This is an Interquel of both Seven Days in Sunny June Books IV and I
STRONGLY recommend this should be skipped until you read Chapter 19 of 7DSJ Book IV.

Back home in Arkansas for Spring Break, for once Pinkie's happy to leave Canterlot behind, especially in light of the recent events.

But sometimes you can't escape truth.

And worse, sometimes it comes after you.

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I... don't remember Pinkie being one of the club victims.

Is it possible for someone to read esoteric texts without being offended by the fact that the books are from a different religion? Also, isn't the Nihon Shiki about the creation of Japan and it's mythology?

8115351 She wasn't. In SDISJ Book IV, Pinkie admits to Sunny that Pinkie was assaulted before the Club Victims. Like, a weird trial run type thing. Her boyfriend at the time drugged her, then there was a gangbang, then Pinkie had an abortion.

It just now occurred to me that you might want to put a spoiler warning for this story, as somebody reading the series in chronological order is gonna have a pretty big revelation from 7DSJ book IV spoiled for them if they read this first.

Guys, please edit or spoiler your texts for those who haven't read that far in Book IV yet. Thanks.

For those wondering, "Coal Flint" isn't a reference to Flynt.

The whole thing: I was thinking of a jazz-related name for the station, and then I remembered Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs, one of the Censored Eleven. But since that might cause offense where none was intended, I changed it to Coal Flint, without making the connection until he noted it.


Believe me, I'm as disappointed as you are :fluttershysad:

Comment posted by Jay-155 deleted Apr 24th, 2017

I see your attempt to delay Book IV. You're trying to make me like this story because it's supposed to hold us over until Book IV updates again! Well I saw your ploy. I'm not gonna like this story because of that... I'm gonna like it because it's good! :pinkiecrazy:

Well that wasn't the plan but we can arrange it.

8116148 Oh really?!? You can do that? Its a dream come true! :raritystarry:

Not really. School teaches us Greco-Roman myths; are you offended by Clash of the Titans?

Plus, reading other religious scripture is a good way to understand others. And that's not a bad thing at all.

8116226 Dunno what Clash of the Titans is, but I've read my fair share of mythology. I can read the Book of Mormon and the Bible just fine, but I would be surprised if there was an English copy of the Koran. There's nothing wrong with reading other religious texts, but I'm barely scratching the surface when it comes to understanding others and their culture.


Dunno what Clash of the Titans is


Technically my only spoiler is a book 1 spoiler.

8116256 A lot of people did just that when I asked about the new live-action Beauty and the Beast, J. Lo and Chuck Norris. It's like people expect me to be more aware of pop culture or something.

Yep, we can delay Book 4 from updating until we finish this new sidestory. To tide you over. That's what you want, isn't it?

They held up pictures of the head of a shocked little pink horse in a perpetual sugar rush?

8116791 ...No... Is there some kind of median?

When did this become a highway divider?

8118107 About 9 minutes ago. I've got some spare concrete if you need it.

I need to start going through this series.

Well, I sincerely didn't expected this story, but it had to be told. Specially that shocking revelation Pinks made a few SDSJ IV chapters past. I've really wanted to hug Pinks then :fluttershysad:

Guess this chapter was too intense for people to leave comments

Or people don't love me anymore!

You didn't read to the critical part in Book IV, did you?

I went back to see what stories came before this one...there are quite a few...:eeyup:

"sybarite" when was pinkies mom born the 17th century?

Great chapter, as always, Shin! Love it!

As to this:

I’m Pinkie again and Hope has never met me, not really.

She doesn’t know what she’s in for.

why do I suddenly feel really sorry for Hope right now?

Maybe because, as Pinkie just said (slight paraphrase here), she doesn't know what's coming?

Beware the Pink?

Something like that?

Does everyone BUT Rainbow Dash know martial arts in this timeline? And Pinkie was just completely awesome here. Rooting for your happy ending girl, but we'll see...

Here’s hoping she can put these skills to use in the main story.

Cue impact in main story in 3...2...1...

I'm enjoying this first person format for 7DSJ

Why do I love this version of Pinkie? I just want to hug and tell her that life gets better.

So far, Hope and her cronies came in with about forty-one people. And in a matter of…oh, I’d say two minutes or so I’ve already dropped a third of them. Seriously, sparring with Bonnie is harder.

Yay! This is the badass Pinkie we know and love! This one fight scene made the whole story! Glad to see she's getting over her past ordeal, tho I suspect she can never be truly over it.

This is an AU-specific thing,where Pinkie is suffering from some past traumas and Sunset is the inadvertent hero to her in 7DSJ.
Pinkie has just taken the idea and run with it like it was scissors.

Verily, though methinks Pinkie's mom doth protest too much. Mayhap there was some calamitous event in her past as well? T'woud explain the zealousness and overprotectiveness, methinks.

Also, the entire AU revolves about mother-daughter relationships being off... how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Maybe I'll take BOTH pills, just to confuse the binary system.

RD probably does know martial arts in this world. In fact, I see RD as a capoeirista which would also involve dance moves and kicks.
Hope should be very glad it was just Pinkie. With the outfit Hope was wearing, Rarity would have murdered her on principle.

Although I was expecting more party cannons to be stashed around Arkansas in case of cannon emergencies. :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow is just a brawler; she's actually never learned anything formal.

Oh? Well, it's never too late to start! :pinkiehappy:

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