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You don't need a vacation, darling. You need a new life.


My girlfriend Glitterkelp is an artist. She's also one of the few hippogriffs who have made it to Earth so far. You never know what her muse will come up with next.

A silly little thing written in two hours for the Iron Author competition of Ponyfest Online 3.0 on 30/05/2020. Slightly polished for publication.
The prompts were: Hippogriff culture and/or history, art or an artistic occupation - and a rare fruit.

Contains an Equestrian handling a dead animal and having no problem with it. No graphic description, but please don't read if this thought makes you uneasy.

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This story is a sequel to Track Switch - Steel Dreams

I used to love my lonely life. But now that I have made some unlikely friends, I sometimes miss their company when I am out there on the tracks in the small hours. Especially that one guy. Too bad I cannot bring Trax with me on a date. She would probably handle it better than me.

This story will make no sense without having read Steel Dreams.

Now with Nightline character art by LunarFroxy.

Pre-read by CandyCanine.

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This story is a sequel to Track Switch - Frankfurt Calling

Modern just in time supply chains require arcane logistics. The people I work for specialise in that special kind of magic. Me? I just make sure stuff gets from A to B. And I'm good at it.
All over western Europe. Always at night. Always alone - just the way I like it.

Included in the Royal Canterlot Library. Now with Nightline character art by LunarFroxy.

Pre-read by CandyCanine
Reading the prequel is a good idea to get to know the other characters in the story, but not strictly necessary. As long as you like ponies on Earth, you're good.

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Railway stations are strange places to be stranded in late at night. Places of passing that exist outside of normal time and space. Sometimes they contain unicorns. Working as garbage collectors.

Inspired by stories written by Admiral Biscuit, especially Silver Glow's Journal and Turnpike.
Edited by CandyCanine

Now with a mini-review by PresentPerfect

Frankfurt Calling now has a sequel: Track Switch - Steel Dreams

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Equestria and Earth making contact opened up many a unique opportunity. Today we have the chance to chat with the Trailblazers, a crew of spectacular special effects experts. Renowned (and notorious), they have become both ambassadors for their kind and heroes on festival grounds the world over. We meet them at northern Germany's Wacken festival in their tour-bus for the first interview they've ever agreed to.

Inspired by AC/DC and Silver Glow's Journal, co-authored by CandyCanine and me.

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Brian Mikkelsen had been looking forward to his two weeks leave after two weeks of working on MAERSK Drilling's Tyra field. Transfer onshore on the 24th of May 2015, after next shift and a good day's sleep. Transfer never came, neither did the 24th of May 2015. Nor did he wake in his own body.

A Ponies after People side story to Starscribe's fine work The Last Pony on Earth.

Reviewed as highly recommended by Present Perfect

Awesome cover art by celestiawept!

Now with a Russian translation by Alkarasu :)

More art! Colour sketch for chapter two by ierf.

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A hundred and twenty years have passed since humanity almost completely vanished from Earth and the world moved on without it. Today, on an archipelago off the northern tip of Scotland, there is a small town that has been repopulated by a peculiar little herd of equines.

Its young leader sets out to carry on his father's legacy, as difficult as the old pegasus' long shadow may make it for him. Life is harsh on the northern isles. The aftershocks of the magical transformation event are about to make it interesting as well.

A side story to Starscribe's fine work The Last Pony on Earth.

Since chapter 16 the story is edited by Doppler Effect and Fistfire. So is the beginning up to and including chapter 3 by now.

Cover art by the amazing quiet-victories.

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