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I'm the smuggest horse that ever lived.


Life is basically complete for Twilight. She and her friends are practically retired, Equestria is at peace, and everything's been wrapped up for at least another thousand years.

Well, you'd think so, anyway. You know how it took two years for Twi to mention her brother? Well...

Tagged with Sex for implied fun times in the future.

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I...uh...uh...well that ending was something.

I briefly wondered whether or not to include that, and then I said "fuck it".

Wonderful, brilliant, madcap!

Also, Pabbley cover art, squeeee! That actually what drew me in.

Pabbley does do wonderful horses, yes. (And this was the best Evil Twi image I could find that didn't contradict the description.)

Illi #5 · Dec 1st, 2020 · · ·

Sparkle family gets around.

You mad lad, you actually did it

"But what about that threesome with Twili--"


r u n , we've got accidental incest here help

Woah... Nice story.
Interesting, but not too shabby
Perfect length and a nice 1,800 words
Could use some better grammar but we will work on it.
Yep... i'd say this is a pretty good story
I rate it... 8.5/10
Good job author

"We signed some paperwork, did some looking around, and found a boarding school for her to stay at. The doctors said that being raised by an imperious and uncaring educational system is an important part of development for children with VTS!" Night Light beamed, proud of his intelligent decision.

I feel like poor Night Light didn’t really take the time to parse this out.

Does Star have a goatee? All the cool evil twins have one.

I did not expect to see this so soon after people spitballed it in that Discord server. Delightful bit of madness. Thank you for it.

There's a couple things that can kickstart my writing process. One of those is seeing it as a challenge.

That said, it helps that I loved the idea. It was fun as hell.

"Do not do time travel," Twilight said.

Is that what they're calling it now?

funny story, ya done good m8 :twilightsmile:

also that ending got me like:

lol, the sparkle cousins banged

That's advanced kinky :raritywink:

Twinkle Sparkle, little Star.
Family tree has spread SO far.

Dayum. Nice story. Ending sounds like a cliffhanger tho.

I've heard about keeping things in the family, but this is ridiculous.:twilightoops::twilightoops:

"Very well, sister!" Star screamed. "It's about time you faced me! How fitting, that this Twilight will be the Twilight of your Twilight!"

Twilight cringed internally at the abuse of a perfectly good noun, but soldiered on.

Of course you'd think that, Sparkle. :rainbowlaugh:

"Does that mean we're..."

"Trixie won't tell if you won't."

"But what about that threesome with Twili--"

Hot. :trollestia:

So, that would make Starlight a first cousin to Trixie and Twilight, and Trixie a half-sister to Twilight.

Nah, I feel like it's in character for ponies to raise potential villains to reach their full villainous potential.

Damn... this nearly puts the Apple family to shame...

I love everything about how this fic was written! The humor, the silliness, everything is just so entertaining and fun to read! I hope ya didn't mind, but I simply had to read this awesome lil' fanfic!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/-5-uz47CTzY

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Thats gonna be a fun family reunion


Twilight had written up the perfect speech, created from marathoning a dozen classic films about showdowns between fated rivals.

:trixieshiftright:: "You do know you could have just aked Trixie about that, right?"
:twilightoops:: "Why, what could you possible know about fated rivals?"
:trixieshiftleft:: "...Think about it for a moment."

Wise choice.

I'm confused. So are Twilight, Starlight, Trixie, and Star quadruplets? Or sisters? Or something else? I'm so confused...

Trixie is Twi's half-sister (Twilight Velvet slept with Jack Pot), and Glimmy is Twi and Trixie's cousin (shares a grandma). Malign Star is Twilight Sparkle's twin sister.

Will there be more of this timeline? It is extremely interesting.

That sounds like the Sparkle family alright. Looking forward to the convoluted family tree Flurry will eventually have to deal with thanks to Chrysalis. She has to have a few hundred half-siblings.

Thanks! This is a pretty good story. I hope you write a sequel in the future!

Ponies man! I believe it!:pinkiehappy:

The Sparkle dynasty is a large one

Twilight cringed internally at the abuse of a perfectly good noun, but soldiered on. "This town can be only big enough for one two of us!" She blinked, and shuffled her notes again. "Drat! I knew Highprancer shouldn't have been in the sample list!"

"Did you seriously make an averaged one-liner?" Star shouted.

Wow, that's really out of line

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