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Anon finds himself having to turn into a filly to start over and attempt at a new life. He ends up being adopted by none other than Trixie as they travel throughout Equestria; slowly coming to terms living together and finding out about each other's dark past.

Original Script/Draft: https://pastebin.com/rvmJj7bs

Note: I plan on rewritting and continuing this story since it hasn't updated in over 4 years.

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Hey chief, haven’t read the story yet, but 24k words? Fucking hell man I’m gonna he reading this all day and not even get half way through.

I suppose I could divide up the text into smaller separate chapters.

That's like a good 1-2 hours of reading. What are you on about?
I love me some words. Preferably lots of them.

You should add more details to indicate who is speaking, it's easy to confuse Trixie and Hornet while they're talking to Grim. Indicating the current speaker is different in greentext, while in prose it can be necessary to put "Anon said" after Anon says something. Other than that I really liked the story so far, good job.

This story sounds like it needs a dark tag. Why isn't there one?


Dark stories contain aspects that deal with grim situations where hope seems to be lost or the ‘good guys’ have lost the battle or are losing it with horrifying consequences. Tyranny, torture, war and death are common themes for these type of stories. While the tag doesn’t mean necessarily that evil ultimately prevails, it does heavily imply that it is for the most part winning. This tag may also apply to stories with particularly unsettling concepts, such as a character’s descent into insanity.

I don't think it's quite that much yet. Maybe in the future I'll include it.

I mean, if you take around 24,000 words divided by 60 minutes you get 400 words/minute, which is much much faster than most people can read. That's if you can read that much in an hour. Not saying you can't, but you know . . . food for thought?

Im absolutley loving this so far, the world building and the way characters interact is fantastic.

With how magic works in this story I'm wondering if it's even conceivable for a pony to go full Vlad and laugh and take a few decades to regenerate in the face of death. It's been a great read and I adore Grim even if I know I won't remember her name at all.

400 words a minute isn't difficult to achieve, especially if you really enjoy the story. It barely feels like reading and more like experiencing the story itself even if reading at that speed is a bit inaccurate at times. Even reading these 24000 words in two hours is only 200 words per minute which is easy to do for most people if the subject is interesting enough.

This... I like this. I'm keeping at least three sets of eyes on this story.:pinkiehappy:

I am now curious about this story. It's in my tracking now. 👏

Question: What is the point of Second Person narration? It's rather jarring for a story to tell me that I'm the protagonist, when I'm just sitting here and reading fiction.

Well it was originally a green text story from 4chan. At first I thought about transitioning the entire thing to first person, but then I thought perhaps keeping it second person would keep it's charm from being of course an Anon.

You need to learn the wonders of

Horizontal Rules!

Also, a thirteen-year-old drinking hard liquor? Hello brain damage...

"Hnnghh..." Oh wow... Your brain feels so squishy and spongy right now... Must be all the mental exhaustion you exposed it to.

No, that's just the alcohol. You should be fine in your next life. Or maybe there's a spell for it.

That's true. I typically take my time with a story, which is just a fancy way of saying I don't enjoy reading fast. Gives me headaches, especially when it is on a screen. To each their own, I suppose.

This would be for the better for everyone. You and your sanity included... The thought of her still suffering is one you couldn't stand. Sighing again, you tear your eyes away from your beverage and shift your gaze to Trixie and Grim, who are still arguing and laughing with each other. What a funny sight... Seeing Trixie like this makes a small smile spread on your lips. So... It's alright, you guess? Blood is thicker than water, isn't it? You wouldn't replace your real mother just because... Just because... You need a new one?

there's no small amount of irony with how you've used the phrase in this sentence, considering the full saying is actually "the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb", which means the bonds you forge are stronger than those you're born with

Yeah, I've noticed that. Although to be fair, it's an easy misconception to make for an anon.

Oh shit, someone is actually continuing my old story? Never thought that would happen lol

Oh you wrote this? Sweet. Hope you don't mind me basically stealing it. Had no way to contact you.

