This story is an interquel of Seven Days in Sunny June, Book I.

Vinyl Scratch, hoping to start fresh after the Vibe debacle in Canterlot, moves to Detroit to live with her father. Joining her is newly-promised girlfriend Cloud Kicker, looking forward to the change of pace as well. Now attending a prestigious private academy in town, their lives are complicated with new friends, new enemies and the ever-present fact that disaster is looming over Vinyl at every moment.

Oh well, what's life without a few mishaps?

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Huh, didn't have you pegged as a Taylor Swift fan, Shin! :trollestia:

My music collection outpaces some record stores. Seriously.

Edit: okay, maybe a slight overestimate.


You know what you've started? A SHAKE IT OFF SING A THON!!!!

I stay out to late!


:fluttershysad: Anyway YAY SEVEN DAYS IN SUNNY JUNE!!!

Oh and um...

Seven Days in Sunny June, Book I siestory

side story...

Its in the short description!

sigh, more equestria girls clap trap :ajsleepy:

can we still get giant bread derpy:pinkiecrazy:

Well, definitely not what I was expecting to see, but very very much a pleasant surprise.

Vinyl and Kicky have been a bit of a sticking point for me in the series, as I rather like Vinyl outside of the 7DSJ series, and while her situation here has always been unique, I did wonder what became of her and Cloud Kicker.

First off, I'm glad to finally see a solid, Homosexual pairing in your fics. While you haven't exactly avoided the topic it hasn't been an important matter either in 7DSJ or AAG. Which given everything that's going on in both of these series, it's understandable, the focus isn't exactly the romantic relationships. I'm glad to finally read one that is.

As always your style and flow feel good, and I like your handling of the characters. I'm looking forward to this new group of girls as well, and seeing where Vinyl and Kicky's relationship and friendships take them.

And I wish you the best on figuring out Protection, I was enjoying where that was initially heading as well, but hey, I totally understand when you hit a roadblock.

This is the first time I've seen a same-sex relationship and not cringed on it. Most same-sex ones that I've read made me cringe, but this one's an exception. The only same-sex relationship I won't approve of is when the relationship is underage and incestuous. I like Clover already.

Are you a Taylor Swift fan? Because if so you just crushed my preconception of you that you have a terrible taste in music. Which is probably a good thing, actually.

I listen to everything. I may not like everything, but I'll listen to it.

6202614 How big? Curious as to how it compares to mine.

About 500 CDs, 100 mini discs (yeah, I admit I was an early adopter while in Japan), about 150 LPs from my youth and/or inherited, never counted the cassettes but I'll guesstimate at about 50 since they've mostly been replaced by the CDs, and 1.5 TB of digital, some being duplicates of the previous.

I just remembered something you wrote in AAG's first chapter about private school students being worse than public school students, not to mention the Being Human sidestories.

Why do I have the feelings the events of this story will be mentioned and/or play a role in book IV?

6204887 Glad you made a story about vi and kicker and what happens to them after they left.

good start and I need to just brake down and make a shelf for just your work.

6208108 I just immediately thought of Danny Phantom as soon as I read it.

You are clearly a fan of the Absurdly Powerful Student Council trope, it seems.

The part with Long Play getting a hard on with his sister's assets... kinda distasteful for me :pinkiesick:. I'm not a prude, yet certain things rub me the wrong way.

Oh, it's not like that. It's a purely stimulation and biological response. It doesn't mean he wants her; on the contrary, he wrote the song at the end of the chapter and put it on YouTube just to embarrass her. It's a mere fact of life that the body will react to stimuli whether you want it to or not. It's why the penis is sometimes referred to as "the little traitor" - it doesn't exactly listen to what you want, it just acts.

So, in short: Vinyl did something stupid. LP's body reacted. LP's mind did not; he actually found it a juvenile prank. Then proceeded to play one back on his sister in revenge.

Nice to see Cheese Sandwich from straight outta Lynwood.

I actually prefer how you prefer portray Vinyl; she's usually shown as someone who's hotheaded or a bit wild. And do Satin and Countyrside have accents, similar to how Rarity and Applejack do? Also regarding voices, does Vinyl sound like Nowacking or does she sound differently?

