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After waking up in the garden of an unknown castle, Ultimate Mail Carrier Ditzy Do finds herself trapped with fifteen other Ultimates by a strange bear named Monokuma. According to him there is only one way to leave the castle: kill someone and get away with it in a trial. Ditzy now must work with those she's stuck with and solve the murder of those unlucky. Will she be able to stop the murderers from getting free, or will the blackened get the best of them?

This is a reworking of my story Danganronpa: Equestrian Despair.

Danganronpa belongs to Spike Chunsoft

Chapters (28)
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Just finished Danganronpa V3, so this came at the perfect time. But yeah, you should definitely look over it a few more times, there are still many typos. And I have to ask: What does the V stand for?

I thought that the V stood for Version, so in this case V.E. stands for "Version Equestria".

Chapter 1... It makes clear to the player that everyone can die by killing off the characters you'd least expect to die...
In this case the closest characters to Ditzy currently are Rainbow and Fluttershy. Though in a meta sense also qualifying are Twilight as the show's protagonist (though I think she lost her deathflag with her horn) and Pinkie, who was the first killer in your first DR story... I think (on that topic, please don't write a murder that makes me drop the story by breaking my suspension of disbelief... again)
Because of that my free time votes go to Fluttershy and Rainbow.
And now I remember that last week I changed my profile pic to Kokichi while you changed yours to Tsumugi... weird... Does that mean you finished Danganronpa V3?

Okay, good beginning and introduction to the characters so far. As I said on Discord, I've never heard of this 'Danganronpa'. So, should be interesting for me.

Actually, the reason I have Tsumugi as my profile pic is... rather strange. Me and my sisters just got the game this weekend and we've been voicing different characters. I've got Kiibo, Korekiyo, Himiko, Kaito, Gonta, Rantaro, Monokid and Monophanie, and lastly Tsumugi. As Tsumugi is technically the first one you meet besides from Suichi I had to think of something. The voice I did made my sisters dare me to go for the entire school day using the voice. Let's just say my voice hurt afterward.

Also, Pinkie Pie is one of the reason's I redid this, and I made sure to think of strong motives beforehand so I don't make the same mistake.

I can imagine. And have fun with the game. Though I already know you probably will. ...Well, that and sadness and other strong emotions. Tell me when you've finished it, it's really hard to hold back with spoilers

The characters you just mentioned are from Danganronpa, right?

I'd like Ditzy to hang out with... Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.

If i know danganronpa, the character you least expect to die first does just that
That being said i vote dash and twilight

Hmm... part of me thinks Dash is gonna get it. As for Ditzy and who she'll hang out with? I dunno... Trixie? ;) Anyone would be fine with me.

If i get one vote id say twilight, if i get 2 again the second one goes to rarity

Also i followed the twitch channel, cant wait to see some good runs

I hope the FTEs are like in the game and completely unrelated to the murders... otherwise there are some huge deathflags...
Free Time Votes: Twilight and then Pinkie (the last two on my "likeliest to die in Ch1"-list)
Might look up the Twitch channel later... and if you finished V3 you might understand now the weird questions I asked you in my previous comments

I bet on Flam being the Byakuya/Nagito/Kokichi of this story (I expect a mix between Byakuya and Kokichi). I also bet on the Ultimate Author having a secret identity... this is obvious from both sides of this crossover

Things i need to expect from this
1 suicide ienagito and sakura
1 case of "puzzling murder" ie funhouse and case 5 from v3
And 1 pony with some connection to a serial killer ie toko/genocide jill and maki
Each game has all of these and while its not for sure that will be here, if there is i think it will fit with danganronpa very well
As for blackened and victim, dash, flam, A.K, and flash are on my short list

“Well, as strange as it is you’re not going to find any muffins here,” My mind broke as I heard those words from Bon Bon. How could there not be a single muffin. “I guess if you're looking for something they do seem to have a lot of bagels here.”
“Plain, cinnamon raisin, vegetarian, gluten free, this place seems to have every bagel you could ever want!”

No! Bad Komaeda! Bad!
‘Hehe, you can’t stop the hope bagels!’

Gah should have guessed the Ultimate BS would have a hand here somewhere.

I friggin called it when they said bagels in the first chapter

Good idea by AK, there. A shame it probably won't work.

