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A sequel to Seven Days in Sunny June: Treasure, and interquel to Seven Days in Sunny June Book III, and Seven Days in Sunny June: Book IV.

Sweet Pea has had it hard from the beginning of her life, but now, Living in San Francisco, things are starting to look up. She's got a great friend, wonderful family, and the chance at a real life instead of that of a street walker.

However things are far from sunshine and rainbows, even in the city synonymous with rainbows. Doubts and fears are re-awakened after the concert. And to make matters worse, in just a month's time, Sweet Pea will have to confront the last person in the world she ever wanted to see again.

Seven Days in Sunny June: Innocence Lost, is a sequel to Seven Days In Sunny June: Treasure. As well as an Interqual to Seven Days in Sunny June: Book III and the ongoing Book IV written by Shinzakura, which of course plays into the greater Berylverse story's started by BlueBastard. With an additional shout out to Flynt Coal. The entire team has been great and thanks for the editing and use of your characters guys.

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Welp, who's ready to watch another teenage girl go through a miserable time? Isn't this verse just filled with happy feelings? :pinkiecrazy:


I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes her.

Bad Luck Sweet Pea strikes again! Also,

BZZZT! “All Prisoners are to step away from the cell doors for inspection.”
He stood, his hair was buzzed in the military style, though clearly in his late forties to early fifties, his dark brown eyes narrowed as he slipped up to his feet, backing up against the wall. It was a small prison, and he knew most of the staff here. His eyes fell on the uniformed visage of Hard Case, who eyed him right back.

I think there should be a space between those paragraphs. Don't know how we missed that in editing

I wonder if this is the same Sugarcoat from Friendship Games or the one that Applejack drove off in book I?

Good point I'll make an edit when the chance comes.

She's based on the one from Friendship Games.

Finding an issue with attempting to edit that line.

Every time I attempt, the formating resets and it refuses to hold. In Editing view, you can see the break, but it never seems to translate to the actual fic.

Huh. Not sure how I missed this one. Did you ever show it to us for editing? Because I spotted a couple of mistakes. Good chapter all that aside


Yeah, pretty sure everyone got a chance to go over it, I'll send you the link later and we can do a re-work, not that big a deal.

Nothing gets past my eagle eyes! Including that misspelling of my name!

And to those of you who read this chapter before the change, you didn't see nothin'!


I have no idea what you're talking about...none at all.

This keeps getting better and better.

Who made the cover for this? It's really good.

The cover art was made by Shinzakura actually.

Always rocking it with the cover art!

Sorry I didn't have time to help edit this. Been very busy these past weeks. One thing I caught:

“It’s not often we get a perspective student such as yourself, Sweet Pea.

That should be prospective

The shit is getting quite close to that fan...


Edit made to reflect the catch. thanks Flynt.

Shouldn't the hurricane have formed already?


No, because the hurricane doesn't show up until about August 2nd in the 7DSJ timeline, while IL currently is still taking place in late July as denoted by the dates in the chapter titles.

7164592 The fact that sweet pea is alive as of August 4 in the main book IV just tells me that either she survived her uncle or she hasn't been attacked yet as of that date. Well then, let's see how things play out

Plus, Pea's got friends now. And if there's one thing the whole meta series shows, it's don't piss off people who are connected.

Don't worry, as soon as it happens, you'll know. Even though the Hurricane is mostly affecting Southern California.

7164607 Also, even if she survives her eventual run-in with uncle Dickface, it doesn't necessarily mean she'll get away unscathed... :trixieshiftright:


Shame Dickface can't be a pony name... much more fitting for good ol Tripwire.

There, outside Terminal 12 for the to LAX

I think you're missing a word here, between the and to.


Hey, thanks for the catch, not sure how that got missed in the editing pass.

I see you either got the uploader working, or took the time to reformat everything yourself. Either way, looks good!

Lemony for her part waved it off. “We’re family Pea, and I like to think that the family we choose is stronger than the family we’re given in some cases.”

The real meaning of bLood is thicker than water.

Sugarcoat is black in your headcanon? Same here! :twilightsmile:

Lemon Tart? I thought it was Lemon Zest.

Ohh good eye, go check the original EQG doll line.

Things are looking up for Pea.
Not so much for Tripwire.

Looking forward to see how this will end. :yay:

Another story villainizing Lightning Dust.
Just no.

Where did you leave off, because if you're saying that, you clearly haven't read the entirety of the story.

Also LD is an established villain within Seven Days in Sunny June prior to my fic. So if you've got a problem here, you're going to have a problem with the entirety of the fanfiction line.

That being said, maybe wait till the fic is finished, before passing judgement, hmm?

Hoped she didn't had to feel his dick again :twilightangry2:. I feel like boiling some oil and splash him with it, AND do some sweet ass Daredevil trigeminal nerve :ajbemused:

Sorry, but no.
This version of Lightning is a lying, violent, aggressive, thuggish bully. Also homophobe for good measure.

Is it wrong I thought she should have shot him in the dick?

Glad to see how you implemented my suggestion!

She's a "popular girl" who's trying to do the things to get on the side of the "popular girls."

I mean, sorry i kicked your dog [ie favorite character] or something, but guess what, kids are cruel, Lightning Dust, if you've read other 7DSJ stuff, is not an innocent girl in this fic line, she's a bitch, she helped Gilda stab Sunset back in book 1 for gods sake. that doesn't just go away.

There's plenty of pro LD stuff out there, I like the character, but in this universe, she is NOT a nice person, if you can't handle that, that's on you Z.

By the way, she's not a homophobe, she's lesbian herself, but she's more than willing to play the part if it scores her points with the "in" crowd.

no, no it's not.

Trust me I debated it, I debated it REAL hard... but well, there are much worse fates that can befall such a terrible man.

And the end has come and it was sublime. Congrats.

Our girl has earned her happy ending. Here's hoping you have too

I guess this ties this story to the new timeline and makes it canon in the AU? Cos now it has been revealed that Sunset can now pretty much create her own portals to Equestria and Tartarus, and no longer rely on the portal under her house.

Hmmm... wonder what this means for the time dialation if any.

Turns out getting shot in the dick actually would puncture a major artery and probably end up killing him.

As you can see, death was too nice a punishment, so instead he got killed and put into hell.

It's possible. The story specifically mentions that hell can be seen through the portal. If you have to go through the mirror portal, I would imagine that hell would not be visible? But what do I know? Its your AU, go crazy with it!

I had been wondering who that other ex-human stuck with Devine Right was. Now I know. And I know that he deserves worse than what could be physically done to him.

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