Prequel to Seven Days in Sunny June, Book I

In the days after her comeuppance at the Homecoming Dance, Sunset has a lot to think about. But even still, changes are on the horizon, changes she is not even aware are coming....

Now if she can only change with them.

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She really didn’t know about Menlo Wizard or Mechanical Resonance and how the former ripped off the latter or whatever.

I haven't seen the rap battle parody, but I do recognize the name Menlo from a report I wrote.
It made my teacher a bit emotional because she didn't know about the bad things that Edison did.

I think it's fair to say that a lot of people in my generation and the ones before really didn't know much. Until The Oatmeal and ERBH, really the only one talking about it was the 80s rock band Tesla.

Because he's a bland Marty Stu, in my opinion. But you could say that about a lot of characters if you toss their fanon, really.

Okay, I love this. I love the universe of 7DSJ as a whole (well, the human side of it, anyway). However, there was one thing that I couldn't get past.
I felt like Sunset was using her magic way too much. If she was a unicorn, fine, that's great. But unfortunately she's a human, and while you established in 7DSJ that she was very capable of magic, as far as I'm aware you also established that it was very weak and limited in how much she can use it without suffering from exhaustion
Pretty minor issue, since the only time it actively affected the plot was when Sunset conjured a gun, which I can definitely get behind, and ultimately this is still above Book 2 for me personally despite this shortcoming, but I just thought I'd point this out.
Sorry if I'm super wrong, though. Or even if you find this nitpicky bit stupid.
And, by the way, that ending. I accidentally scrolled a bit too much and all of a sudden was bombarded with the feelings. :rainbowwild:

Keep in mind that she used illusions (which she can do without much issue) and wore herself out as that part of the month was during a new moon, which I pointed out. Admittedly, I didn't show off-scene what happens to her when she was utterly exhausted, as I figured I'd explored that more than enough in B1. Trust me, I keep track of this stuff.

5323256 Ah, right. My apologies then. I'd forgotten that illusions weren't problematic for her.

Nope, no excuses! Everything must be blisteringly, blindingly perfect! Now if you excuse me, I have a spell on a rag doll to cast in order to drive the town into chaos. :trollestia:

5323266 Illusions would probably be the easiest kind of magic for her to use as they are often not very mana intensive depending on how they are done. Not sure if she would use ones that directly affect the mind but bending light to form them would probably fit in with her talents when you think about her cutie mark which would make it even easier.

This was a cool start to Sunset's adventure. and now I want to read the whole thing again even though I just spent the last few days reading it. That is a feat that hasn't been accomplished since I read Fallout: Equestria. That is high praise. Me comparing your and Blue's series to my favorite piece of literature of all time.

Gwah!? There's a prequel fic to 7DSJ!? How was I not aware of this!?:pinkiegasp:

This is a pretty good start to the prequel, so now we have some sort of idea about what's up with the human world's Sunset. That's pretty Interresting.

Yes, but then again, you're not Sunset, so you have a basic framework of normalcy.

even if she had ripped their balls off I'd say they could count themselves lucky for I would not be so merciful as that.:flutterrage:

5319904 History is written by the winners and though's with the money not many people know we (the U.S.A.) had a leper colony back in the day (over on the east coast no one lives there now) and i have forgotten where i was going with this point is nothing is as it seams (never ever)


I found a typo!

Why that alien princess didn’t take her along with you when she returned to your home dimension is beyond me.

It should be "you along with her".


Then who's the her and where's Sunset going?

It was as you stated it. People make verbal errors, slip ups, clipping, etc., and I like to put that in my writing. A lot of people think it's wrong, but I like the idea of Realistic Diction is Unrealistic.


While I understand and respect your stylistic choice, I believe there is a point where you can take it too far, to the detriment of the story. What I pointed out was one such instance: when I read that I had to take a few moments seperate from the flow of the story to parse and figure out what she meant, which killed any immersion I felt with that scene.

Here's a page that effectively explains my point-of-view, if a little less open-minded, ironically linked to by the page you linked me to.

This felt like less of a single story than a few anecdotes, but it works (especially since Book I is also a few different arcs strung together). Neat seeing this period fleshed out, at any rate.

Read this out of order with 7DSJ Book I, so this honestly felt a little superfluous to me. It felt like we were getting the fact that Sunnybun had a hard life pounded into us. At least in my opinion. But hey! I loved the segment with Mr. Bear, and the callback to the first chapter of the main story was a nice touch!

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