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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Story originally written by Matt11, transferred and rewritten with permission. Takes place in an Alternative Universe post "Pinkie Apple Pie". Proofread and edited by deadpansnarker.)

Despite hitting a dead end with her possible ties to the Apple family, Pinkie Pie decides to do some additional genealogy research to learn more about her family history. And when she does, she is shocked to discover she has a fourth sister!

And not just any fourth sister, a fourth sister who's a pegasus, and lives in Ponyville! Meaning it's none other than Scootaloo!

But nagging questions soon present themselves to Pinkie Pie: Why did her parents keep this information hidden? Why was Scootaloo was abandoned at the orphanage? And most importantly, does Scootaloo know of her secret Pie family heritage?

The answers may just surprise Pinkie, who is determined to make things right and be the best big sister she can be for Scootaloo! Perhaps even give the filly a proper home?

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The Spoiler tag may not work in Author's Notes, but it does work in comments. Meaning if someone asks, you can tell them and hide it in spoilers.

8883638 Yes, I know that. I don't know why it only works in comments, and I really wish they would fix it for stories.

Edit: Never mind, at least for old fics it seems to work.

Is Scootaloo REALLY Igneus' daughter? :rainbowhuh:

8884055 Yes. I'll explain how in a later chapter, but let's just say the Pie family tree doesn't only consist of earth ponies.

Will Scootaloo be meeting her parents at one point?

Some fans agree that the Mane 6 receive a royal stipend for "Imminent Danger Pay" to compensate whenever they have to go to missions, and as Bearers of the Elements, they would be entitled to a royal compensation.

There is also a fanfic "The Fog Specialist" that includes the premise that anyone who shelters a Bearer gets a tax break, so Pinkie may be much more financially solvent.

8896353 i was not aware of that headcanon prior to this fic. Though that still wouldn't change the fact that Pinkie could be called away on urgent business at a moment's notice, with no reliable way to contact her should the need arise.

What about Spoiled Rich?

8910966 She's not a thing in this AU. At least, not yet.

So Spoiled Rich just doesn't exist or died during Diamonds birth? It's what I'm assuming happened, that or she dumped Filthy at one point.

I think i will read this

Surprise she was supposed to be Pinkie Pie as Surprise was originally a Pegasus version of Pinkie.

The saga is finally complete. HUZZAH! :pinkiehappy:

Well that sure sucks for DT doesn't it.

I'm sorry to say that I agree with scootaloo I mean the least they could have done was leave a picture of them all but nnnoooo their to good for that! Jerks!

Aunt spoiled really bro that's not cool your marking diamond's mom pose as an estranged aunt really! That's cold bru even for you!

9203900 This is an AU, and trust me all will be explained in the sequel about why Spoiled is masqurading as she is.

i can just hear the bomb drop in Pinky's head

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