6228397 I think the voices can be whatever you want them to sound like using your imaginaaaaaation! *does the rainbow hand thing* (personally, I can't help but hear Nowacking's voice any time I read Vinyl dialogue anywhere)

6227522 Told ya people wouldn't like that bit! :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, yeah, well it gets worse from here.:scootangel:

Well, usually Vinyl is portrayed as an adult, where's here she's still a teen. Also, she's been taken down a couple of pegs due to her involvement with the Vibe debacle.

So here it seems that like protection we have another character going through a Sunset Shimmer type redemption arc after the vibe. The difference is that here you seem to be deliberately evoking those similarities, perhaps to emphasize the differences, or maybe there's another purpose I haven't spotted yet. I'm honestly not sure what to make of it all, but I find I like it allot. In fact I enjoy it more than Protection, possibly because we have a more active protagonist. Anycase I look forward to seeing more.

Great chapter as usual Shin! Man, it's crazy to think of Bon Bon as having a personality similar to Pinkie Pie, but I can somehow see it working.

It was now between the Shitty Six and Tequila’s Tops, and the whisky-haired teen knew exactly how that was going to end.

You want to prove you can fly, Scratch? Tequila thought as she pulled her phone out of her purse. You’re about to learn the hard way what it’s like when you become Icarus.

Oh, really, little girl?

Methinks you're going to get a VERY nasty surprise at the end of this whole thing.

And for myself, I'm just gonna enjoy the HELL out of watching you crash and burn in utter humiliation like the worthless, stupid spoiled little brat that you are!

*goes and gets the super-sized bucket of popcorn and glass of raspberry tea and settles back to enjoy the forthcoming show and fireworks*

I think that might be because the author is focusing on WHO the characters are, not WHAT they are.

8496372 Oh, yeah.
I like the peach and mango flavored ones, too.

8496387 The only tea I don't like is hibiscus. Hibiscus feels and tastes dry.

8496436 Ah.
Well, I'll have to take your word for that one, as I've never had that kind before.

And I'll be sitting next to you chowing on some Nestle Buncha Crunch and a Mr. Pibb.

After reading this, something just tells me that that uber-bitch Tequila and her posse are in for a serious beat-down before this is all over with.

And I can't wait to see that happen.

For Bon-Bon, if nothing else.

Well, keep in mind they went up against Sunset and co. in the main story and both Flutters and Tavi destroyed them. So they do get stomped at one point.

8683715 Hmm, yeah, I do remember that bit, actually.

I was rather happy about that.

Still want to see Vinyl do the same to her in this one, though.
But you're the author, and I respect whatever you have in mind in the future chapters for Tequila and Co.

I'm just saying that one way or another, they get their asses handed to them. Doesn't mean that Vinyl and her friends won't.

8683878 Good. I hope they do.

Seeing jerks like her and her crew always makes my day.


Seeing jerks like her and her crew always makes my day.

So all I have to do is just show you jerks and you'll be happy? Wow, you're easy to please.:trollestia:

The first thing I thought was ‘holy shit, it’s been two years?’

This isn't a story that's a major focus for me, so not worried.

“She doesn’t like admitting it; shows her age, she says.” Bass leaned back in his chair and said, “Okay, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to lend you my portable rig until you can get one for yourself, but – and this is an important but – you’re going to have to apologize to Clover and give her the benefit of the doubt. Believe me, she’s smarter than you think.”

So Clover is clev...
I get it.

Raspberry Tea also sounds like a good pony name. :pinkiehappy:

And I mean that in the complete sense of "this is out of hand". This is so insane that I've no idea what to feel about the characters anymore. This went from "spoiled rich brat causing unneeded trouble" to "holy fuck, everybody's violating privacy laws left and right" in the span of one and a smidgen chapters.

So much drama has dropped at once, and it's too overwhelming. This feels like endgame material, and yet all the protagonists are still in act one.

I'm sorry but...while I really want to see Vinyl get the chance to punch back, I can't say I'm waiting on baited breath the next part. There was just too much dropped here without time to take any one thing in. And that's really turned me off to seeing what comes next. I'm sorry, but it's true.

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