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I take it your happy then. :twilightoops:


Hmm, you have my attention

Oh boy, Tower, Death, and the Star? That's some fabulous forshadowing, Azure!

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Persona? Check
Feels? Check
Written by Azure Sandora? Check
I'm in for a fantastic time.

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Hope you enjoy this newest demon I'm creating.

Azure Sandora story + series I like = instant fave

Can’t say I have played any Persona. However, I didn’t have any problem following Persona EG, so I’m expecting this one to be as outsider friendly as that one. Plus is Azure Sandora goddamnit, I’d rather drink piss than missing one of her stories

Aw, thank you for that. It's wonderful to know I'm still so well loved.

Just um... please don't drink piss. Please. I don't want you to miss any of my stories either, but... don't drink piss.


TFS references aside, it'll be interesting to see your take on the Crazy Awesome mare/girl that is Starlight Glimmer. You really understand how these characters tick, so I look forward to Azure Sandora's Glim-Glam.

Good start so far. I look forward to seeing how this story unfolds.

The author of this story wishes to take you, the reader, on a journey. She wishes to give you an experience, a powerful experience that will hopefully aid you in your toughest times, and light your darkest hour.

And for that I thank you. My darkest hour is yet to come, but I dread when it inevitably will.

She asks that you forget everything you know about those characters, and try to see the people in this story as their own separate individuals.

BIG case of AU, got it.

She was going to show her mother. She’d show her mother. She’d show ALL of them! She’d become a powerful witch, and then use her magic to create the life that she wanted! That was the plan at least.

Instead, she lost everything that she truly held dear…

(Kinda wish there was a less aggressive version of this clip, but it suits my purposes.)

Almost immediately after she did the ritual, she heard a loud crash. Her attention went to the source, and she was horrified to see her mother’s car toppled over. Apparently she had gone to search for her, and was in a terrible accident. An accident, that had cost her mother her life.


She stopped at the door leading to her room, and felt out her emotions. She felt… numb. Empty. She had wondered how she’d feel when she got to this point, and was almost pleased to feel so empty. That meant nothing would stop her from carrying this out. It wasn’t like anyone would miss her. Not even Sunburst had contacted her about her mother’s death, assuming he even knew.

So this is Starlight.

The other man was just as terrifying, if not more so. He wore a black pinstriped suit, had long, yet oddly elegant looking hands, gray hair that was balding, and the longest nose she’d ever seen in her life. He held his hands thoughtfully under his nose, and had a creepy smile. When he opened his eyes, they were blood shot, like he hadn’t slept in days, and when he looked at her, she felt both terrified, and drawn in at the same time. He then spoke in a soft, almost elegant voice of an old man who had seen a lot, yet still had vitality for life.

Presumably the Igor from the long description?

“The Tower,” he said, “It appears you’ve lost something precious to you, and your life has fallen apart as a result. The very foundation you built your life upon has come crashing down, much like the tower itself in this picture.”

Considering Notre Dame caught on fire yesterday, I can't help but feel this is darkly fitting. And before you ask, nobody was hurt, nobody died, the Cathedral wasn't completely burned down, a testament to the original architects.

“The second card is...” he turned it over, “Death. This card represents not just death itself, but transformation. Your present moment is crucial, as it’s a transitional period, in multiple ways.”

Transformation, don't suppose that just means a magical girl transformation?

“This card represents hope, renewal, and realization,” Igor said, his expression somehow softening despite still possessing that creepy smile, “Your future is one where you could end up achieving the very dream you sought after, and possibly light the way for others.”

How very interesting...

Please, live! Live, and turn that small flame in your heart into a burning inferno!

Now THAT'S something I can get behind!

Starlight Glimmer

Her attention went to the bed stand next to her, and her eyes were wide. On the bed stand were two items. One was a fancy silver ring with a pentagram on it, etched within an indigo colored gemstone. The other item damn near made her heart shoot out of her chest. It was the blue and white key that Igor gave her.

That was very real.

I’ll shine brightly Mother, so please… don’t give up on me!

Yours will be the shine to illuminate even the darkest pits of Hell. And I'll be here doing what I always doing. Providing running commentary, snark and occasional insight.

Don’t worry, No piss drinking here lady :raritywink:

I am loving this set up. Persona games always deal with some manner of humans' subconscious and psychology and dreams are a perfect fit.

*think her season 5 hair style


She loved it when it rained.

Can't say I agree with you on that.

designed straight out of a fairy tail.


Which was appropriate. Her akashic records told her she’d find her destiny in this city, and attending the boarding school here.

Akashic? *Googles it* Ah. Also, boarding school? You poor girl. Nights are gonna SUCK.

She was an aspiring witch after all. Had to dress the part, right?

Fair enough. I can see why Trick Horse is gonna like you.

Books that seemed to possess knowledge on anything she could ever want to learn.

Twilight would have an orgasm at the very thought.

