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This story is a sequel to My Little Paper Mario

Twilight and Princess Peach are having themselves a princess vacation in a faraway land, starting in the ragged port city, Rougeport. They find a mysterious treasure map given to them by a mysterious trader, and not wanting to leave their friends out on discovering something exciting, they deliver letters to both Mario and Twilight's friends in Equestria, detailing their findings along with sending the map to the heroic plumber in red, and the gang set off to Rougeport to join the two princesses.

A far more dangerous game is afoot than Bowser's almost successful attempt months prior with the power of the Star Rod. A new enemy stands in their way, wanting to discover what lies beneath the port city, and they will do anything to open what is known as the legendary One Thousand Year Door. Not only that, but they have also managed to kidnap both Peach and Twilight, taking them hostage while the leader of this new group plans to uncover what secrets are hidden beyond this millennial doorway. Will Mario and co. be able to surpass this new foe and claim the treasure for themselves, or is there something far more sinister lurking deep below the land that could wreak havoc on the world?

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And so it begins... The story that makes me wanna play through the game again just like your last one did! XD

Only hope I have is that all the villains are a bit more competent this time. Crystal King was good near the end but I want there to be higher stakes for this but that's just me of course.

I was hoping to see some oneshots of the interactions between Marios allies and the main 6 in Equestria. Not... That.

Who bets Rarity will ask anyone of her friends or Mario to carry her all over the place until they're in the nicer part of Rogueport; the one with flowers and a casino.

this will be so much fun. (pulls out a huge betting table) any takers on RD will go nuts for glitzvill?:pinkiehappy:

"As long as it's not Bowser, I can handle myself," Peach said confidently.

Don't worry; this time, it's just a female Sauron. :twilightsheepish:

...Wait... :twilightoops:

I’ve been looking forward to this!:pinkiehappy:

I'm so hyped for this keep it up!

Comment posted by JediAlexColbent deleted Jul 16th, 2018

I know. I wanted to have the past Paper Mario partners interact with everyone in Equestria aside from Kooper, but it probably would have made the chapter longer than I wanted. As much as I like doing long chapters, depending on the kind of chapter I'm working on, and how the Paper Mario stories I'm doing are trying to avoid the paper aesthetic (Which is gonna be a lot harder to imagine since "The Thousand Year Door" emphasizes that a lot with those black chests "cursing" Mario with a paper ability), I want to try to keep most of the chapters short and not too long. Maybe I'll do a spin-off involving the Paper Mario cast with some misadventures in Equestria, though I don't have a lot of ideas at the moment for short stories involving the partners and their families hanging out with the ponies. Hopefully, with that negative aside for you, I hope you enjoy the rest involving the new party cast and villains in the upcoming chapters.

:pinkiegasp: Why would anyone beat Rarity?! That pony has done so much for so many!


I mean bets. Clumsy typing.

Do it , do it! That's exactly what I wanted.

The start of your adaptation of my favorite of the Paper Marios. Can't wait to see more!:pinkiehappy:

Can I propose a small idea for Koops over PM just in case you decide to use it?

"...I hated cutie marks...because my first friend, Sunburst, got his before mine, and after he showed his parents, they moved to Canterlot, and I never saw him again until many years later in the Crystal Empire, our friendship rekindled after an awkward reunion and revealing the truth about what happened to us while we were apart.

Yeah, that is a pretty bad backstory.

"Huh?" Goombella walked up to Starlight and got a better look at the unicorn. "...Oh. Whoops. Sorry. You two look really alike...aside from the lack of wings and weird tattoos on your rear ends."

*sigh*, ok, play it.

"Huh?" Goombella walked up to Starlight and got a better look at the unicorn. "...Oh. Whoops. Sorry. You two look really alike...aside from the lack of wings and weird tattoos on your rear ends."

Something tells me that going to become a running gag in the future...

So both Spike and Luigi were left behind? Maybe they could go to Waffle Kingdom together.

Rarity will lose her mind that most of the trips will be the Rogueport Sewers.


If Spike can't be in the main story, then at least give him that.

Sure, if you want.

That would be a good idea...but, there would be no one present in Equestria to watch the Castle of Friendship. Even with guards from the Mushroom Kingdom watching things on their side, they won't last long if they face the likes of a dangerous unicorn, or even Chrysalis. Discord might, but let's face it, he'll end up "redecorating" the castle minutes after Spike leaves and meets up with Luigi, and sneaks off with him to the Waffle Kingdom for an adventure, it's going to be a chaotic mess, and Discord might be too overly curious to see what's on the other side of that portal and cause mischief in the Mushroom Kingdom. I do have something in mind for near the end during the final showdown. And, if I do show Luigi going off to the Waffle Kingdom, maybe I'll do a spin-off where the group meets up with Luigi, he tells them about his adventure, then has his "party member" really tell them what happened that Luigi left out that was mostly a disaster than heroic.

