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I've always liked MLP and I'd spend most of my class time writing fanfictions in my notebook, until my brony friend showed me this website.


A tragic accident leads to a tragic end. But is there more to know about it? Can something else be worse than death? Rainbow shows her point of view, and the darker side of the incident is revealed...(tagged gore for violent chapter(s), death, and blood)

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My advice on the whole sad stories thingy is to read other people's stories. It's what I do. Also, a good one for Applejack would be sacrificing her life for either her friends, or her family.

Uh oh... Lightning Dust is back...

Will stay in touch with this story. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! I'm always looking for advice, so that's quite helpful:pinkiesmile: I do read a lot of sad stories for inspiration:derpytongue2:

(tagged gore for a violent chapters, death, and blood)

Shouldn't this story have a dark tag, then?

3893450 I was meaning to do that, but kept forgetting. Thank you for reminding me!:derpytongue2:

I'm planning to write again soon, so sorry for the LONG delay...real life is tough :ajbemused:

Great story !:twilightsmile: can't wait to read more

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