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This is really great so far.

Fantastic start. I'm looking forward to whatever's next.

Also, holy smokes, you've been sitting on this for a year and a half?

Pure magic mate, ta.

Did Rolling Waves have a crewmember named Fanny Baws by any chance?

I absolutely love Roll. Man after me own heart.

There is no such thing like "too late for RGRE".

it is never too late when it comes to rgre

More please if you have the time.

A tempest shadow x human fic? Shut up and take my money! I can't not read this!

awesome chapter cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

See I like this world building character development all of it and yet you didn’t just blatantly say this is what’s happening like some novice this is a good store I have high hopes for it

Dude first chapter got me hooked. I love RGRE and this is a fine make you have. And Rolls already my favorite. Please update soon! I look forward to it!

I was hooked within the first few lines, excellent work here. I'll echo my fellow commenters and say that I can't wait for an update. Take care!

Excellent! Really can't wait to see where this goes!

Well, I'm in.

Bout damn time we got more Tempest/human romance. Please continue this story. I'm loving it so far.

FM #17 · Oct 5th, 2020 · · ·

RGRE and Tempest Shadow? These are all of my jams.

Anyone else think that Roll's voice is the Scotsman from Samurai Jack. Cuz thinking that voice with those words just works.

Can’t wait for more

great that mean that the human is a foolish Japanese samurai warrior wielding a magic sword

Good start. Looking forward to the continuation.

new RGRE fic in featured box

chapter published: 25th Feb 2019


This is going to be amazing

iji #24 · Oct 5th, 2020 · · 2 ·

Why is this dead fic suddenly top of the what's hot list?

The author seems to have been sitting on it for a year and a half before hitting the Publish button.

Well this just went into tracking.

damn that's good

Bobbles hit the nail on the head.

This was fun. Is it going to continue?

Yeah is this a dead story or just one that got sat on for a while?

Tempest struck out with a flurry of kicks and throws in an odd kind of hybrid of capoeira, judo, and northern-style kung-fu. It was a beautiful, vicious sight, watching her drop these alien mobsters with her strangely fluid, pony-style martial arts. Sigurd could barely keep up with all the spinning kicks, leg locks, and throws—some of which required a terrifying amount of JAW strength. The goons went down almost as quickly as they arrived. What seemed like ages dragged on, and Tempest’s moves were becoming slower, more blurry.


More please.

Oh, I wondered why this fic from over a year ago was on the main page. I read Bobbles's reply and now it makes sense. Hope you continue this. I haven't ever really read a good TempestxHuman fic.

Please continue this.

I hope I won't have to wait another year for more of this, I very much like.

I love Captain Rollin’ Wake. What a good friend.

This is good and has me hooked with just the first chapter.

Well, hopefully you find the spunk to get into again

It is refreshing to see a pony who thinks the princesses are full of shite.

And I'm using Gaelic pronunciation because the English one doesn't quite do the awesomeness of this brilliant moment in fanfiction writing.

Seriously we need more fics where the OCs are just done with the Alicorns, not hate them or anything, but have had it up to here with the chicanery.

No, jaw strength. For the throws. Like the one she used on the fish guy from the movie. After pulling him high into the air with her jump. By her jaw around his tailfin.



Please continue this story!

Please may we have another chapter?

Reminder boop that this is a good fic and people hope to see more someday :)


Just wanted to pipe in and say that I am working on it. Real life just got in the way a bit. Still, I will aim to finish the next chapter by Saturday the 9th.

Thank you for the reply. This is seriously well written and i am really looking forward to more.

Really liking the story so far, unique in its own way atleast in characters, hope this updates and doesnt end up like of the thousands of unfinished 1-5 chapter stories of this site.

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