Quickly, she discovered that if she woke up holding the books, she’d have the abilities in her waking world. She didn’t want to overtax herself, so she settled on books on psychic abilities for now. Thanks to that, she’d learned psychic empathy, and could feel a person’s deep emotions when she touched them and reached out to them. In some rare occasions, said person’s emotions would reach out to her from just a minor touch, but only if their inner emotions were truly strong.

That's a Chekov's Gun if I've ever heard one. Or, Skill rather.

If she told him that her ring gave her psychic abilities, she’d be condemned for sure.

Realistically, yes.

Finally was a more recent account written by a high schooler who was said to be a supporter of these thieves who stole people’s hearts and forced wicked adults to repent for their sins.

The Phantom Thieves of Heart? What? I don't know Persona, but I hear things and can usually come to conclusions.

It was almost time for her to get off, so she stood up from her seat, grabbed her luggage, and made her way to the nearest entrance to the train. On her way, she noticed a newspaper with the headline Nightmare Epidemic Continues.

Boy, that sounds positively pleasant.

She’d heard a bit about that, but since she didn’t watch TV she didn’t know too much about it. She shrugged and continued out of the train. Not like that applied to her at all.

Aaand like that you've sealed your fate into being part of, The Plot.

Was the head of the dorm nice? Would she like her dorm mates?

Would they like her?

Hopefully you won't deal with too many morons whose very existence annoys you.

Lying on one of the couches was what Starlight assumed was one of her dorm mates. The best way to describe this girl was “fun”, due to the air she gave off. She had long, wavy pink hair, baby blue eyes, and was wearing a pink top, long blue skirt that fell to her ankles, a gold and white jacket over top, and black shoes. She also wore blue earrings shaped like balloons, and for make up just wore light pink lipstick.

Hi Pinkie.

Starlight cleared her throat to get the girls attention.

Girl's. Apostrophe.

“Oh! You’re the last one we’re expecting today!” the girl chirped, her voice somehow sounding pink. She set her book down, and stood up walking over to Starlight, “Hiya! My name’s Pinkamena Diane Pie, but all of my friends call me Pinkie Pie!”

Called it.

and the final name was someone named Beatrix Lulamoon, who dotted her “i” with a heart.

*Happy Shadow Noises*:pinkiehappy:

“Don’t be too shocked,” Pinkie Pie said, quickly running over to her book and then back to Starlight, showing it to her, “I’ll admit it right now, I’m a huge anime buff, mainly the magical girl genre.”

Not really into those, but I can appreciate the appeal.

Was she asleep in there or something?

That or very focused and doesn't like noise. I do not blame her one bit.

That surprised Starlight a bit, but she assumed that the headmistress, who she eventually learned was named “Celestia” trusted the girls.

Dorm head or Principal I suspect.

Curfew was at eight on week days and Sunday, and on Friday and Saturday was at eleven. Beyond general rules of respecting the fellow dorm mates, not leaving a mess on the first floor or kitchen, and no blasting music through the dorm, it was pretty easy to follow.

All of this makes sense to me.

“Well, we agreed that we’d decide who got which room based on the order we came in. Twilight has her own room, so since I was first and Rainbow Dash was second, she and I are roommates. You came in after Beatrix, so that means you two are roommates.”

*inahel deeply*

Starlight looked at the girl and frowned. She was really gorgeous, with long light blue hair with a white highlight, sharp purple eyes made up with blue eye-shadow, and rose red lipstick. It was her clothes that threw Starlight for a loop though. A skimpy blue top that showed a lot of cleavage, matching mini-skirt that was way too short, fishnet stockings that were slightly torn on the left leg, and blue high heeled boots.

Hi Trixie.

Beatrix looked up from the refrigerator at Starlight and raised an eyebrow, “What do you want, freak? See something you like? Sorry, but I’m taken.”

... OK then. You were not kidding about them being different from canon.

“Wait, this is my roommate?! Ugh! Why did I have to get the wicked witch of the west?!”

Hey, Elphaba has some of the best songs in the goddamn musical.

“Nice to… meet you I guess…” Beatrix said as their hands met.


Eh? OK, something is definitely off.

“Yeah… sorry about that,” Pinkie Pie said as Starlight sat down, “Like I said, Beatrix used to be really sweet. These days she's kind of unbearable to deal with.”

So what happened?

If Starlight didn’t know better, she’d assume Beatrix felt… uncomfortable dressed so provocatively.

So it would seem. Gonna go out on a limb here and say her partner is partly responsible as is something in her head. Not sure what, but we'll find out soon enough.

“Pretty scare stuff, huh?” Pinkie Pie said, reaching over to grab the newspaper, “Looks like there was another death concerning that last month.”

ScarY stuff.

“You stay over there,” Pinkie Pie scolded, “Ignoring the dragon, the Nightmare Epidemic is this weird phenomenon going on all over America. Apparently, you start having the same dream every night, which eventually becomes a nightmare. After I think a week or so, the victims die in their sleep.”

Goddammit Freddy Krueger, can't you stick to your own franchise?

