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In this non-canon side fic you can enjoy the adventures of Green in a galaxy far far away. If only she wasn't still a filly.

With thanks to The Senate for co-writing.

Don't expect frequent updates on this one.

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"AWWW" Darth Vader. "Can I keep it."

“Just so you know,” Green spoke nervously, “I’m totally cool with the Empire, heil the Emperor and all that.”

speach 100

With thanks to The Senate for co-writing.

you mean emperor palpatine?

Out of nowhere, unexpected and all that... Still I enjoyed this.

In that case, the story needs a “dark” tag, as it is undoubtably infused with the dark side, give fair warning to readers that they might get seduced by it


Glad you're enjoying the story.

Wasn't asked for, wasn't needed, but it is now most assuredly wanted.:pinkiehappy: This is great, I can't wait for both it and the original story to continue.:heart:

At first I was apprehensive but after reading it I can't help but aawww. Can't wait for next chapter

That's unexpected : )

*gives cookies to Green*

Welcome to the Dark Side : )

As always, you have my attention!

Sith Lords are pretty cute.


But why tho?

I was messing around with this idea with a friend (who is also my editor on TOL) and decided it might make an interesting story for y'all to read.

Hopefully George Lucas isn't directing this...


Just curious, what does your username mean?

Fair enough. It just looked like a combination of praetorian and predatorial.

I thought he would say "a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one."

My ability to identify prequel frame grabs is lacking.

Uhh... welp, alrighty then. Sounds fun, I'll track.

Is there a side SW version (like one of the TV shows) being referenced here? Or is it all just of your own design?

Meme comment gets replied to

My readers when TOL gets updated.

Aww I didn't mean to make you embarrassed.


Not to worry. Me and embarrassment are old friends.

Looks like this might be fun.

We shall watch your career with great interest.

Where does one look for co writers? Just curious. I can't wait to see where you take this!

I immediately desire more.

the real question is would green with her info on starwars would she be able to learn force/magic abilitys that others couldent and also do ones they can

I literally EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'd when I saw the notif for this.

The photo:

Oh boy! A red laser sword! I can't wait to find what this thing can do!

Green needs to pilot an imperial walker.

I wonder how he's going to play this out :D
"I'm from the future. I read about you guys in school!"
"Behold. I am the great seer. I know things.

Rolling in laugher :rainbowlaugh: PRICELESS non canon side story :ajsmug:

At what point of the campaign or after it?
Lets hope its after... The shit he has to go trough the campaign is pretty deadly... Plus his girl would be a nice friend... perhaps? :applejackunsure:

I don't know why I lile your pfp so much. But it's awesome.

Now to wait and see if Green's adorableness makes an impact on the Starkiller clone... After the puppy scene, I'm not very hopeful. Also, if he notices how holding her by the scruff of her neck made her react.

And Green is a Unicorn? I was thinking she was an Earth Pony... But now looking at the story pic I can just barely see the horn. I may need to reread the source story to find where/if she was mentioned as a Unicorn and how I overlooked it.

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