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Once upon a time, on the not-so-magical planet Earth, there was a US Marine who signed up to defend his country. He was assigned to a fire team, the fire team assigned to a squad and the squad assigned to a platoon. Together they defended the area surrounding a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan from insurgents. If only it were that simple.

When lone Marine is transported to Equestria he finds a post-apocalyptic wasteland. With no orders, no resupply and seemingly no hope of return, he sets out to find what brought him here, and why.

Strong Language Warning: He swears like a Marine.
Disclaimer: I'm not a Marine

What do readers have to say about this story?

"[T]his has to be the dumbest sounding plot I've ever heard of. But my god do you take that and fuck it in its ass ... Its just so real and witty and genuine that the whole premise actually works!" ComprehensiveBrony

"Yes, it's human-in-Equestria, but it's good. ... the action scenes had me sitting on the edge of my seat" Tebee

Cover by me, background stock by DarkDragon774

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sounds badass. I'm tracking to see where this goes

An HiFO:E?


Another one? I was under the impression I was the first...

edit: nevermind.

So this is an alternate universe and an alternate dimension story?


Two in two days! YES! I have waited for a HIFO:E for ages and now I get two (except the other guy got turned into a pony)

I greatly enjoyed this! I demand MOAR! :flutterrage:

Hoof up if you caught the Red vs. Blue Reference.

Huh, I was under the impression that this was the first of its kind, but after looking through the commemts I guess not. Anyways, this is looking awesome so far. Keep it up.

First off, What self respecting brony has never heard of Fallout Equestria?

Secondly, it's well written and a pretty good read so far. The flood of military jargon was a little much, but it's not a deal killer. Just let up on it in future chapters, there are a good amount of people who won't understand it, even if you explain it. Keep it up Anon3mous1.

Thirdly, James was pretty lucky to be packing state of the art military tech, really. Last time I checked only a limited number of troops had been issued dragon skin armor.

Finally,You guys aren't getting it. He's not just a Human, he's a marine. A F$%^&*!* marine. This is a Marine in Fallout: Equestria fic, not a HiFO:E fic. It's a pretty original concept if you think about it.

I'll definitely keep track of this one.

Maybe he's gonna recall something about Fallout: Equestria, but doesn't really know because he's not into fanfic:applejackunsure:? Just a suggestion.... but really anything will do if the story continues to be this good and well-written. Interested to see where this goes, keep it up!:twilightsmile:

I'll track for now and rate later. Good job.

hivemind is just a troll, it posts that on anything related to Fallout: Equestria, just ignore it :)

Okay, a few things to clear up.

1. This is AU. Fallout Equestria (as a story) doesn't exist in Pearson's world, neither do the fallout games. (I'll probably have to specify this later on)

2. Yeah, there's not going to be much more military Jargon, it was really just to set the mood in that scene.

3. No soldiers are issued Dragonskin, the marines is the last branch of service which allows soldiers to wear Dragonskin if they or their family's purchase it themselves it costs around $10,000 if remember correctly. It has been banned in the Army (although a general and his body guards were caught wearing it).

Officially, it is inferior to interceptor and MAV armour, making it a liability in combat (they performed their own non-independent tests). Unofficially, the DoD has massive contracts with the current armour manufacturers (which it wanted to keep) and they wanted to avoid what was fast becoming a PR nightmare where soldier's families felt that they had to spend their own money to ensure their loved ones had the best protection in the field.

yep even the maker of the interceptor armor said the Dragonskin was FAR superior to his own armor

One thing has been bugging me; would a Pipbuck even fit on a human? More importantly, would it even be able to accurately monitor the vitals of what is essentially an alien?

The magic in PipBucks seems to be very robust and adaptable. They work across multiple species in the wasteland, not just ponies, so I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say it could work on another mammal who's vital organs are quite similar to ponies - we'd probably be closer to ponies in physiology than ponies are to griffons.

In terms of fitting, a pony's foreleg is probably about the same as our wrist (their limbs are thicker than ours proportional to their body and actually seem to bizarrely widen out towards the fetlock making the hoof blend into the leg), especially if we take into account large stallions who could be nearly 5' tall.

The pony pictured in the cover art is a foal and so is approximately 2 feet tall (to the head), so maybe 1.2' at the shoulder.

Though, the whole limb crippleage meter might be a little messed up.

Well, looks like you beat me to the punch on submsubmit the first Fallout HiE fic. Haven't read ot yef, and it is tiresome to type it out on a phone. Will get back to you.