“Well, sucks to be them, I suppose,” Beatrix said, “I’m going to eat on the porch before I go see Blueblood. Tell Ms. Tia I’ll be back by curfew.”

Blueblood. I REALLY hope he's not a bad guy. Then again, you have a precedent for writing him as a good person so, time will tell.

On one hand, she didn’t have a good reason. She was going solely off of what she felt. However, she just had a feeling that something really bad was going to happen to her roommate unless she stopped her. Sadly, try as she might, she couldn’t work up the courage to speak up again , so she closed her eyes and sighed.

Failed that Wisdom save.

Or was her intuition telling her that she needed help, and fast?

She does. But to help, gotta know what's up first.

She went back to the living room to get her bag, but stopped when she saw someone sitting next to her bag. This time she met an older woman in her late twenties to mid thirties. She had impossibly long multi-colored hair almost like a pale rainbow or aurora, pink eyes that almost looked red in the light, and was wearing a white kimono with a fancy flower pattern that rested off her shoulders, showing off her unbelievably large bust line, golden heeled sandals that were tied up her shapely legs, a red band in the middle keeping the kimono closed, which gathered into a large red ribbon behind her, and for make-up she wore black eye liner and rose red lipstick. She looked almost like a goddess.

Hi Celestia.

It almost hurt looking at her, like she were staring at the sun.

How very fitting.

“Please, call me Ms. Tia,” Celestia said with a gentle smile, “That’s what all of my children call me these days,” right when Starlight reached for her bag, Celestia leaned over it and held out her hand, “It’s wonderful to finally meet you in person, Starlight Glimmer.”

You know something.

She almost felt… like a mother.

Reincarnation? Or maybe Starlight's mother also got a second chance? Or she's just a mother.

“While you stay here, I don’t want you to think of me as just your teacher,” Celestia said gently, “If there’s anything at all that you need, don’t hesitate to ask me. I’ll do everything in my power to help you, okay honey?”

Not been around for one full chapter and I already like you.

“So that’s the one I’ve been waiting for,” Celestia said, folding her arms and smiling thoughtfully, “She clearly has the potential, but it's still asleep. I wonder, will you be the answer to God’s prayers, Starlight Glimmer?”

OK, you definitely know something we don't. Nothing unusual for Sunbutt.

“Look, you seem like a really nice girl, and it’s sweet that you’re reaching out to me so much, but don’t bother. I can’t be friends with you, or anyone right now, so just leave me alone, please,” she practically begged.

Interesting choice of phrase, CAN'T be friends.

But she wasn’t there right now. There Starlight always felt safe. Here though… she felt like she was in constant danger.

The Nightmare Epidemic?

“That's odd…” a young girl said, adjusting her glasses as she looked at the image on her monitor, “Ms. Tia, someone is in Lulamoon’s Dungeon right now.”

Lulamoon's Dungeon, so Trixie is our first boss. Should be interesting to learn why.

“Is that so?” Celestia said in a manner that hinted at a lack of surprise. She leaned forward close to the monitor herself, standing next to the purple haired girl,

Purple haired girl, Twilight.

She’ll awaken, Twilight. Trust me.”

Called it.

She stopped when she saw a poster for the main attraction for the day. It showed Beatrix, wearing a skimpy blue leotard like a playboy bunny that showed off a truly indecent amount of cleavage, fishnet stockings, and the same make-up she wore in the dorm. The picture was a close up, but it was apparent her wrists were being held above her head by something, and her expression was one of both pain and fear. Behind her was a shadowy figure with red eyes and a sinister grin.

Hm... Blueblood or someone else? Sombra has red eyes, but nightmares are Nightmare Moon's bit.

Pacing behind her was a young man with blond hair, yellow eyes, and pale skin. He was dressed like a ring master, wearing the red jacket, black pants and dress shoes, and top hat to fit the role, and in his hands was a bloody whip which he gripped the other end tightly in his other hand.


Starlight winced slightly turning away. She was familiar with BDSM, and she knew that some people liked this sort of thing. She had nothing against that sort of thing, and sometimes even fantasized about it herself. This felt off though. It didn’t seem like Beatrix was having too much fun.

I was gonna make a comment about how this wasn't anything like BDSM, then I remember who was writing this.

“That’s a good whore,” the ring leader said smacking Beatrix on the butt, “This is exactly where you belong, after all. Under my command, and doing what I say. Without me, you’ll never be able to hold a crowd’s attention.”

Ah, I see what's going on. He has her under a metaphorical thrall. He's systematically destroyed her self worth so she associates success with him and no other.

You’re not going to just stand there and do nothing, are you?

She’s given up on herself, but you haven’t given up on her yet, have you?

That color, Sunset Shimmer?

That’s what you want to do, isn’t it? You want to make them suffer for hurting your roommate?

Uh oh.

It’s okay to hate them. They’re monsters, after all.

This feels too easy.

These new thoughts, that felt like her own yet foreign at the same time, were beginning to invade her mind.

Better make that Wisdom save.

