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I have Rainbow Dash's head. Give me monies or you'll never see it again. Except in the photos I send you of me molesting it with my futa parts.

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Starlight, you may think trixie has fucked up, but I think you fucked up even worse here...

A full summary:

Trixie fucks up
Trixie gets fucked up (in more ways than one)
Starlight fucks twilight up
Twilight is knocked up

This is where all the fucks have been disappearing to!

I loved this line:

"A pony knows they've fucked up as a mentor when their faithful student is cumming on them through a severed head."


Stuff like this is why people think bronies are messed up.

Oh, right, you're the guy who wrote Spikey Wikey.


7915692 No! My fuck-stealing scheme has been unveiled :rainbowderp:

7915996 Celestia has had a lot of students though, so it's possible she understands. Maybe Sunset came on her through a severed head before running off to human-land. Maybe the original human-Sunset's head! :rainbowdetermined2:

7915997 Yes, there are so many people that think bronies are raving murderous lunatics. And I just know so many non-bronies end up here reading this story :rainbowlaugh:

7916249 It's cute how you think that image would offend me, but what comes closest to offending me in your statement is that you assumed I was a guy. What, ladies aren't allowed to write fucked up horror stories? :rainbowkiss: Also that was years ago, just my second story. Ah the memories.

Again, I doubt that many of them will see this, and the ones that actually believe that are kooks anyway, and are generally kooky enough in other ways for people in general to recognize that. On top of that, it's not like Hasbro is going to suddenly stop making MLP episodes because of it. They don't give a crap WHY people throw money at them. If they were that squeamish about bronies, they wouldn't be making official clothing in men's sizes or making Vinyl Scratch figures with "Adult Collectible: This is not a toy" plastered on the front.

Even if that were the case, I'm not going to deprive fans of content because I might hurt some perverted wack-job's feelings. And anyone that reads this and associates it with real life things IS a perverted wack-job :rainbowwild:


It's cute how you think that image would offend me


I'm just very blunt with my opinions sometimes.

What, ladies aren't allowed to write fucked up horror stories?


7917184 I guess I'm confused as to why you would bring up that point to begin with :rainbowwild:

7917671 So did Starlight! And the manticore, and I think Trixie at some point, possibly Twilight; I don't know I've already forgotten most of it. :rainbowderp: Celestia is going to be really pissed that she missed a show like that though, or maybe not. I mean for all I know they'll all be taking turns on Vinyl's corpse by the time Twilight gets back to the dinner.

I almost submitted to shameless masterbation while reading this. Good job, person.

Satan's Hot Genitalia! That was Awesome. I've been waiting for a Bestiality-Rape fic from thou.

7917878 Does that mean you submitted to shameful masturbation instead? :rainbowkiss:

7918800 Well there was some bestiality rape in "Lesson Applejack", but yeah not too much I guess. I suppose if I ever do one where Fluttershy goes insane, she'll probably have animals help her with her evil deeds. :rainbowwild:

7919080 Yes... and it felt pretty guud.:moustache:

7919515 I remember a fanfic where Twilight got swallowed whole by a snake or something, and Fluttershy was there and was like "Sorry Twilight, but if I saved you I would be getting in the way of nature."

7919080 ah, I never read Lesson Applejack.

7915997 And furries too. This is akin to the worst of furry gore vore fetish crap.

It's a miracle I managed to find it again, but it's Vore Is Magic. It has a lot of weird vore in it, but unfortunately the author has it on hiatus. I also hope I'm remembering that scene right, cause I'll feel stupid if I'm not.

7920209 This is akin to the worst gore vore in every other fandom and outside of fandoms as well, I would assume, given that that is how one would define 'gore vore'. Saying 'gore vore' is akin to 'gore vore' isn't exactly a profound statement. :rainbowwild:
Comparing bronies to furies is completely new and profound though; I've never seen that amazing revelation in the five years I've been writing these stories . :rainbowkiss:

No, really. I don't remember ever seeing anyone mention furries in the comments here. That's really strange..:rainbowhuh: I guess very few people make that connection, so there's something; you can feel special.

