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steel soul

Gonna work on that Kingdom Hearts fic at some point


One day, Twilight’s world is turned upside down upon meeting creatures Equestria had never seen before. But with them, something evil was brought from their world to her own. Now Twilight and her friends must help them defeat a looming darkness before it entirely engulfs the whole of their world.

Or maybe, it already has...

A FFxMLP Crossover by NightmareKnight and Steel Soul

(Final Fantasy 14 and My Little Pony are (c) of their respective companies.)

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts of Harmony

Riku knew he had messed up...

Not just with what had happened between him and Sora but with how he never asked for his friend's forgiveness. In order to gain his best of friend back he is willing to prove just how much his friendship means to him.

Riku just hopes that he didn't bite off more then he could chew.

Chapters (1)

“Dust, Terror of Equestria, stand accused of crimes against my very ponies of this land. From murder of the first degree to the attempted murder of my sister and fellow Princess of Equestria, to the corrupting of the Elements of Harmony and the destruction of an entire city of Manehattan, the crimes against you are great and in no way forgivable in my eyes…” A paused. “What do you have to say for yourself creature?”

Dust thought long and hard exactly what to say. He was sure that whatever it was it needed to be just right to get exactly how he was feeling at that very moment. After tedious amount of time as he decided on what to say; finally settleling on three, and only three, simple words.

Chapters (1)

It all started with a flash, strange beings appearing from out of nowhere. No pony knew where they come from but the pain and anguish wreaked upon them told them that they had been through enough of an ordeal to not refuse their need for help.

Let’s just hope that they had made the right decision.

Chapters (1)

Coco Crusoe is your average everyday stallion.

He wakes up.
He goes to work.
He eats.
He goes to bed.

He always dreamed of having more in his life but was content with where he was.

And then he died.

And his life went to hell.

Chapters (1)

A strange pony warring a blood-red jacket and wielding a giant sword? Just another day in the life of a Ponyvillien.

Opening Theme:Chrono Phantasma

Chapters (6)

In another world, in another universe, Queen Twilight Sparkle has ruled over Equestria with love and Kindness. Within that time, she has token in the wayward young apprentice, Rumble, a Pegasus colt.

During the 999 year, Twilight sends the colt to Ponyville to oversee the Sunrise Celebration. Needless to say that he's not the only one making his first apparence in Ponyville.

(If this does well, this will be Book one of my Unlimited Series)

Chapters (4)

One fateful night, a mare, tired of her old life, makes a wish upon a shooting star, to have one last adventure.

Despite living in a world where magic and monsters are real, a wish coming true can be both a fantastic, and dangrous thing.

This is the tale of how a adventure seeking mare met an impossible stallion.

(A remake to go along with the blog Ask the Dimension Travelers. I reworked and is still reworking on the story.)

Chapters (3)

It was a long time coming, but Twilight is finally ready.

She is ready to tell her friends and family about the stallion she has been seeing for the past few months.

Their reactions she gets from telling them, not at all what she expected.

(This takes place a little after wonderbolts Academy)

Chapters (3)

It had started as any other day for the mistress of fashion, that is until a young colt appears within her house; battered, bruised, and barely alive. It was her act of generosity that lends her to help him.

It is also this same act that lead to her and her friends getting sweeped up in a century old war.

Chapters (6)
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