Everything stopped in that moment. The ring leader lowered his whip and slowly looked around with narrowed eyes. At the same time, every person watching the demonic show turned to look at Starlight, and she almost felt a few people who weren’t watching the show were looking at her. It was as if the entire dream itself had become aware of her presence.

It has.

The ring leader narrowed his eyes, “I see. Seize her! She’s not one of us, but maybe she could be fun to play with too!”

Play the fight music!

“Understood!” Twilight said, now typing furiously on her terminal.

Ah, so she's acting as our Jeremy. (Code Lyoko reference. Basically Mission Control)

Starlight fell to her knees still holding onto the railing in front of her for support, and let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. She then broke down and cried deep, loud, and heavy sobs. The only time she ever cried this hard was when her mother died six months ago. She didn’t even know why she was crying. Was it because she was so terrified of what just happened?

Probably. You're in a state of shock and terror and this is your body's emotional pressure release valve.

Or was it because she had a terrible feeling that her roommate was still stuck in that horrible place right now?

Or that. Probably both.

She’s going to be effected a lot more now.”

Affected. You affect, something takes effect.

She needed, a Persona User.

So, is that like a Stand User? (Long story short, it's a Jojo's thing, only a Stand User can see a Stand and only a Stand can damage a Stand.)

Hooray for callbacks to the last few games. And Pinkie being a magical girl fan. And Celestia's look in this. Now we wait for the awakening.

Why...The first non-Persona song you decide to use for this story...and it's Xion's theme. I haven't touched Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days since I beat it because I'm still mourning her, so I ask...Why? WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME?!


(In all seriousness, this is certainly an interesting story so far. I still have so many questions, but I look forward to seeing things unfold)

Great work


So, is that like a Stand User?

VERY close to one. You know that inner voice that tells you to do bad things? That asks you to be selfish, that hates the world? Carl Jung calls it "The Shadow".

Now, take the shadow, and instead of it telling you bad things for selfish reasons, imagine if it were pushing you to let loose your inner self, but for a good cause instead, or at least something perfectly understandable. Asking you to draw on your darker emotions, but to beat up that bully over there, or "grab that gun and shoot the bastard before he kills that old woman".

In that moment, the shadow has become a "Persona", the manifestation of your darker self, but purified and focused on what YOU probably want to do, rather than trying you to do what it wants you to do.

You'll see what I mean soon.

Also, I love Celestia in this story too. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters here.


So, personified Chaotic Good. It’ll push you to do the right thing, but not exactly via kindness and mercy. The opposite rather.


Of course she is. She’s The Original Sunbutt.

I'm surprised they haven't done that yet. Oh well, their loss and my gain. Since they won't do it, I'll just do it myself.

Exactly. It's neither good nor evil. It just is.

Because it's really confusing to explain, here's a video that explains it really well. The girl's accent is kinda hard to understand, so she recommends watching with subtitles on, but she really gives the best explanation as to what a Persona actually is.


It’s your impulse to do good given form. Regardless of rules.


So, a Shadow is your more Chaotic but ultimately well meaning impulses, a block of iron. Potential. Whilst a Persona is a steel sword made from said block of iron. The same thing, but refined and controlled into a state where it can be properly used. Does that sound about right?

Not necessarily well meaning, the Shadow is the parts of you that you don't want to admit exist. By accepting that it's a part of you, it becomes a Persona. Otherwise, that's pretty much it. Notably, that extends to the urge to help people, which is sadly very repressed in Japan. It's referred to as "bystander syndrome." Really making a scene in general is frowned upon, something which was a big part of Persona 5.


So, a Shadow is your more Chaotic side, things you repress, the things you don't want to see in a mirror condensed into a single form whilst a Persona is accepting that all those things are still part of you but that doesn't make you a bad person, thus unlocking your Stand?

Not bad music choices but.... for her Persona awakening I had to play Persona 5's awakening theme.... that honestly just fit her rage more.

Great work

To each their own. I chose that music because I wanted to create a different feel with this awakening than Persona 5, but that choice works too.

Hey, as long as everyone's having fun and getting something out of it. Seriously, I was so worried about this story, mostly because of who I chose as the MC. Seems no one minds though, so that's good.

Hey long as my girls RD or Gilda get some action I'm cool.

JK I think this story is cool anyways.

Given her immediate sense of trustworthiness and approachability, as well as her seemingly genuine desire to save people, I have decided to dub Celestia the "Anti-Ikutsuki."

Really liking this so far, tracking.

A fantastic Persona awakening and debut fight. Also you have Celestia in a kimono and Fluttershy in a school girl outfit, please be careful my penis only get so erect. Also the school theme for Persona on PSP got my intrigued. Do you know if the PSP Persona games are any good?

I've played them both. They're good game, but I will warn you. The Life-Sim aspect was added for Persona 3, so none of those games have it. But they are firmly Persona games in their own right.

They don't connect to the current continuity, which is a reboot, so play those for curiosity's sake if nothing else. I think they ARE related, but only just barely so.