When is the next chapter hope its soon!

Awesome story I really like the concept and it is nicely written so far :) just one minor remark on the "human perk" if you compare the physiology of a human to a pony the human would probably not be at a disadvantage when it comes to endurance. The human body is actually very enduring when compared to other animals and a lot of that is because we are bipedal giving us very effective breathing while running and also because of how the feet archs giving sort of a spring to the step and conserving energy. When you think about it it is not that surprising. Since humans are really quite slow compared to the animals we like to hunt. A very early hunting teqhnique was to simply follow the animal until it collapsed in exahaustion. A hunting teqhnique that is actually still used by some tribes. Now horses are also very enduring creatures since they naturally would wander over plains with relatively sparse food and so would have to move often and far. Given a well trained human would probably not be able to compete with a well trained racing horse but the ponies are not breed racing horses and given their size would probably put my money on the human if it came to a pure endurance competition. And seriously i got way to carried away with this comment xD now I don't expect you to change your story just because of some useless trivia that noone really cares about I just thought someone might find it interesting and i'm really bored... :twilightblush:

... please post the next chapter soon xD

Hi, actual Marine here. Haven't read the story yet, just wanted to point out that squads are assigned to platoons which are then assigned to companies.

I haven't read the main Fallout: Equestria story either (yet). Should I do so before reading yours? If not, I'd like to run through and offer some advice on getting the jargon/procedure stuff correct. If you wouldn't mind, that is.

Dammit, you have a similar story to mine. :pinkiegasp:

Fallout Equestria: Fading Echoes.

Ah ha! Mine got published and accepted first!:pinkiecrazy:

433176 I didn't say Stephen was going to stay a pony FOREVER. Just for the first part.:derpytongue2:

435822 I know! I know! I didn't say that! I just said that he was turned into a pony, which he was.

AAh, finally a keyboard.
Now first off, splendid story that you got ere chap.
Not much that I can offer in terms of criticism unfortunately

@batteredshrimp: Highly advised you read the base story of Fallout Equestria first before reading this.
Or at the very least, played the games, any of them will suffice, though it mostly seems to be based on Washington DC.

As for myself... Well, like I already have the first chapter partly written out.
Alas, it is stuck on a tablet that won't charge, not to mention I need to figure out a way
to transfer the files without pissing on both the PC and Tablet itself.

While we bipeds are certainly slower,however,I'm pretty sure we can turn around faster and are less unwieldy in tight spaces and rough terrain.

I would absolutely love anything you can tell me about jargon/procedure and life as a Marine! Given that I don't have any actual firearms or military experience I'm sure I screwed up a few things. Don't worry about getting too technical though, I have a background in engineering.

In fact I would love to have you as a technical adviser, so that I can ask you about things when I'm writing future chapters.

Anyway, while my story no-doubt contains -some- spoilers about FoE (though most are from the first chapter of FoE), it is an independent story, so it should be able to be read weather or not someone has knowledge of FoE.

In terms of flat out speed and endurance, quadrupedal animals a have an advantage (especially when carrying a load). They have twice as many limbs on on the ground and they expend far less of their energy keeping themselves upright. When we run, we are essentially falling forward with each step pushing us back up again.

Alright, I've looked into it, and according to a bunch of marathon runners you can outrun a horse over a 26 mile race, but mainly because your body cools itself by sweating rather than panting. This allows better heat dissipation without interfering with breathing, but this would only make a difference to people who are ultra long distance runners. Marines tend to have a lot more muscle mass than they do and so would fatigue faster, especially if they're carrying a full set of gear. Unfortunately for you the average horse can run three times faster than a human, so even a pony could probably outpace you most of the time.

In terms of agility/climbing, yes, we definitely have the advantage, we're apes after-all. That's why the negative effects only take effect over open ground. In a CQC situation humans would have an enormous advantage over pegasi and earth ponies because we can bring our weapons to around faster, and a smaller one towards unicorns because although they have more freedom with their weapons, we can turn and move faster in enclosed spaces.

Not all marines are bulky, and all of them have endurance training. Hell, half of the time at boot camp is for endurance training. 5 mile runs with full gear through rain, sleet, snow, or 100+ degree weather.

