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I have Rainbow Dash's head. Give me monies or you'll never see it again. Except in the photos I send you of me molesting it with my futa parts.

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I don't even know what I just read..... I like it :pinkiecrazy:



"Cruelty to animals," Nope. Nope. Nope.

6597712 I will grind your freshly minted corpse! Just wait and let me grab a knife! :pinkiecrazy:

6597712 I like your icon; can I poke out Fluttershy's other eye? :fluttercry:

6597695 Well to be fair, being cruel to Spike is probably expected.:moustache:

Not sure, if give a like or dislike :rainbowhuh:
It's as if the dislike are complements to this.
Regardless a definitive fav, i hope you keep writing, so we can have something to read as we burn in hell.

Sorta liked it till Flash showed up.

This was way too entertaining.

don't tell anyone I was here

Comedy gold. You don't deserve the dislikes you get.

7386923 Oh I'm sure I deserve them, but maybe the story doesn't deserve quite as much :rainbowdetermined2:

This is not a sequel to my story "Sunset for Twilight". That one has no redeeming qualities.

Are you saying that his one does?

Well, that was thoroughly disturbing. I’m not sure if I should like or dislike. Which one is considered more of a compliment on the dark side of the internet?

Well I'm writing it for people that like it, not to troll people that don't despite their insistence on reading it anyway. So I guess give it an honest vote.

“Oh don’t worry,” Pinkie shrugged, “I doubt anyone reading this story is looking for an example to follow.”

I would definitely hope not Pinkie-

Remember kids: Beating someone to death in front of a large crowd and then fucking the body is not the best way to make friends with them. That's no good! :rainbowdetermined2:

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