I have some questions I'm hoping you can answer, Azure;

1. What does the REM in this story's title stand for?

2. Is Xion's theme going to be Celestia's leitmotif during this story?

3. How long until Rarity gets the Nightmare Rarity makeover this time around?

I can't answer 2 or 3, but the REM probably stands for Rapid Eye Movement. The phase of sleep where dreaming happens.


I can't answer 2 or 3, but the REM probably stands for Rapid Eye Movement. The phase of sleep where dreaming happens.

Yes. This is exactly what REM stands for. As for the other two...

Yes, that is Celestia's leitmotif.

And no spoilers. But keep in mind the Author's Note at the beginning of the story.

I apologize for the length of this chapter. There's a lot to cover in this entry though. Hey, at least now you know I'm serious about being back, right? :twilightsheepish:

Hey, I like reading and I've been ITCHING to sink my teeth into a nice, thick, meaty, chapter. That, came out more sexually than I probably intended. Probably.

Was she special or something?

I mean, yeah.

“You’re worried about your friend, aren’t you?” Igor said, his voice gentle and understanding, “You have nothing to regret. That situation caught you off guard. Anyone would have run away had they been in the same position.”

Oh yeah.

“For the time being, yes, she will live. But I will not mince words with you, Miss Glimmer. If nothing is done for her soon, she will die.”

That, is bad.

“The heart is the source of all dreams,” Victor explained, “Most believe that they come from the mind, but in reality it is the state of one’s heart and emotions that give form to their dreams.”

Is this a Persona crossover or a Kingdom Hearts crossover?

“It’s okay that you’re afraid,” Igor said comfortingly, “Acknowledging one’s fear is the first step to overcoming it. However… I’m afraid that you’re wrong about not having any power.”

To have courage is not to have no fear. To not be afraid in a perilous situation is not brave, it's stupid. We feel fear for a reason. Courage is knowing you're afraid, and keep going DESPITE that fear.

“I’ve seen many guests in my time, young men and women much like yourself. They find themselves in a situation where they need power, and call on the strength of their own heart. When they do, that power answers their call and takes form,” Igor adjusted his hands, “The fact that you’re here in this room is evidence enough that you have the same power.”

Now I want to see a Persona and Kingdom Hearts crossover. Boy would that get weird.

Starlight turned to the other bed, where she saw her roommate stir a bit before slowly opening her eyes. As Beatrix sat up in her bed, Starlight’s eyes fell to her back, which had red marks on it. She gasped before she could stop herself, catching her standoffish roommate’s attention.

The marks on her mind are starting to affect her body.

Beatrix gasped ant turned back to Starlight


This girl had straight rainbow colored hair that fell down to her waist, piercing magenta eyes, and a more lean and athletic build. She was wearing a denim jacket, rainbow colored blouse, denim skirt, black leggings, white socks, and red and white sneakers. She wore a touch of lip gloss, but that was it for make-up.

Sup Rainbow?

“I told her yesterday,” Pinkie Pie said joining them, “She really changed after she and Blueblood started going out. Hey Dashie, do you think the rumors are true?”

So Blueblood is responsible it seems. Interesting.

Why did she always feel like crying when she saw this woman?

Because she's the reincarnation of your mother or some such. Or she's just very motherly and you dearly miss your mother. Which is completely fair.

It was almost like she was actually trying to comfort her.

She is.

When she went into the dining room, she was greeted with an assortment of different breakfast dishes, way more than Starlight thought she’d see. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausages, anything you could think of what there. Did Celestia cook all of this herself?

If so, then how long did it TAKE her to make all this? Pancakes alone take a WHILE.

Pinkie Pie wasn’t lying when she said that Celestia was a fantastic cook.

Pinkie rarely lies, she's not very good at it anyway.

“You found the will to live, something strong enough to pull you back from the abyss,” Celestia reasoned, placing a hand over her heart.

Yep. And I'm glad she did.

Starlight continued eating her breakfast, thinking hard about what Celestia told her. All the while, Celestia stayed by her side, looking at her adoringly. Oddly, the more she was there, the less Starlight minded.


As Starlight walked into the building, she felt like she was walking into Hogwarts or some other magical school.

You know what, imma let you have this.

“Come with me,” Celestia said pressing her hand to Starlight’s back again, “We have to meet… Principal Cinch to get your schedule and free pass, then we can head to homeroom,” she almost groaned when she said Principal Cinch’s name. Did she not like her?

Principal Cinch, oh dear.

What kind of person did you have to be for this woman to dislike you?

So rigidly Lawful Stupid that she's willing to peer pressure a young woman into unleashing a force neither of them fully understand for the sake of winning a sports competition.

As they walked, Starlight’s eyes landed on one student in particular standing by her locker. She was tall, with super long light pink hair, and was wearing a yellow and white sailor styled uniform straight out of a Japanese high school. The skirt was pretty short, and there was a pink bow tied in the front of her uniform, and a white one at the back of the skirt right on the waist. She wore white socks, and brown shoes.