Twilight pulled an Oowada, so I’ll assume she survives at least the first case

Bulk is mr muscle of this setting. He’ll survive late in

Dr. Hooves, I sense he’s the most level headed of the lot. Then again the same could be said of Octavia. They’ll both survive the first case I think.

Redheart could prove invaluable in examining bodies....

Pinkie, Fluttershy, RD, and AJ. I don’t see them falling first on either side.

Flash....hmm. Hard to pin him.

Flam is is a con artist as stated, but she’s been straight with the others so far. He’ll be rather convincing if he kills

Yearling....again tough to pin. I imagine if she lasts later free times might let her reveal to Derpy that she’s Daring Do as well.

Trixie. She’ll be dangerous if she utilizes her talent. Both as blackened and spotless. She probably has plenty of knowledge of tricks.

Rarity...Rarity Rarity....her generous side has yet to show really. I’m putting up a death flag on her. She’s proven in show too to be self centered and greedy.

Bon Bon .....I got nothing

Derpy herself....it’s a story, it’s up for debate she could die or kill too.

Gonna pass on trying to guess the murderer. I more often than not failed on those when reading Sherlock Holmes. ;) Anyway, hot damn! I legit didn't expect her to die.

Well that was unexpected. To be honest the only one I can think of that has a grudge against Twilight is Trixie, so it could be possible she’s the culprit. Also I’m assuming the killer was the one who dragged the body causing that streak of blood but if that’s the case why bother hiding the body when your not going to cover your tracks?

Very simple, when said act hides their identity by pointing at another. Considering everyone saw what happened to Twilight, and Trixie would know full well what that entails...it’s too obvious. I don’t know where to put my money, but I know fairly well where not ATM. Only the investigation will give us more

Yeah fair point still considering how much ponies believe in friendship and the belief that they won’t hurt one another. It will only cause them all more despair once they realize the truth. How ironic is it that Twilight the one who believed that no pony would kill each other ends up getting killed herself.

Also I think Derpy’s motive image and the ones we did see.... it can definitely throw a wrench in who it could be. The interactions there show past encounters that don’t exist in canon. Add to that the show itself hasn’t happened at all...

Well i had not thought about twilight dieing, so good twist
As for the blacken im in a 3 way split of flam, trixie and as an odd choice, dash
Flam for the whole shadyness of his talk with derpy
Trixie because twilight has a grudge and tryed to kill her
Dash because she want to get out ASAP,(honestly that can be said for almost all of the mane 6, but i feel dash wont last long either being blackened here or dead by the end of case 2)

Just finished the first game and started on the second, but this series has already captured my attention! I'm glad to see that at least one MLP crossover fic is meeting my standards, though admittedly this IS the only one I've looked into so far.

Very late to the party, but I'm going to guess... no, wait, that character is mentioned in the title of a later chapter... perhaps those should be renamed to something less spoilery?

So it seems the last chapter was the one whose title I had accidentally seen... Something tells me Fluttershy is going to kill...

Something told me Twilight wasn't safe... after all, the very first canon victim was deliberately put forth as "long runner", so that talk of losing her death card... yeah. Didn't expect her to be first though...

You mean Flutters? That's who I thought would be the first killer, but it seems too obvious here... and in Danganronpa, the obvious answer is almost NEVER the right one.


so the killer had to be aware of the hidden entrance to the kitchen, know about Flash patrolling, and be strong enough to pierce Twilight’s body with the sword...

Based on that it’s either Bon Bon, Pinkie Pie, or Octavia. Octavia seems more likely despite not knowing whether she’s aware of the hidden entrance. She has far more knowledge of the crime scene if Flash’s account is accurate. I believe him, cause why would he know about that secret entrance AND point out the murder weapon?

Aj,pinkie and bulk seem suspicious, so im putting them in top 3
Otherwise, A.K, fluttershy, dash and flam are on the definitely not list

Thoes three really seem to be the possible culprits but I think we can rule out pinkie Pie as I don’t think she really has a motive. Octavia and Bon Bon also diddnt show the group their motive pictures so whoever has a picture Twilight makes them even more suspicious It could also be Fluttershy but I feel like it that’s just a red Herring to lead the group off track.