Even though were only two chapters in, I like the story so far. Things I'm looking forward to in this story:
Keelhaul Key
Excess Express
THE CANON!!:pinkiecrazy: (Love that scene!:pinkiehappy:)
The Final Battle
Can't wait to see what you have planned for them!
Yes, I agree. And I can think of a few more moments where Rarity will lose her mind.

so when will things go crazy for the new party members with pinkie?

I want ask something.

At some point in the future, not in this story, are you going the bring up something involving Kooper and the Koopa Bros?

I'm not entirely sure. Granted, the old Paper Mario party members were all supposed to make a cameo appearance in the locations in the region at the end of the game for the Thousand Year Door, though I forget the reason why it was scrapped when all we got were Bow and Bootler in the actual release, while most of the other party members' appearances were scrapped. Kinda finding it hard to come up with thoughts when a certain someone "commenting" on another story of mine keeps building up my notification feed and irritating the crap out of me with what he writes for every single chapter. :ajbemused::twilightangry2:

Hey Code, is the next chapter almost ready?

Almost. Know that I do have other stories I work on, and with how busy I can be, it can take a while for me to even get one chapter done for any story with work getting in the way or anything else life throws at me.

wait....... what will flutershy do when they get the baby yoshi??

Interesting workaround for the non-paper world- paper curses. Am looking foreword to seeing how you do the others. Particularly the paper tube.

They're not in a world of paper?! Than why have Paper Mario in the title?

....oh dang, I didn't realize that. They never said paper in this story. Heck, did it ever say paper in the previous story? I don't remember...

Huh... so the aesthetics would be just like normal Mario games? I’d say that the Paper ones match MLP’s style perfectly, but eh, nice little tidbit. The change in the “curses” Mario gets is nice too.


"W-What was that?" Fluttershy questioned fearfully, not sure if she should be afraid of the angry Blooper or the dangerous waters.

"A Nibbler," Goombella said.

No, this is a Nibbler.

Aren’t the curses actually helpful skills to helpful skills given to him by the heroes who sealed the Shadow Queen.

....wait, that’s a new one. Is there a source to it?

If you played the game, there is a guy who tells stories of the heroes and the Shadow Queen on Prof. Frank’s roof for 5 coins each.

I have, but that must have slipped my mind, or I never bothered with that NCP.

It's more about the story of the Paper Mario series than the world being entirely out of paper. If you read the prequel, I didn't add any of the paper gags that were in the first story, like Mario's falls off the veranda in Goomba Village and the item block trap in the Koopa Bros. Fortress. So, with this change for the paper curses,
Ha! :rainbowlaugh:
But those fish inhabiting the waters in the region of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door are technically called Nibbles. I'd rather call them Nibblers since I never knew what their name was when I played through the game the first few times and they sure do love the taste of plumber when he slips into a large body of water he can easily swim through...Although, Bowser is able to swim through the water in the interlude at the end of chapter 4, and with no sign of the Nibblers in sight...Maybe they just like to eat Mario because Koopa tastes awful? :applejackunsure:

I didn't pay attention to paper puns since Paper Mario: Sticker Star for the 3DS showed the puns literally and physically. But what are you going to do about Magnus von Grapple & 2.0 version and the appearances of stairs, platforms and the invisible sheets?

Noted. I have a hard time imagining the characters in 3D though.

Ah. Then remind me never to try Korean Koopa dishes :pinkiesick:

...:twilightoops: Ah, crap...Forgot about that. Well, I'll figure out how to get around the invisible paper flaps from the game without the paper aesthetics in this story. As for Magnus Von Grapple's second fight, they are in a moon base...and there might be some junk lying around. We'll see when we get to those chapters.

flutters will be flutters* daws from the adorable* hnnnnnnnng:yay:

Hey Codex, when do you plan to start on the spin off? Or are you planning on finishing this story before you start on it?

Great chapter and also to the author, you’ll be sorry~! For my reason for saying that; send me a PM for the reason.

One of my two favorite Thwomps in Mario history.

The other being this guy:


Wait... what about the audience in every Paper Mario battles?

This is a great chapter. Lots of action. Coming Up next is their battle with Hooktail. I'm already curious how their fight with her is going to go. And Codex, you surprised me with Mario and co. gaining intangibility in place of the Paper ability. I had been thinking about what you could do for that ability, but nothing came to mind. Looks like you thought of something I never thought about. Kudos to you.
Since its coming up, how are you going to incorporate Flurrie's field ability into the story while ignoring the paper aspect of the game? Her ability mostly revolves around blowing invisible pieces of paper away to uncover something. And this was used a lot in Chapter-3 and 4.

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