“So, this is her?” Principal Cinch said, her voice high and grating.

I would hardly call her voice high, I'd say it's roughly same range as Celestia.

“Hmph, I don’t care where she’s staying. Honestly, I’d rather someone with her reputation not taint the walls of this school, but you insisted that we include her.”

Wow. 2 lines in. Two lines in and I already dislike you.

Yeah, Starlight could tell. Just the way Celestia dressed was out there, and Principal Cinch struck Starlight as more straight laced and narrow minded. These two were essentially just fire and ice.


“But enough about her,” Celestia said with her usual smile again, “Now that you have your schedule, you’re a true student at Canterlot Academy. My homeroom is in room 3-D. Shall we?”

I suppose it's better than room 2-B, or else she'd never hear the end of the Shakespeare jokes. Although a more dedicated man than I might be willing to memorize that whole speech purely for the sake of the joke.

“Oh damn! She’s kinda hot,” one student said.

Buddy, whilst I appreciate and agree with your taste in women, pretty sure that's not just something you say out loud.

Seriously? Was that the only vacant seat? Sure enough, after quickly scanning the room, Beatrix’s seat was the only one with a vacant spot, right to the left of her. That would have placed her closer to the back of the classroom, right next to the windows.

Ah, the anime protagonist seat. Don't give me that look, you know I'm right.

If there was a God up there, he or she must have been cracking up at the irony of this situation.

I certainly am, though I'd hardly call myself a God. Although Azure has referred to herself as a Goddess a handful of times and she probably got a kick out of this so, yes.

Starlight briefly looked at Beatrix, but then turned to Celestia, who was giving Starlight and Beatrix a knowing expression. If she didn’t know better, Starlight would have thought she planned this.

She did.

“Greetings, students of Canterlot High,” an extremely feminine, cultured, and graceful voice greeted. One of the female students sighed wistfully.


At our cores, we are all simply one consciousness broken into smaller fragments of individuality. Never forget this.”

A Collective Consciousness?

And why did Starlight get the feeling she was somehow talking directly to her and Beatrix just now?

Oh she is.

“That last one really hit me,” Starlight admitted, “Before six months ago, I didn’t have a single friend besides my Mom. I did have one friend, but he and I…” she cut herself off, not wanting to think about Sunburst. Their falling out still hurt to this day.

Now this is a story I gotta hear one day.

Another student tapped Starlight on the shoulder and got her attention. She looked up and saw two girls, one wearing a green top and shorts with short neon green hair, and another girl with blue and pink hair wearing more formal and conservative clothes.

Lyra and BonBon.

“Really? Because you kind of seem miserable to me,” Bon Bon said. Beatrix stood up and glared at Bon Bon.

She looked by the door and saw a young man, clearly a senior, wearing a white and golden flannel shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. His blond hair and arrogant disposition seemed way too familiar to Starlight, but she couldn’t remember where she saw him.

Hello Blueblood.

“I’m sorry!” Beatrix cried, breathing heavily as he ran his hands up and down her arm, “I was on my way, I just… had a disagreement with a student, and…!”

She's terrified of him.

“Well, that’s not good, now is it?” Blueblood asked, “Why don’t you apologize to them. Go on,” he lightly commanded. Seriously, where had Starlight seen this before? It was driving her crazy.

Everything about the way you're talking makes me uncomfortable.

When Beatrix looked down at the floor weakly, Starlight saw it. In a flash, the Beatrix before her turned into the one wearing that skimpy leotard ensemble, who had the same defeated look on her face. And then she recognized the boy behind her.

The ring leader.

And it clicks. Now, are you socially aware enough to put together the puzzle pieces?

Starlight had a feeling she knew what was going on now. She didn’t know for sure, as she only had her intuition to go off of, but so far everything was lining up a bit too accurately for her comfort.

Oh good, it's not just me.

“Well, some student’s believe that Blueblood is really rough with Beatrix,” Pinkie Pie explained, “Thing is though, every time she’s approached about it, she insists that nothing is actually wrong. No one actually sees them do anything on school grounds either, so there’s no real proof.”

He is. And not in a fun way.

“I missed you too, Pinkie. Sucks we don’t have the same homeroom this year. I have Harshwhinny. UGH!” Rainbow Dash groaned, “I don’t know who’s worse. Her, Principal Cinch, or No Fun Jackie.”

No Fun Jackie, I know AJ's Lawful Good, heavy on the Lawful, but this is interesting.

“That’s okay,” Lyra said, wrapping her arms around Bon Bon in a similar manner, “I’ve got my own.”

Oh the fuckin'.

There was also a section of town called “South Street, where Rainbow Dash said all the “fun” shops were. Starlight really wanted to know what she meant by “fun”. Considering how Rainbow Dash was raising her eyebrows up and down though…

Oh I think I have a decently good idea.

Starlight shook her head. Pinkie Pie blushed looking down sheepishly.

Pinkie Pie embarrassed? Now this is interesting.