About the murder despite A.K. saying that it’s unlikely the blood found near the entrance hall could still be Twilights? I mean besides having the fatal stab wound she still had other cuts and gashes. So could it be reasoniable to assume the culprit attacked diddnt kill her dragged her body to the statue Twilight started charging a spell and the killer quickly killed her. The sparkling water could just be the killer trying to wash off the blood after killling her. Though why turn off the lights?

Excellent chapter really excited for the trial probably be listening to the Danganronpa ost for trial music to add to the immersion. Anywho question for vattijji the author, beside Nonstop Debates, could you also include other mini games like rebuttal showdown and Scrum debate as thoes are some of my favorite parts of any trial plus even written in a story format the thoes sections could still work. I understand stuff like hangman gambit or brain dive. But it’s something that would be really cool.

Yes I plan to have both rebuttal showdowns and scrum debates on here, and I plan to do a version of rebuttal showdown I made call argument tug. Think a rebuttal showdown between two characters except for Ditzy and she has to choose which side has the stronger motive, kinda like pulling a rope in a tug of war.

I also plan to do some sort of elongated version of non-stop debate in place of BTB or PTA as I can’t replicate those rather well in a fanfic.

That tug of war one sounds incredibly intresting and could really be intense since the ponies tug of warring could be ponies who she may not nessiarly like or some who she considers to be the best of friends. This is truly a heartrenching game full of betrayal and backstabbing because whoever the killler is, if they end up not getting found out everyone else dies. Also good job with Monokuma thus far, I liked the crountry girl remark for Applejack.

beyond that. What reason does Octavia have to be THAT tired? I mean fine, Bulk shoring is a reasonable excuse, but the question is gonna be did Flash swap rooms with her? If she did she had no noise to keep her awake after.

Sound being a musicians downfall. It would be poetic to say the least. Though my question is what kind of grude does Octavia have against Twilight.

Ah... the murderer is Rainbow Dash? I have no clue. :p But still, quite tense!

“Ahem, can I have everyone's attention,” Monokuma’s voice called out from wherever he currently was. “Investigation period is over, and it is time to commence the first cla- wait I can’t call it that, can I. W-well either way the first trial is going about to start. Please make your way back to the garden and you will be escorted to the trial grounds.”

And with this, it's all but confirmed that the ugly Ursa has survived a canon game or two. Wonder if the boorish bear's luck will hold out...

To throw off suspicion? I'm pretty he's the killer after comparing all the comments...

Sorry, but that line of thinking seems a bit far fetched. I still think something I pointed out is a much bigger clue. There’s a few reasons.

first and foremost, the Ultimate Guard itself states he’d probably hold himself to the standards of the royal guard. For his more criminal style, and from the sharing event, Flash would have more of a grudge towards Flam. Second, the signs of a struggle indicate Twilight saw her attacker coming, and a trained Pegasus guard (or in training) would have used the advantage of flight. The entrance and exits wounds of the stab would not be front to back, and there’d be no additional wounds. True that isn’t concrete, but it seems far more likely someone without a lot of experience with blades and is ground bound attacked Twilight. Plus an indication it’s possible the murderer got hurt

If the killer was injured, how did the criminal hide the injury as their was no medicine in the immediate area.

I’ll elaborate on it a bit more. Argument tug has two phrases to it, the tug of war and the showdown. During the first phase, truth bullets would take the form of truth ropes, and you would then choose a side a destory the opponents argument and pull them further into the screen. After you manage to pull the weaker sides argument into the screen that pony will be spotlighted, and you can then use the truth rope to destory, or lasso, the weak point in there argument. It’s kinda like a rebuttal showdown, excpet instead of pushing the opponents argument back, you want to make it the center of attention so you can find the contradiction.

That does sound rather convincing... like you said, not concrete, but enough to dismiss the suspicion. I'd say most of that applies to the other pegasi as well though, which eliminates... most of the known suspects. In fact, only Pinkie and Octavia are left, but Pinkie's... Pinkie, so I don't think she'd kill outside of self defense.

However, things in Danganronpa are NEVER that simple, so I severely doubt she's the killer this time. Perhaps Flam thought he'd built up enough trust to get away with this?

Very true, my thoughts on her hinge heavily on whether Flash did or did not agree to her request. If not and she was stuck in her room, she has a legit excuse to be as tired as she is.

So with information provided here...blame shifts. But it’s take knowing who was where at a specific time earlier in the story to know where it does

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