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This story is a sequel to 7DSJ: You Are the Woman

Based on the World of Seven Days in Sunny June by Shinzakura, BlueBastard and Flynt Coal.

Compass Rose, sixteen years old, sophomore at Canterlot High School. She loves writing and poetry, 19th century stories and nothing messy. Has a crush on Sunset Shimmer.
Boysenberry, fourteen years old, incoming freshman at CHS. She's tough as nails, loves videogames and soccer, and in a impulsive moment, asked Rose out, surprisingly getting a "yes".

The former's nerdy and a dreamer. The latter's brash and reckless. But even though there's two years' difference, several people, including Sunset Shimmer and her friends, hope that Rose and Berry will be happy together.

But in the mid-size California city of Canterlot, "happy" doesn't mean "normal".

Cover by the ever-awesome Shinzakura

Chapters (3)
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Really good start! Definitely looking forward to more.

Well lookie what we have here. A sequel to the story that saved two character's lives! Looking forward to seeing and editing more chapters from you!

Dat Shout out to Fractured Sunset... I actually caught up on that recently. Fun fic.

As for this one, you're doing good work, I'm looking forward to getting deeper into CR's relationship and all. And it's always fun seeing a perturbed Fluttershy.

Keep it up.


All we need here now is the BlueBastard, then this will be right

The user you have requested is unavailable at the moment. Please leave a message at the tone.

Why do I feel that Fractured Sunlight is something that both 7DSJ Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle will end up finding about despite theeir friends trying hard to not let either of them know about it?

By indicators, this is happening right around the time that Twily's being affected by Razz' spell, so that would be the last thing Sunny needs right now.


ohh, yeah, that was a rough moment in everyone's lives. So I can see Sunny super strung out over it, She's loosing sleep, she feels like she's failing Twily. Especially if this is right after the attempt to use the spell to protect Twily, then yeah... her tolerence for stupid shit is likely at an all time low.

Comment posted by MCA deleted Jun 23rd, 2016

Am I imagining things, or is this a new chapter? :trollestia:

Seriously, this looks like it'll be interesting. Will love win the day? Or is Berry in bigger trouble now?

Glad to have you back (at least until the next time you disappear on us :unsuresweetie:) Liked the new chapter. Definitely some developments for delicious conflict!

6531699 To be fair, her tolerance for stupid shit was never very high to begin with.

For whatever reason Boysonberry reminds me of Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim (the comic books, not the movie).

Huzzah, it liiiiiives!

Excellent chapter, btw, m' friend! Looking forward with much anticipation for more!

We're finally back

But now the question remains: which timeline does this take place on?

All I'm going to say is, you have some catching up to do with the main stories

Edit: You're doing a great job by the way. Keep up the great work!

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