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A side story to The Golden Age of Apocalypse

Everyone has their secrets; Sunset Shimmer knows this more than most. After all, it was only last summer that her heritage as a pony from Equestria was revealed to her adoptive family. Now, despite complications from living in a new timeline, life is slowly returning to normal for Sunset and her friends. Except, her official coronation in Equestria is right around the corner, and things with her friends aren't all sunshine and rainbows.

Pinkie Pie's history with the Club comes back to haunt her in a way she hoped would never come to pass: a way that might hurt those closest to her. And then there's Applejack, who's keeping something secret from Sunset herself. What's more, Applejack's secret may just be the key to discovering the truth behind Sunset's dark premonitions. Indeed, the confessions of Sunset's friends may cast light on the shadows where sinister forces loom and gather.

Edited by Shinzakura, BlueBastard, FlashFrame, and Whitewolf Stormrunner

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This is like trying to figure out which spider-man is the main time line :facehoof:

The CHS girls are six and Twily and her cousin’s are five. So who’s the last member of the ‘Majestic Twelve’? Has human Razz been brought into the group?

Pinkie came up with the name. That should tell you everything right there.

I need a Ven diagram

Well, this isn't good.

However, if there is a long running cult of evil magic users, their has to be some good running around. Yes, it seems evil has had hold of this Earth for a while, but I can't believe all good magic users have been killed, and that Sunset is there only as last gamble.

It’ll be interesting to see just how Sunset will deal with their scorched earth policy. That will probably be the last thing that the order does as Sunset will come down hard on them in a way that will, if not break the order, then will cause a lot of damage to them.

They may have Equestrian magic but Sunset grew up with much higher quantities available to her and the order will quickly learn crossing her will be a mistake.

It may also even out. The Order has been around for centuries, possibly even millennia. That speaks to a dangerous level of experience that even Sunset doesn't have.


There's also the Blind Sphinx himself, who's a big unknown factor at this point. All we do know about him is that he's powerful enough that even Faust is concerned

Hmmm I can imagine that Celestia, Luna, Swi-Twi and Cadence develops some abilities. Maybe after further exposure to magic and some emotional event. After all their counterparts are alicorns. Sunny so needs her School for Gifted Humans to give her team means to defend themselves.

Can’t see any downsides. Also have to consider future potential SIREN transplants.

One of these days, someone should create a blogpost or a group listing all of the mainline stories in order. I have no idea what I've read, and haven't read, at this point and trying to find them all and read them in order is... well, a mess.

Sorry if there was one already made.

This might help you.

One of these days we'll remember to post that link in the description of all of our stories

I have just spent an hour writing, scraping, and rewriting this post. I remember that Pinkie had been used by a male/female couple, she just made reference to The Club, and unless the timeline shift changed things, one of those first two points resulted in her having an abortion. I just can't remember which one "did the deed", or if the two were connected. Anyone mind giving me a flowchart for these events?


Basically, Atlas and Cicely (the male/female couple mentioned) took Pinkie to a house party with Flash Sentry and a bunch of the boys who would go on to become the founders of the Club, and then all of them took turns with the poor girl. She honestly has no idea which one of them would have been the father (as it could have been any of the boys), but it's a moot point now.

Finally read this, i'm greatly looking forward to Phase 4... a more ambitious phrasing than Marvel!

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