Although I do have to give you the fact that even a marine can't carry as much as a quadruped. I believe the average weight is about 90 lbs for a fully geared marine. But carry weight isn't effected by endurance, it's effected by strength. I also concede that, in terms of top speed, the quadrupeds would be faster. So Maybe the downside of the human trait should be -2 to strength or -20% to top speed instead of -1 to endurance.

I'm not saying Marines are necessarily bulky, but if you've seen an ultra long distance runner, they are REALLY thin, almost to an unhealthy degree.

Jackie, a horse can run 5 miles faster than you while carrying a human on its back. I don't deny that Marines are tough but that doesn't make them super human. 5 miles is not very far for a horse.

I was thinking of reducing carry weight, but I'd probably do that directly by -lbs rather than strength, which would affect close combat capability.

436528 Yes quadrupeds do have an advantage while simply standing but that falling forward motion combined with the way our feet are formed gives a human a maximum lenght travelled/energy at slight jogging speed rather than at walking speed as is the case with quadrupeds. I checked a chart over energy/travelled lenght and on that part a horse is indeed more efficient than a human but not by to much and the horse must remain at walking speed to retain it's effieciency lead which is about 6km/h for the average pony while the human is as most efficient at jogging speed which is at an average of about 9.6km/h. So while the horse is more enduring this still allows a human to catch one by forcing it to go at a higher speed than it's maximum efficency. But this of course still means that the pony is more enduring than a human so the trait is probably correct. I just feel that the downside quite heavily outweigh the benefits of the trait. Maybe you should add like an agility bonus or something.

Oh. My. God.
I've always thought about doing a human in the Fallout: Equestria universe.
Super glad you beat me to it. I love it! Can't wait for more.

I suppose I could give +1 AGL, but with the Marine perk he's already pretty OP for a level 1... I'll think about it. I was also considering a boost to melee weapons and a drop in barter/CHR, but it's already a pretty complicated trait.

439423 yeah probably but i guess it doesn't really matter since you can do what you want with in the story anyways. I really don't think the special is something that makes or brakes the story :)

I was a bit worried about reading another Human in equestria story (the majority are absolutely dire) but this was recomended to me and I must say I'm impressed. Looking forward to more. Very well done. :coolphoto:

My concern is that if you make the protagonist OP with high SPECIALs people start screaming 'Mary Sue' and disregard your characterisation in favour of looking for ways in which the character is a self insert.

Outside of the initial wondering about the wisdom of the insta-Pipbuck 3k, I'm really liking how this is turning out!
I eagerly await the next instalment! :pinkiehappy:

Also, the volume of jargon used is not an issue. To be honest, it only pulled me in that much further. :twilightsmile:

440987 Yeah I get you :) personally I try to cope with this by giving all the cool abilities that I want to a bunch of different charachters instead of just one. That way the stories don't get too over the top but I can still fill them with everything I want:pinkiehappy: (or maybe not everything but you get the point :twilightsmile: )

I only see one problem in this story
the use of Dragonskin armor in the any branch of the military is illegal

Great Story Bro! but I hope you doesn't make the main character doesn't get to godlike powerful like most HiE I read.

:rainbowhuh:Damnit, Wikipedia lied to me:
"The Marine Corps has not issued a similar directive, but Marines are "encouraged to wear Marine Corps-issued body armor since this armor has been tested to meet fleet standards."

Further research has revealed the Marines have banned it as of 2007 (although there is a loophole which lets them wear it over their MTVs, stupid as that may sound). As there's no date on this story, lets just assume either:
a) this story takes place before the ban or;
b) they're on a remote FOB and the CO may be letting it slide or;
c) it's AU and I can do whatever I want muhahahahahahaha!:rainbowwild:

Seriously though, thanks for the correction, I do want to keep the Earth portion as close as I can to real life. :twilightsmile:

I'll try to make sure that won't happen, keep in mind that the ponies in this HiE are not as helpless and unarmed as they usually are in such stories. :rainbowlaugh:

Yes, it was an interesting decision on my part to give him an insta-Pipboy... but think about what that means. :pinkiegasp:

It means he wasn't just randomly dropped there in a magical accident. Somepony, or some-thing, has given him a pipbuck - but for what purpose? You'll just have to keep reading to find out.

If he can find anyone who won't shoot him on sight, I'll see what I can do :ajsmug:

I'm glad I could exceed your expectations :derpytongue2:

I don't see why, you're stories seem pretty well received. :raritystarry:

Well then, I guess we'll just have to fight to the death :flutterrage: first one to die removes their story... wait...

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