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Beast Boy's been having it rough after his friends in the Teen Titans traveled the world to help protect everyone from evildoers who wish to take over or destroy one part or the entire planet. A friend who he has a crush on and thought would never see again was back from her stone imprisonment in a great sacrifice to save Jump City from a disastrous quake created by her own power, but has no memory of him, or even herself and her earth-bending powers. After being rejected and heart broken, he becomes self-conscious of his appearance when the citizens give him odd looks, thinking they only see him as a green-skinned mutant instead of the animal shape-shifting heroic teen. Quitting the Teen Titans without his friends to see him off with a tearful goodbye, Beast Boy runs away, only to end up flying through a mysterious portal that appeared out of nowhere and end up in a different world, where he might begin his life anew as a normal teen. Little does he know this new world was the home of the magical mishaps at a school called Canterlot High.

A collab story with The saiyan brony. All of the story and ideas go to him while each draft he shows me for each chapter is written out by me with my writing style.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 70 )

OOO! Can't wait to see where this goes

This calls for an opening:

I'm interested to see where this goes.

That was beeping awesome! Now codex92 for that chapter alone you are going into my hall of fame, and you should be proud, there are only two others on that list.

This looks epic.

Can't wait for more.

now this will be fun. lets watch what happens next.

Sorry about the long wait. The next chapter will be up as soon as I can finish it. Work's been draining me and I've been trying to relax from the hectic hours I'm doing. :ajsleepy:

Loving it so far

Also, how come Sunset hasn't used her mind-reading powers yet, even though she has been in physical contact with him?

I'm liking this so far. Please keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Excellent, though if you take too much time writing, people will dismiss this story because it still hasn't arrived at an important part, otherwise, the story promises to be interesting.

Nice to see an update, really digging this story so far.

Can't wait to see how BB and RD react to who their new roommate is. Also wondering how long he'll be able to keep his shapeshifting abilities and actual backstory secret, especially if he's gonna be spending time around Applejack.

Well, life is an issue with writing most of the time. Because of where I work, I end up staying longer than I should because my other co-workers decide to not want to show up on time or call off for stupid reasons when we need them there on extremely busy overnight hours. :ajbemused: I want to relax more and forget about the stressful hours I'm forced to take, unable to work on my stories half the time because of my exhaustion working my behind off. I'll try completing more chapters as soon as I possibly can, but I can't guarantee they'll be done in a few days.

this is gonna be so much fun.:pinkiehappy:

That is fine, I just am talking about weeks without an update, people will just forget the story if you didn't catch their attention with the already written stuff, a few days is fine.

Well, this is starting, and it's pretty good so far, and it should have more likes, they will come in time, meanwhile, I have this faved and liked, and looking forward for next chapter.

We are working hard so that you guys get the best we can give😎 And we hope you will enjoy what comes next😁

Great new chapter, I hope that BB uses more of his forms to help the girls out, it would have been funny if he had used the T-Rex form to scare the manticores, I bet Fluttershy would have been shocked to see a 65 million year old Dino suddenly appear before her.

Once again, another great chapter! I get the feeling that this wouldn't be the last time BB used his forms to help the girls. And I also bet that Fluttershy wanted to know more about the "green creature" in the future.

Anyway, keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Not sure if someone's already called it, but I'm gonna say it anyways; BB's gonna get together with Fluttershy. After all, who better to be Fluttershy's boyfriend than the guy who can literally turn into any animal?

ok. I don't care how much bad mouth i'll get from it but I don't care. I ship fluttershy with beast boy!!!!!!!!!!

Well now that you made such a suggestions, you'll need to come up with a good name for that ship😏

Great chapter

Though I do wonder when the truth will come out

This is getting into shape, I wonder if Garfield use the portal, will he be a changelling? Or a pony that can shapeshift? If he were to be a changelling, then his secret may be compromised, anyway, let's see what comes next :D

Another great chapter!

Once again, Beast Boy saved the day again by stopping random creatures from Equestria. I wonder how long he would keep his animal shapeshifting abilities a secret from the girls.

Can't wait for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

I bet is Garfield were to walk into the portal to Equestria he would turn into a Changeling King like Thorax, also that part at the end of this story reminds me of a short between Sweetie-Belle and Button Mash where he found a 'Bit' on the floor after falling down from drinking a shake too quick and got brain freeze.

"Yeah, unless he's forced to turn into a T-Rex, or a..."

Next time on Equestrian Titan...

You guys asked for it, and now here you go😋

Of course the CMC would get themselves into trouble! :facehoof:

Anyway, this was an awesome chapter! :twilightsmile:

Will you be addressing just what was up with the Teen Titans season finale?

that 'short' was the pilot for Button Mash, i think

You know it would have been COOL of him to do a Beast Wars Megatron joke while in the T-rex form, like trying to do Megatrons voice and saying 'Yesss' like BW-Megatron does.

Well keep in mind this version of beast boy couldn't talk while in animal form(not including a parrot)

The problem with the changeling theory is that they can take the appearance of things but not the powers or skill.
That means that their animal forms would be physically weaker and they would have no idea how to use it to fight.

Sweet, one more step of knowing the truth, though, showing himself is bad, someone intelligent enofg would suspect Garfield, how does beast boy know when creatures come from equestria? Simply, someone near the girl's is either beat boy or an informant, regardless, I expet Garfield to get more troubles for this.

Are you sure of that?

Pharynx turned into a giant bug monster and pushed the Maulwarf like he had all the mass and strength his form would suggest.

I doubt he'll be able to keep his identity a secret for much longer with that reveal at the end. Between Twilight's intelligence and Rarity's eye for detail, it's only a matter of time before they find him out.

Keep up the great work, dude. I'm looking forward to what happens the next chapter and beyond.

I think of that as more magic to fill in the gaps.

Basicly beast boy changes to animals on a celllular level while a changeling makes a sort of magic shell that they fill in with magic.
It means that a changeling needs to use a perportunal amount of energy to dublicate the physical abilities of the animal.

Maybe, but that is on a technical level for how the abilities work. On a surface level the changeling theory still made sense from the perspective of the girls.

After some time, a new chapter is here :D, awesome job man!!

I find myself both excited and worried at the thought of Fluttershy and Beast Boy dating. Excited because I totally ship it, and worried because of not only how BB's last relationship ended and it's affected him, but also what secrets he might accidentally let slip if/when he does start to crack.

Thank you for the great story so far! Beast boy and Fluttershy are so cute together! Ermigawd!

Oh... boy! If Control Freak somehow appeared in Equestria Girls world, I shudder to think what other villains will be popping up against Beast Boy next!

And poor Fluttershy! :fluttershysad:

Great, another chapter :D, now here is control freak, and other villains too, Garfield will have to think about what he may d with fluttershy, and move on from Terra, hopefully fluttershy can be patient with him.

Given the fact that they're roommates, and how close Rainbow is to Fluttershy, Beast Boy better come up with something fast before she confronts him, or worse, Sunset decides to actually use her magic on him.

so wait...… control freak is in this world along with other's???? I got a bad feeling about this...……………….. & it's not because of the bad guy's come back...……………..

I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for. Garfield or Fluttershy. Thank you for the chapter!

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