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This story is a prequel to Seven Days in Sunny June, Book II

It's been nine years since Raspberry Beryl fled her hometown and the ponies who had her pegged as a monster. Nine years since she killed her abusive father in a blind panic. Nine years since she discovered the truth about her dark ancestry. A lot has changed in her life since that fateful day. She found friendship in Ponyville, helped save the world from a dark curse, and claimed her title as head of House Sombra, and Princess in pretense of the Crystal Empire.

Now, Raspberry Beryl finds herself returning to her hometown along with Princess Twilight Sparkle to make peace with her past. But something is wrong in Lonesome Dove. Strange events begin to unfold, ponies start disappearing without a trace, and Raspberry is suspect number one. To prove her innocence, Raspberry must get to the bottom of the dark events while facing the shadows of her past.

Welcome home, Raspberry Beryl.

A joint project with Shinzakura and BlueBastard

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Yay! MOAR!

Well, that was dark. Good, but dark.

This has a very... Silent Hill vibe to it. 'S good, mate!

great work I didn't read it but your effort is valiant

Great work, and I agree this is much more on par with King than any J-horror I'm aware of. That being said, I loved it. And it ties up what happened to Razz and ended up causing Twily's issue.

I quite enjoyed this piece, and look forward to reading more of your works.

“Princess, what are you doing?” Shady exclaimed as she levitated her dark crystal and smashed it through the side of the old building.

Raspberry should have said "finishing some demolition."

The Berylverse needs more entries, and not just on the 7DSJ side, either. Good work. :rainbowdetermined2:(\

5776836 I don't think Razz was in the right mental state for zippy one-liners at that moment. Sure would have spiced up that final battle though!

"I hope you brought your wallet, father, because the rent in Tartarus gets paid in advance!"

I like Rad a as a character and would like to see more, if at all possible.

Wait does Raz descend from the human Sombra brought over from Earth?

Nope, she's a descendant of pony Sombra. And human Sombra was never brought over to Equestria from Earth, not sure where you got that idea. The only human Sombra that exists is a principal at another school in Canterlot, and he's just a normal guy who has nothing to do with Equestria.

Thank you for playing! We have some lovely consolation prizes....


Ok my grammar and to the point communication skills are severely lacking apparently. What I was talking about was the first wife of Baldassare di CavalcantI. He gave his first wife to pony Sombra and I was guessing that she could be Raspberry Beryl’s ancestor.

This is the first fimfic story I've read that actually had me spooked walking around the house in the middle of the night :rainbowlaugh: great job!

I love this :rainbowlaugh: I love Rarity

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