“Well… she’s a lot like me,” Pinkie Pie continued, twirling her hair around her finger, “She’s clumsy, sensitive, not really good at school, but she’s really kind, and uses her magical powers to help people. Even though she’s not very good at anything else, she does her best with what she can do, and most importantly, she never runs away from a fight, even when she’s afraid.”

I, hate to contradict you, Pinkie but, in the anime, she runs away a LOT. Admittedly that's mostly in the early episodes when she's trying to figure out what the hell's going on and she's scared out of her wits but, still. Then again, the manga is probably different. So, what do I know?

“So, now that you know that we’re all absolutely batshit insane,” Rainbow Dash said jovially, “Where’d you get the key?”

Oh I already knew you were batshit insane. The best people are. Look at me and Azure.

“That’s so terrifying, yet awesome at the same time,” Pinkie Pie leaned back on the bench, “You’re like the main hero of an anime or something.”

OK, that got a good cackle out of me, you win this one.

“Makes sense to me,” Rainbow Dash said with a thoughtful expression, “The thing that got me was the elevator itself, and how it didn’t start moving until you decided to actually live again. I think that’s important.”

Yeah, I'm inclined to agree. I think that elevator was the transition between life and death in a way she can understand and make relative sense of.

“Probably symbolic of something,” Rainbow Dash said, “All that stuff he said about the Fool Arcana is true, so the fact that elevator started moving when you signed the contract is probably symbolic of the new direction of your life or something. I dunno. I’m into that sort of deep stuff, so you peaked my interest,” she turned to Starlight and smiled, “Yep. I’ve decided. I’m going to keep an eye on you. Maybe you’ll show me something fun.”

I REALLY like this Rainbow. She's not a moron and it pleases me greatly.

Starlight hid behind the couch and peaked out to see who it was. She saw a girl about her age, maybe a tad younger, with long straight purple hair with pink highlights, purple circular glasses, and the cutest pajamas Starlight had ever seen. They were pink, and had brown teddy bears on them. She was also wearing white bunny shaped slippers.

Twilight motherfucking Sparkle.

“Yep, that’s me. I keep weird hours, in case you’re wondering why I’m up so late.”

Night owl? (It's funny because Owlowiscious whom we haven't seen in ages.)

Time to get to work.


“You really have faith in these Persona Users, don’t you?”

I mean, have you SEEN Jojo's? Have you SEEN the insane shit Stands can do? Star Platinum alone can punch faster and harder than any human could hope to. And is a better artist than most people.

“Because I can’t summon a Persona,” Celestia admitted, rubbing her arm looking pained, “If I could… I wouldn’t be…” she shook it off, interrupting her thought, “Observe her, but like last time do not intervene unless necessary.”

So there's something about herself she can't or won't face. Considering what we've seen of Daybreaker, I don't blame her for being afraid to face that. And the fact that we've seen nor hide nor hair of Luna probably has something to do with it.

It was a game where the goal was to fill balloons with water, and the first one to completely fill their balloons won. However, these balloons were embedded in a picture of a screaming Beatrix, right where her breasts would be. The balloons themselves were flesh colored as well, making it look like they were inflating her actual breasts. All the while, Starlight heard recordings that sounded like Beatrix moaning, and the bigger the balloons got, the louder and more urgent her moans were, until she was practically screaming.

Jesus Christ!

When everyone around you is enjoying your suffering, what hope do you have of finding peace?

I have an answer, but I'm not sure if you can do it. Spite them. Laugh, play, be merry in spite of their enjoyment. Flip the table, change the game, enjoy THEIR frustration. And when they yell at you for not suffering? Smile at them and tell them to go fuck themselves.

“Not this time, though. This time he plans on putting on a show that’s really going to test his pet’s limits. Even if that dreamer shows up again, the show’s still going to go on.”

I do not like any of that.

Good. This meant she could abuse dream logic here. As long as she remembered this was a dream, she’d be fine. More or less at least.

More or less, this isn't your mind, which is something of a disadvantage.

There was no way she was getting out of there alone. Not unless she were a master magician,

Irony, thou art cruel.

“But… but I…!” Starlight looked around at the crowd surrounding them. She was beyond scared. She was terrified right now. If she ran out there, she’d get ambushed for sure, and then she might die, or possibly even get stuck here herself…!

Nothing is risk free. If you want to be a hero, overcome that fear.

That did it. With the tears still flowing freely from her eyes, Starlight rushed toward the stage, screaming at the top of her lungs, and as fast as she could.


He turned too late though, as the first thing Starlight did was whack Blueblood away with the hammer as hard as she could, actually knocking him off the stage


Something she had to do.

Here we go.

Twilight looked, and sure enough she saw something that didn’t make sense. The arrow representing Starlight was changing color, shifting from blue to yellow, as if the system couldn’t tell if it was looking at a human or a Shadow.

She's drawing out her own Stand Power.

“Damn it!” Ring Leader Blueblood shouted, “You’re all useless! If the hammer’s the problem,” he pulled out his whip, “Then you remove the problem first!” he then threw the whip out, which wrapped itself around the hammer. He then yanked it out of Starlight’s hands.


