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A brisk wind blows Applejack's hat away. She goes chasing after it and finds herself in another world.

A fanfic based on an artpiece by Zaponator

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I really, really liked this. There's something to be said for stories that completely shrug off realism for more fantastical and symbolic narration. It doesn't always work out for the better, but in this case it really did. The story would only be bogged down by trying to make sense, because what fun is there in that?
It's like the moral of the story applies to the attitude of the story itself. Sometimes, you just need to let go and have an adventure. We don't need everything to make sense, we just need it to happen. We just need to experience it because it's fantastic (just as Applejack learns to do the same thing.)
There's never any real why or how for what happens in this story. The closest we get is the brief talk with granny, but she just tells Applejack the same thing the story tells us: Don't worry about it. Just live it.

Bravo! :heart:

Too much sky.

Loved it. Well done, Skirts.

You and 6351063 hit upon one of my favorite art/scenery fetishes: floating islands over an open sky/void. *glee*:rainbowkiss:

Hmm...sad? Yes, maybe a little. It didn't click with AJ that what she saw could possibly be related to her parents and her subconscious. But, that wasn't even the point of this story. It was all about going out to live and experience the unknown. Something anyone can benefit from.:twilightsmile:

Heck, if I saw that all of a sudden, my first reaction would be to go out and explore the hell out of it (besides double check I'm not hallucinating/on drugs/going out to grab someone else to show them:rainbowwild:).



I guess we can share the featurebox.


... ...

... ... ...

I mean, it's n-not like I wanted to s-share it with you or a-anything... *blush*

You never fail to impress, you know that, right?


Oh damn. That is an excellent song choice...

~Skeeter The Lurker

This seems familiar...

A fascinating, dreamlike story of the most grounded of the Mane Six taking a flight of fancy. I find a deep meaning in the floaty nature of these fantastic realms. Not sure if you put it there or not. :derpytongue2:

In any case, thank you for a lavishly presented bit of fun.

I loved this so much. I can't describe why. I just... did. The message was amazing, the way it was presented was epic, and it tapped into my favourite type of landscape that I'm sad I don't see a whole lot of here—floating islands.

Due to this story I'm going to have to make a new bookshelf for stories in which the mane six are written right and in which we really hear their 'voice'. Such stories inspire me to make my own stumbling attempts.

Best depiction of AJ I've seen.

Wow, that was pretty cool. It's not very often you see magical realism within a fantasy setting. Not everything is explained, but somehow... that only makes it work all the more. I feel oddly invigorated.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of Chrono Trigger.

The Kingdom of Zeal is forever burned into my brain, and I love it.


This story, combined with the picture, is simply breathtaking.

Well done, SS&E. Well done.

So awesome! :rainbowkiss:
I kept reading the dialogue in the character's voices for some reason :derpytongue2:

I kinda wish this was a full story instead of just a one shot.

now i remember what the pic reminded me of...that show called Skylands!

Oooh, that music is just wonderful.

Absolutely breathtaking.....beautifully described, You've got the apple families speech patterns down, I felt like I was right next to them hearing them talk, and the way you described the landscapes... oh my it was amazing, well done my friend.

I feel like a sequel is coming on!!!?:rainbowkiss:

Gorgeous wordsmithy

And I just got the Aether mod for Minecraft today! X3

Right, why do they stay in Equestria while there exists?

Every single time I see a story on the featured page that suits my interests, it's SSaE. Like, every fucking time.

Cute. I like it!

"If you was workin' so hard to make a livin' that you never... lived?"

That was nice. Very well done! :twilightsmile:

This was wonderful, and just so awesome! :yay:
Beautiful man, beautiful. Wonderful job, keep it up!

MLP FiM crossover with every Roger Dean album cover.

Ze magics! :coolphoto:

Very cool. This makes wish that I could just appear in a new world like that. The imagery in this story was breathtaking.

A strange tale, but a nice strange. I'd like to see more of the exotic world, learn its history.

You've done it again, Skirts.

Bravo. :twilightsmile:

wow that will be... a really weird coincidence

I want one of these with Rarity. Seriously, you portrayed AJ's core character perfectly. Surely you can do it again!

Same setting, same dreamlike aura, different persona and character. GO.

Discooooord, what did you do to her hat!

Wow... just... wow.

Your writing really improved. You potrayed the imaginary landscaped from the imaginary character view really elegantly. As if we're actually there. I hope you write story like this. The one where we go to a magical land with this writing.


This is great!

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

I needed to read this today.

Thank you, skirts.

Why can't she keep her hat and go on the bizarre adventure?

A story that touched me in an acceptable manner.

Because, silly; the hat has its own adventures to go on.

Probably is not the point. But I would love to read the adventures of Applejack in the Great Big Sky.

Somehow it also reminds me the world Lyra travels in "Background Pony" except this world is based on air except than water.

"....or do we just tell ourselves that because we're plum scared of what perfectly good peace and silence will bring us when we stop doin' whatever it is that we're doin'?"


I'm... gonna go shut my laptop off for a while, I think.

I don't know why this makes me sad. I don't know why it even exists.

It earned its place on the shelf.

read this (again) and immediately thought about this piece

If Twilight was there, I'd imagine she'd be jotting down scientific notes like a mad mare, after of course having one of her "Panic Attacks™." :moustache:

P.S. Have a like.

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