It's been awhile since you wrote something this amazing! I fuck ingredients support this! :yay:

7920784 Yay! I think doing one-chapter things have the advantage of being compact since I don't have to transition or set up a plot, so I can just jump right in.

7919732 7921843
I've been informed that it also happens in Eaten Alive.

(No comment on the story or the rest of the thread.)

7920440 You've never heard the comparison? You don't get out much do you...*considers your writing* No, you certainly don't.

Comparing furries and bronies was one of the first and most immediate comparisons made, since furries were sporadically in the news back in 2011, thanks in large part to Anthrocon becoming a premiere annual convention in Pittsburgh.

It's really odd that you would use a ridiculously common phrase like "You don't get out much" after being praised for being unique. Why do you think that some random lady on the Internet would care what you think about her social habits?

Something went over your head, so I will re-explain. I didn't mean that I'd never heard the comparison ANYWHERE at all, I specifically said in my stories. I haven't heard it in comments here because you are apparently the only one that thinks there's a connection. Of course I could be forgetting one.

7922606 If you'd read any stereotypical furry guro vore stories, you'd see that this one is cut from exactly the same bloodstained cloth. To anyone with any shred of qualitative analytical skill, the similarities are too obvious to NOT notice.

So you're saying that I should have taken the money from the commissioner and then not given them the plot they asked for because it's too generic? I don't think I'd keep getting commissions if I did that.

"A pony knows they've fucked up as a mentor when their faithful student is cumming on them through a severed head."

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

You never fail to come up with something that makes me laugh like a maniac ( I mean I read your stories so I probably am but that's beside the point)

I'm a little disappointed in the comments section, not too many salty people in this one.

I don't think I get as many salty comments as I used to. I remember on "Shining's Flurry"; for some reason that one just exploded, to the point that an admin had to come and tell people to calm the fuck down. :rainbowderp:


Ahhh good times


Oh god, that was some funny shit right there. I haven't laughed that hard since Sonata Dusk cut a fetus out of Diamond Tiara in (Don't) Fear the Reaper. Great work.

7971682 I thought about adding a comedy tag to this but wasn't sure!
Maybe I'll read the other story too! Stuff like that is so horrible that it wraps around and becomes hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:
I've done similar things as well, like in Celestia's Relaxing Vacation where Celestia ripped out Twilight's fetus before giving their infant son a magic boner so he could fuck its corpse.


7972469 Yeah, it'll definitely tickle your sense of humor, and you might also get a kick out of the blogs about it where the author was talking about how "horrifying" it was to write since he obviously doesn't share our sense of humor. :rainbowlaugh:

7972708 I actually understand that decently, since I have had to take sanity breaks when writing before, but it's not normally for the ridiculously horrifying stuff. it's more for when I write things that are outside my own fetishes. For some reason I do that even when not making commissions. :rainbowwild:


Could clop, but had to pause through the Twili-Trixie parts.

It's interesting how I have no problem with Futa-Starlight putting a rape-baby in Twilight while watching Trixie being eaten alive. Yet, can't clop to Trixie being mutilated while also being raped by a manticore.

As if the mutilation part of it all is "Just going too far"....


I'm pretty sure it's completely normal to prefer watching non-fatal rape over watching fatal rape, so you're good.

That was pretty fucked up, not gonna lie.

Though not the most disturbing thing I've read on this website.

Pretty hot too.

Was the most disturbing thing another of my stories? If not, I want a link.

Eh, Cheerilee's garden was pretty up there, though it may have also been the time and location with which I chose to read the story that made my stomach turn and not so much the story itself, cus honestly thinking about it now, its not that bad either...

I really did love the scene where Fluttershy got devoured alive by meat-eating insects in Cheerilee's garden. too bad the story didn't involve more rape-tastic stuff too though.

Oh, I also just noticed the title for the chapter is the same as the comment I left on the cover image derpi post, two years ago. :rainbowlaugh:

That may or may not have been what inspired this.

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