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I'm kinda bad at comment's, and believe in Karma.


Twilight and comppany are invited into a grand meeting in Canterlot with visiting delegates of an empire she has never heard of. And for some reason Celestia and Luna, among other leaders, seem to fear this nation greatly... And our purple alicorn will soon find out just what are these creatures, that all others seem to fear...

Just an funny-ish story-idea that popped up in my head so i decided to write it. And could not find suitable cover image... suggestions?...

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Oh dear.

Garble is an Ex Worm.

Release, The Granny.

Pity Pinkie doesnt know about the canon in joke about FIM and Worms. Or she could deal with Worms so very easily. :pinkiecrazy::trixieshiftright:

Its not a PC thing at all.:trollestia:

If no birds were harm in the making how how about lizards.

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