“No!” she cried! The bouncers then all jumped on top of her, wrestling her to the ground. She fought them the whole time, mustering up as much strength as she could, but it felt almost like the dream itself was becoming stronger to compensate. It was adapting to her.

It is, it absolutely is. Blueblood's in control here.

And much to Starlight’s disgust, Beatrix was kissing him back!


Starlight could feel something consume her and become one. Something dark, and violent. Something that while still against her character, felt so much like who she was that she couldn’t ignore it any longer.

Time to go Super Saiyan.

“Sluts like you need to learn their place!” he shouted, slapping Starlight on the face hard. Yet to his surprise though, she didn’t falter. Her face didn’t even turn that much, nor did she say anything. She merely continued to glare at the ring leader, letting her hatred build, to the point where she was consumed by it. She got it now. That hatred she was feeling, it was foreign. It was her the whole time. Knowing that Blueblood had probably done something like this in real life…

Careful now, rage is a powerful tool, it can do much, but don't let it control YOU.

Starlight began walking toward Ring Leader Blueblood, who was backing away from her with a terrified expression on his face. She couldn’t help herself. She let out a dark, sinister chuckle as she smiled at him demonically. His fear… it was intoxicating!

This isn't good.

Inside the flame, Starlight’s entire body exploded with energy and power. Her purple dress was burned away, replaced with another dress. This one was black and purple, more Victorian in style, and had a red gemstone on the front in between her breasts. The dress came up high in the front to the length of a mini-skirt, but fell longer in the back to the length of a standard gown. Black fishnet stockings appeared on her legs, and her boots were replaced with red high heels. Her make-up changed, as her lipstick darkened to look more blood red, and her eye-shadow was joined with black eye-liner that made her eyes look sharpened. Finally on her head, was a large, true to form witch’s hat. She held her hands out in front of her almost sensually as her Channeling Ring glowed, and some of the flames around took form as a large sinister looking scythe. She spun the scythe above her elegantly before slashing with it, partially dispersing the flames and revealing her new form.

Oh, now this is interesting.

Behind her, the remaining flames converged into something just as terrifying, if not more terrifying. It was a spirit of some sort. The spirit looked like a metallic doll with raven black hair, wearing a red and black dress that while elegant and flowing, left very little to the imagination, showing off her voluptuous figure. The doll’s shapely legs extended to form dangerous looking blades, and both of her hands were long, dangerous looking claws. Finally, on the doll’s back was a pair of black feathery wings, and her red eyes had a hateful glare as they gazed at the now terrified ring leader.


They seriously think changing forms will deter us? They truly are scum. Hate them with all of your might, my pupil! Let your hatred guide your blade!

Temper your hatred into a blade of its own, don't let your hatred consume you as it will Blueblood.

Morgana held one clawed hand toward the enemies and fired a blast of ice at one, instantly killing it.


“No…! NO!” the ring leader shouted stomping his foot, “A Persona User! But… but how?! You were weak and helpless just a second ago! Now all of a sudden you’re… you’re… ARGH!”

“I believe you…!” Beatrix said, sobbing helplessly, “Thank you…! Thank you for keeping me alive…!”

You've done it. You've reignited her hope. When Blueblood sought to extinguish that flame, you protected and rekindled the embers.

“MORGANA! FREEZE THE GROUND!” Starlight commanded. Morgana manifested and shot Bufu on the ground, freezing it. Starlight then allowed herself to know she could ice skate, and simply slid on the ice elegantly, at one point even jumping up into the air and spinning over a bouncer as he tried to grab her, causing him to slip and slide into the ones chasing her. She was pretty sure she heard a sound akin to bowling pins when they collided.


Starlight had a bunch of questions herself, like why her clothes changed? What that spirit was? And what was this wisp talking about with this “Phase” thing? In fact, who was even talking to her?! She wanted to ask these questions, but found that everything was starting to get hazy. Before she knew it, the ground was getting closer and closer, until her world went dark.

She's tapped.

I figured Xion's theme was Celestia's leitmotif, but I had to be sure. Having said that...


Also, when you say "beginning of the story", do you mean the Prologue or 9/2?

I mean the Prologue.

Not everything will play out the way you think it will. Remember, the world of My Little Pony is but one mask that their world can take. :ajsmug:

Gotcha. There are just things I've come to expect in your wonderful stories at this point, namely;

1. Rarity becoming Nightmare Rarity after going through the emotional wringer.

2. Celestia being a benevolent mentor with a dark and troubled past.

By the way, did you see the comment I left on your "The big one is up" blog post for this story regarding my plans to have a full-fledged crossover between my Avengers-Verse and Chrono Reflect?

Okay. I'm sorry, but I just become irrationally enraged whenever I hear someone refer to a Persona as a Stand. They're similar, but they're not the same thing.


Sorry. I know there's a difference, I'm mostly using the term Stand as a point of reference since I'm much more familiar with Jojo's than Persona.

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