This story is a sequel to Seven Days in Sunny June, Book V: The New Frontier

A tale of the Berylverse. Takes place concurrently with The Golden Age of Apocalypse.

Canterlot, California - the 35th largest city in the United States, a bustling metropolis filled with hundreds of thousands of people, all with different lives and motivations. Yet so many of these lives are intertwined, tied to one another like Gordian knots.

As events unfold in another city named Canterlot, on another world, in another reality, one could see why things are so different...and yet why things are so much the same.

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Based upon the short story "The Howling Man" by Charles Beaumont.

Summoned to the deathbed of an ancient warrior, Twilight shows up in her official capacity as Princess of Friendship. On the mare’s deathbed, she tells the young alicorn a story of naivety, failure and futility...

...and ultimately, one of triumph.

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This story is a sequel to A Time of Reckoning: Seven Days in Sunny June, Book IV

The conclusion of the Seven Days in Sunny June saga!

She’s defeated an ancient evil and literally saved all of reality. And due to her death and resurrection, Sunset has now become an alicorn - a literal goddess amongst ponykind. But despite all that, she's still living as a human and that means some very human problems.

Now, as the days wind down towards school and her life (thanks to her grandmother) has become far more different than even she expected, how has her life changed and how will the world before her unfold?

If nothing else, it's a new frontier....

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This story is a sequel to All-American Girl

A story set in between Books I and II of All-American Girl.

A lot of news has come out of Canterlot lately: the destruction of Fillydelphia and the razing of Cloudsdale. The attack on Canterlot itself. Princess Celestia declaring war. That was bad enough.

Now, with the news of Princess Luna's illegitimate child - an alicorn, no less! - and her intent to marry the father or abdicate, what does that say about the stability of the nation? What does that say that the lunar alicorn chose not to love a pony, but a human? And what does that say about the newly-invested Princess Luna II (who insists on being called Sterling) herself?

Then there's the news of Viscountess Lyra Heartstrings, now somehow permanently a human and never to become a pony once more. Why did that happen? Could it have been prevented? And was it stopped...by humans, no less?

And those rumors, which seem to be on the increase: That Celestia herself has taken a human as a lover. That Saddle Arabia intends to declare independence. That Nightmare Moon survived the attack on Canterlot...and that Chyrsalis didn't, and now something worse has taken her place.

As the months go by and the sapient peoples of both worlds come closer to the end of 2047, a whole lot of uncomfortable truths may come to light...

...and one just might be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

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This is an Interquel of both Seven Days in Sunny June Books IV and I
STRONGLY recommend this should be skipped until you read Chapter 19 of 7DSJ Book IV.

Back home in Arkansas for Spring Break, for once Pinkie's happy to leave Canterlot behind, especially in light of the recent events.

But sometimes you can't escape truth.

And worse, sometimes it comes after you.

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It's a wonderful day. It's a beautiful day.
Nobody really cares.

Rated Teen because I typed random words and even I have no idea what the hell I just wrote.

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"I'm sorry, Celestia. I'm so, so sorry."

History recorded those as being some of the last known words of Discord, the Chaos God, just moments after he unwittingly unleashed something that Equestria cannot explain or comprehend, even today.

Now, the story must be told.

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This is an Interquel of Seven Days in Sunny June, Book I
2016 Christmas Story!
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For spring break, Applejack and her family head back to Heavener, Oklahoma and Heavener Apple Orchards, the farm her family used to own...and now owned by her Uncle Stayman and family. The Canterlot Apples are looking forward to the week of getting used to the old farm life. But for Applejack, Apple Bloom and Mac's girlfriend Sweetcream Scoops, can they deal with life out of the ordinary?

To complicate things, someone on the farm might be causing a little more trouble than they're worth....

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An interquel to Seven Days in Sunny June, Book I.

For most people, autumn is the time of year when the leaves turn and the air becomes crisp.

For Sunset, it's a different story.

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Inspired by the song by Stephen Stills

Tired of his life in Ponyville and restless to try something new, Caramel decides to leave on a trip with no set destination or real plans. On the road, he meets a mare who decides to join him, and on their travails, they find out more about life and each other.

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