The rain comes falling from the sky. It brings out all the good and bad in the ponies living in Ponyville.

Today is such a rainy day.

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Somebody's been listening to Wings lately. :duck:

A perfect story for a hectic day. I'm glad I took the time to read it.

Ask not for whom the rain falls; it falls for pone.

Hee... About cutting ties huh? Is this related to a certain someone?

Anyway, yeah, Rarity loses her friend because of her own ignorant. Rainbow loses her friends by her own predicament mixed up with her relationship. Fluttershy loses her friends over inevitable death. Applejack because... love? While Twilight symbolises a family that being grateful of how she has someone that will always stay with her no matter what she did to him. While Pinkie Pies isn't just losing a friend who have abandoned her or been driven away by her antics, but she left her family altogether.

But, no matter how much friends you had lost, there is a certain circle that you can call home.

Hillbe #5 · Aug 9th, 2015 · · 9 ·

:duck: I fibbed about that letter
:rainbowhuh: Wut?
:duck: It was a Doctors report
:ajbemused: you ain't sick are you girl?
:raritywink: I'm pregnant
:yay: Who is it? anypony we know?
:duck: No pony you know
:pinkiehappy: But I know every pony! Who's the father? It's not a pony!Ohhhhhhhhhoooooooooo
:moustache: Ohhhhhhh AWE COME ON!!
:unsuresweetie: Yeah I got pictures. . .:facehoof:

THANK YOU IT'S WELL DONE :pinkiecrazy: and Spike's toast

Goddammit, Skirts...

*goes off to cry some more*

I loved the transition from one perspective to the next.
They way the storm wove through and effecting everyone's mood and perspective of their troubles.
This was really good.

Was not fully expecting the end, but that's what really made this work. Excellent.

I'm glad I took the time to read this story. It's reminded me of a few things.

Also, I can't help but say ... I miss Ponky.

Don't smoke mamunia kids it's bad for you

Wow... that ending though, I wasn't expecting that, at all.
Poor Pinkie, the more the smile, the harder they cry. I WANNA HUG HER! D'X

Nice job Skirts.

Wow... that ending though, I wasn't expecting that, at all.
Poor Pinkie, the more the smile, the harder they cry. I WANNA HUG HER! D'X

Nice job Skirts.

Sometimes we all just need to sit back and take a break from life's problems.

I rather liked the bit with Pinkie at the end. I don't entirely understand it, but eh, it's Pinkie. She's gotta have her cry moments, too.

(Also Wings r awesum)

"But of course, Pinkie. I wouldn't miss it for the world." Or I'm having a hard time getting this line?

They do say the perpetual comedians (that is, the ones who never shut it off, even in private) are usually the sad ones.

...My hip feels the rain' comin' on."

Or you could just ask any of the weather pegasi. Or even just look up at the damn sky, actually. I don't think you need some kind of special hip power to tell it's gonna rain in Equestria.

"No no no, Rarity... you shan't join the dark side."

>Imagines a sith Rarity...
Huh... Kinda cool actually.

But in all seriousness, this is one of the most beautiful pieces of literature I've ever read. It speaks to me on many different levels, and brought tears to my eyes. Well done. :pinkiesad2::twilightsmile:

I don't know if I'll read it, cos I'm not into sad stories, but I have to ask: where the title from?
I'm asking because I don't know if it's just a coincidence, or you know what it means, and it has something to do with the story.

This was a lovely piece of writing. It touched on a lot of different interconnected ideas, and tied everything together so well. It felt very... gentle, and cathartic. And the transitions were very smooth! Wonderful work once again!

(Also, when Fluttershy entered the gazibo, I was reminded of Friendship is Wet. Given the author, I can only assume this is no coincidence.)

Man, I love stories like this. It's not too long, sweet, touching, and it ends on a nice little note.

She hoofed him a tiny bottle. "Dr. Pony! And just the way you like it, too!"
"Wow!" Spike grasped the bottle in question, his claws sizzling. "You even warmed it over the stove!"