You could always have it back if you want. I just wanted to see this story come to light and bring it a continuation. I'm not very confident in my own writing, but if you'd allow me I'd be grateful to expand on your story. Even more so if you gave me some of your old notes and plots going on so I can have a better idea on what's going on. Both anonfilly and Trixie's backgrounds are in the dark for me and it's difficult trying to pinpoint their motivations and goals.

By all means, keep going. Your writing is fine imo, practice makes perfect after all. I will be looking forward to future updates.

Even more so if you gave me some of your old notes and plots going on so I can have a better idea on what's going on.

I never made notes for my stories, I just wrote what came into my mind and seemed fitting at the moment. I will try to remember in which direction I wanted the story to go and message you if I succeed.

Alright thanks! Although I technically haven't wrote anything yet. All of this was copied and pasted from your pastebin. I'll try to live up to expectations regardless!

Really? Must have been forever since I last have read my story.

Probably the case, or some other anon made their own small contribution before the greentext was archived.

I created a paste on my pastebin for ya. I will put anything I remember there.

Pretty sweet so far my dude. Appreciate the effort put into the longer chapters


I'm really diggin this story so far, and my curiosity is in an all time high not only for the future but also for the past. How they met, what's anon history, etc. Keep at it.

That still doesn't answer my question. What is the appeal of Second Person narration?


It’s widely considered the most daring POV in fiction, and the novelty of such a perspective can amuse the reader. Also, 2nd person immediately makes the story personal, grabbing the reader by the collar and pulling them in.

2nd person transports your reader directly into the story, making them grapple with whatever the book says they are doing. Especially if this “you” in the book is doing something strange or uncomfortable. And if the you is doing something spectacular, it’s a special experience for the reader to imagine themselves as that person.

The greatest problem with 2nd person is that it’s gimmicky. It’s very difficult to pull off and will likely alienate most of your readers. Yet despite all those problems, it’s a lot of fun to write.

And it also helps to cater to the Anonymous audience on 4chan since this story is where it originated from.

It was... You usually never get that physical with the azure mare, at least not on your own initiative... But that's beside the point. What in all seventy hells made you do that? Something certainly is happening inside of you... Somewhere in your brain. Slowly but ever so surely changing you against your will.And you can't do a single thing about it. Fuck...

Need to fix the "Slowly but ever so surely changing you against your will.And you can't do a single thing about it. Fuck..." to "Slowly but ever so surely changing you against your will and you can't do a single thing about it. Fuck..."

Such a captivating story! I am really liking the slowly growing relationship of Trixie and Hornet. Thank you for continuing this!

Eeeh, sorry for not putting anything into the pastebin. I have been kinda busy this week, but I will try to get to it in the next few days.

I'm really enjoying this so far!

I await the next chapter with baited breath! This is some damn fine fiction

I only saw this comment yesterday, because you posted it in a different chapter. They really need to fix that...

I finally put my ideas in my pastebin... I was kinda drunk (really drunk) when I wrote them down, but I hope they will still help you. Sorry for the delay-

I hope what I wrote makes any sense.

Oh don't worry, this was exactly the drunken mess I was looking for. If Zun managed to make Touhou while completely drunk on beer, then this will be no less valuable.

Heh thanks. Tell me if something is unclear, also I might add or change something in the near future. Once I find the strength to actually look at the drunken mess I wrote.

Good stuff so far!

Well, at least she wasn't hurt too badly by her summons... I'm curious to see how her affinity to the Beast Wind will affect her magic attempts. And Grim was right, that was a cute moment between Trixie and Hornet.

This has too much cute...oh I might explode.

Man, I love this story. Keep up the fantastic work!

Literally self-insert. Not as in 'author insert', but as you.

Second person when done correctly can be captivating. Like riding the story in actuality, as if you're there. Though, stories that can do this are far and few between.
This one's pretty good, but not the best, far as second-person goes. It's good enough to be enjoyable, but not THAT good as in it actually made me feel like anonfilly trotting along with Trixie.

Bloody delicious. Love the story. Keep it up!

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