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In no way are the members of this group to attack, cause conflict, create tension, gang rape, molest, or do anything else I might have missed, to the members of the Humans Aren't Bastards group, in the name of this group. This is intended purely as a contrasting, parody if you will, group for the people who think that humans are indeed bastards.
TL;DR Don't harass HAB on behalf of this group. I can't stop you from acting independently, but don't act in our groups name.

Group rules.

Group Motto

Our Seal of Approval.

The purpose of this group is simple; This is where you post the stupid shiz that people do. The bullshit that goes on in society. Your role as a member of this is to bring the bastardness of our race to the attention of anyone not already aware. As well as fuel the hatred that most of us already feel towards the human race.

Feel free to add stories, but they must have at least one human who's a complete asshole. This is a Humans Are Bastards group, people, gotta have something relative to that in the stories.

Forum-wise; post whatever the fuck you want, so long as
- It doesn't break site rules. (e.g. No NSFW images.)
- It doesn't attack the Humans Aren't Bastards group.
- It doesn't break the theme of Humans Are Bastards (e.g. humanitarian videos.)*

*If you wish to start a friendly debate about WHY humans are bastards, go for it.


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Because the group creator is a massive homosexual.

Hang on... why is Reagan the group logo? :trixieshiftright:


Men are weak.

So did anyone watch the debate last night? There was a lot of Ronald Ragan.

Why haven't I, Ultron, been informed of this group.

You're sending me mixed signals, Stiggz. You list Hitler, Stalin, and Mao on the banner for Humans are Bastards, but then you go and join the Communist Bronies group and the Nazi party of FiM Fiction. Who's side are you on?

Also, why is Ronald Regan the logo for the group? While I understand that not everyone loves the guy as much as I do, wouldn't it make more sense to put a picture of someone who is universally referred to as an evil bastard?

"Religious Zealots

Humans known for preaching, and sometimes even believing, that their evil and douchebaggy actions are ordained by God or a god(s)."

Sometimes those religious zealots even believe that, in the absence of capital 'G' God (I don't count created pagan little g gods, since quite frankly, they're what evil people, especially evil people prone to gross anthropomorphization, inevitably create) that good and evil is not trivial more than just a fashion choice or a food choice. Sometimes they deny the moral nihilism at the heart of their worldview so much that they think that, in God's absence, the decision to ( to use an example that will strike near and dear to the hearts of most bronies) hang homosexuals today and the decision to not hang them today are not on an ontological par, even though there is no reason to morally praise or blame people who choose one or the other if these folks lacked squeamishness and could honestly put a magnifying glass to what they profess to believe in.

Sometimes these religious zealots are even so bad, that they think heaven can be made here on earth, without genuine divine hands and that man can be made perfect with man's own hands and become like most of the people, like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, the Kims, featured on this group's banner, all while, ironically enough, denying the existence of God and having fun doing it and slaughtering people at the same time.


362718 Also, we are pioneers of warfare.

362718 what country is trying to make that virus?

reasons humans are bastards: number one we actually invented genocide.
: Number two some of our earliest forms of information gathering from prisoners were very very intense forms of torture.
: Number three we made a bomb that could blow up an entire city in the press of a button.
Number four some countries are actually trying to make a zombie virus.
Number five humanity has been a predator species for centuries and will always remain a predator species and yet we attempt to hide this fact behind our veil of civilization. The majority of our technological advances have resulted from war and we know more ways to kill each other than we know elements on the periodic table, and even at our youngest we take pride in violence.
If even just these five reasons don't convince you that humans are bastards there's more much more. But I don't have all day to type into this computer, so I think I'll just put down one last bit. In all of history about 37 billion humans have died, and yet today our population is close to 7 billion worldwide, so what does that say about our species that there are more of us dead than there are alive by such a gigantic margin.
Well as my addition to this group, if/when my story is accepted I shall post it as further proof of the horrors of humanity.

Did someone say HERESY?


339627 still good..........HA:rainbowlaugh:.........The goodness in humanity is dead like hip-hop and leather

I think they're

We define being stupid as the void as being a bastard too.

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