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All antagonists should have some sort of redeeming trait, such as a tragic past, that can explain why they are the way they are. Queen Chrysalis is no exception.

Yet what if a green filly changed all that?

Learn the tragic tale and short-lived friendship of young Chrysalis and Anonfilly.

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That image makes me feel sorry for Chrysalis.

This is very well, written I give you a 8/10.

Very well done, dismal done right.

This hurt, good writing. Thank you for writing it. :heart:

Well that was fucked up. Good job.

This was a really nice short story

God damn, this story makes me live up to my name.
5 out of 5 teas for you.

Bastante oscuro la verdad... el nombre de anon en el resumen es la version femenina o otra manera de llamar a anon?

Sobre el fic... si no fuera porque chryssi odia mucho a los pony's, este pasado tragico le quedaria como anillo al dedo

wonderfully written

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