Okay, this may sound really weird but I get my first, best impression of a story after reading the first few paragraphs because, having been both a long time writer and reader of fanfics, I've learned to be able to gather the gist of a writer's style and approach from just those first few paragraphs. Also, it's those first few that are the most important to to me because those are the ones that normally intrigue me and keep me interested in reading more. Your stories are very good. Your writing style is novel and original, your hook is great (first few paragraphs) so, yeah, I'm going to follow you now. I look forward to reading your stories when I have time and when I'm not tired. :twilightsmile:

"Just keep looking, okay?" Twilight grumbled. "Thank you, Spike."


That's what I wish I could say every time someone thanks me.

Nice to have some classic style sad Skirts. :twilightsmile:

Well, the ending is sort of what I expected....Pinkie being a sort of sad clown who doesn't realize that a burden shared is a burden lessened.

Well, that ending was a punch to the gut. Damnit Skirts, every time you have one with a sad tag I read it, and every time I underestimate your ability to hit the feelings

6302789 You want to start reading stories by Skirts? I hope you have a lot of time

Good as always. You are the best. :rainbowwild:

6302842 I miss sad and philosophical Skirt. But well, I enjoy his random comedy, romance and slice of life too. I'm basically read whatever he writes.


Well, fortunately, I'm retired so time I have! :twilightsmile:

Yeah I like the fun stuff like Sunset Shimmy and Kaleidoscopes, but the sad stuff is how I got into Skirts. Background Pony is how I popped my marsupial cherry.

Something tells me it was raining when you wrote this. I dunno; just a hunch.

For an unofficial soundtrack to the story:

I love rain. It washes away all my worries and fears until all that's left are those core pieces that make me me, and everything is right with the world.

I love how everyone who reads this story seems to find different meaning in it, because your characters - despite being ponies - are so very human and relatable.

I loved this story. It made me feel nostalgic for some things and some people, and its imagery was perfect. I love rain; I love how it cleans things and makes things new.

It's stories like this that remind me why you're one of the best writers I know, and it's a privalage to read you at your best.

I actually expected this to end a lot sadder than it did, but nevertheless, that was a great story. The characters, the fears, the emotions... all so genuine. Great job.

And even though I don't feel it as deep as you do, Skirts, I miss him too.

I don't want to like you, but you're too damn good of a writer.

That was really good. A simple idea, but well executed. I particularly liked the bit with Fluttershy burying the mouse, because, as obvious a notion as it is to have Fluttershy tending to her animals' deaths, I haven't encountered it very often in fanfiction.

I wasn't as happy about the Coco Pommel part, but mostly for headcanon-y reasons.

I don't really understand the Pinkie Pie part at the end. I mean, I get that sometimes the most seemingly happy people can be masking the most sadness, and I get that she doesn't open up about her problems to her friends in the same way the others do, but breaking down when she did, with little explanation of why, and then having it pass so quickly just felt odd. I'm not sure what we're supposed to take away from that scene, if anything.

But yeah, I liked it.

6309120 Well, what do you know! I didn't even tried to search for this, because I'm Polish, and in Polish "mamunia" means "mommy", so search results were obvious to me. As it turns out, I was wrong. Thank you.


shh, stop making me miss ponky


Unless Skirts gives us something more concrete, I was under the impression she lets it out in little burst here and there with no particular reason why going with that happiest people are the saddest type schtick.
It's just her way of dealing with being perpetually cheerful all the time and using this as a way to cope.

Also having all the characters match for the sake of story uniformity. :pinkiecrazy:

good story not to nick pick but

"And how!" Pinkie Pie grinned wide. "Wait right here!

I think you meant to say "And now" (feel free to correct me if im wrong)

Amazing story, yet again. It's pretty good with rainymood.com

Wonderfully written. Reminds me of how much I love the rain. It reflects the countless tears I never had, but always welcomed. It soothes the mind and body, filling with you a numbing cold that allows you to rest. Rest...Oh how I cherish rest. How I wish I could always feel like that. No pain, no anger, no sadness, just sleep it all away...*clears throat and wipes eyes* Excuse me.

If you like the idea of Fluttershy dealing with the deaths of animals, you may enjoy Five Hundred Little Murders.

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I liked this story.

When I think of rainy stories, although I would prefer to think of Tails of Ponyville this was still a good read.

6331097 yeah you're wrong. "And how" is an old phrase although not used much these days.

phrase of and how
very much so (used to express strong agreement).
"“Did you miss me?” “And how!”"

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