes.

Wait, how do their virginity’s work?

"No, not really," the little fairy replies. "If you had gone for a bit longer and let it release its load inside you, then your meter could fill up to twenty or thirty percent. Your prescription is to take a bit of potion to bring it back to normal. Does anyone have any on them?"

Does having sex also fill it up?

Good chapter, apparently each chapter will have the name of a creature or event, I already want them to reach the goblins or minotaurs XD, continue like this

Trying to find a good path they can take for the time being. Goblins and minotaurs are good choices but won't come until later on.

“Harder! HARDER MY QUEEN!” the depraved slave begs. His back is already bleeding with multiple gushing lashes but despite the searing pain he must feel, he thirsts for more.

What the f*ck kind of fetish is this?

Hardcore BDSM. In case you didn't notice, the queen is very much obsessed with making her toys feel the same pleasure she does. I personally don't enjoy stuff like this but it's to go with the queen's character.

I know that, but does it go as far as blood?

If she feels it should, it may go that far. Sometimes it's what the victim wants. I should put warnings for stuff like this from now on.

That may be a good idea.

"Yes. You can earn money from quests and dungeons and the like, but sometimes, you might fail and not make enough to pay rent or buy better equipment. It's best to get a job to stabilize yourselves while you're here." Reaching below the counter, Malisa procures a globular object and rests it on top of the table. "If you place your hand here, it will read your stats to find out what sort of jobs will be your best fit."

What kind of jobs are there?

"Wow," Malisa mumbles as she reads something on the other side of the device. "Your intelligence is rather high and your magical affinity is very high as well. Luck and everything else are at least average. With such stats, I'd say you'd make a fine alchemist. That pays pretty well, especially considering the amount of adventurers who need potions and rare metals for forging."


Malisa nods in affirmation and waves the adventurer off, who enters the buffet to enjoy a hearty meal in silence while dreading her first day on the job.

Is it bad?

Their heavily plated tails are strong enough to break trees like twigs. With acidic saliva dripping from their maws and their abnormally massive size, they make komodo dragons look like geckos. Their abnormally elongated, serrated teeth give them their infamous name, making them one of the most terrifying things Sunset has ever seen, even compared to the terrifying beasts in Equestria.

What terrifying beasts?

Sunset Shimmer — Level : 11; Class : Dark Mage; New Abilities : Explosive Arrows, Fire Chains, Glacier Wall, Devil's Kiss Applejack — Level : 8; Class : Gunslinger; New Abilities : Incendiary Bullets Rarity — Level : 8; Class : Mage; New Abilities : Frozen Pillar Twilight Sparkle — Level : 8; Class : Knight; New Abilities : Fortify Rainbow Dash — Level : 8; Class : Rogue; New Abilities : Lurker Fluttershy — Level : 8; Class : Druid; New Abilities : Sleeping Spores Pinkie Pie — Level : 8; Class : Bard; New Abilities : Weapon Charmer

When did they get those?

A single day without magical battles or life-threatening catastrophes can really drain the life out of a person.


I liked the chapter, although there was not much on the lustful side and sex, it was good, I would have liked to see more of the goblins, I hope it is not the last of them (Also another Suggestion would be the Dungeons, Labyrinths and Caves abandoned where in most of these are infested with lustful creatures), another thing that I liked is the statistics of the characters, but will the statistics influence in the future?

Planning to add dungeons and stuff soon. Would you care to clarify your last question?

Sorry if I confused you, the question is not important, oh what I meant, is if the statistics of the characters will have an impact on the story.

Somewhat. I can't say exactly how it'll play out in the future due to spoilers. All I can say is that there is a reason they are arranged this way.

Alo remains silent for a minute. It would seem that even he is baffled by this mix-up. "Well...uh, there's really not much I can do for you now. The only way you can leave is by defeating the final boss and lifting the spell."

That cheeky Dick waffle...

He took them before they could say yes or no, so technically he kidnapped them which would make Sunsets rage acceptable and maybe even expected.

As well as not explaining to them that the only way there is to get out of the game is by completing the entire game.

Meaning whether they want to or not there gonna have to complete the whole thing if they want to get out.

Loving the story thus far! But every bloody time i see the chapter ''Press Start'' i keep getting reminded by the song: Press Start - MDK :rainbowlaugh:

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