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Gathered friends, listen to the legend of the Bionicle.

In the time before time, the world was a different place. Where biomechanical beings lived, and where three virtues of Unity, Duty, and Destiny brought a civilization together. It was a place beyond imagination and legend as the noble Toa protected their people with the elemental powers.

Now, that era is over. It is the time of ponies and magic as harmony spreads across the land of Equestria. The princesses celebrate a new addition to their ranks and seek to heal their land from the terror of Tirek.

But the past often catches up with the present. The light spring from the cracks and the shadows follow as remnants often come across the paths of these peaceful creatures. Peaceful creatures who face the legends that once roamed their world…

DISCLAIMER: The BIONICLE franchise is property of the LEGO company, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belong to Lauren Faust and Hasbro. Any fan-made MLP or BIONICLE characters in this story belong to their respective owners. Also, the BIONICLE story is taken from the old toyline (2001-2009), not the 2015 reboot. Any stories from that period belong to their respective writers.

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Well I would give you my thoughts on this, but seeing as it's 3 in the morning it's limited to HYPE TRAIN WOOOOOOOOOO...

Note to self; re-read this and have actual thoughts on it other than Bonkle 2015.

But I'll still upboat and track this because Bonkle, and you've also piqued my intrest with the Ignika bit :P

Whoa talk about mine blowing I cant wait to see more.

Oooooh......I would like to read it more of it.

interesting story. can't wait for more. update soon

It's good i'm gonna wait for more

I definitely want to read more of this. Sounds very Interesting :twilightsmile:

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