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A few thousand years before, I along with my brother ruled the world we had arrived in. The two of us had anything we could ever want wealth, power, and an nation that spanned the entire world. Then it happened the lesser species rose, the griffons, the minotaurs, and most annoying of all the ponies. Soon, they came to us seeking peace and land to call their own, and my brother wished to give it to them, sparking a war between us that lasted for a thousand years, and cost the dragons so much. Eventually, he struck at my home, him and his knights. They had defeated me, and trapped me in stone, but not before I dealt my brother a fatal wound.
Now, thousands of years later, I'm free to do as I please once again, and I have no idea what to do, or if my brother even survived.

(D&D Crossover, the Main Character is Tiamat)
(Sex for possible innuendos and crude humor)

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