"Twilight, did I ever tell you the real reason why I returned Peewee to his nest?" Spike asked.

But Twilight Sparkle was asleep, so her apprentice saved the question for another day... a day that would never come.

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Heart-wrenching. Sometimes, through the snark and stumbles and occasional buffoonery, we forget that Spike is still a child. A child that has no past or lineage, and with a future of warm, colorful smiles... and cold, marble gravestones.


That was amazing.

Like Tanks For the Memories is the closest they can do for loss, of a pet, of anyone, in a childs show, Spike sort of could be said to be a more recent Peter Pan, Pinnochio, AI. Someone created, and with no apparent end.

These are the days of miracle and wonder.:pinkiesad2:

I do wish the show had either cast Spike as a pet or a person. This halfway between business always left a bad taste in my mouth. The only way to make it right in the show itself would be for them to acknowledge that that's how he's been being treated, and they'll never fess up to that.

I do believe that this story is the first where you've made it a point to attempt to use Spike effectively—and in a role that mattered—and I am glad to see that you are looking at his character and the litany of possibilities that surround him.:twilightsmile:

Nice little short story. I was liking it almost all the way through. But I got distracted by a bird outside my window. 0/10

Edit: Let me just take out that last part so it's a more obvious joke. Stories great btw. Upvoted.

Hmm... interesting...

I shall continue.

Hmm... a look into his past... I like it...

Carry on.

A nice story... a nice story... hmm...

Well done... well done.

Twilight is voiced by Tara Strong. Raven is voiced by Tara Strong

... figure stirred quietly beneath satin sheets

Oh Skirts, it looks like you're back to your dastardly ways :twilightoops:

Beautiful. Amazingly emotional, especially considering word count.

Oh my gosh, I finished reading a Skirts story and I still have all the pieces of my heart!

Are you finally going soft on us?


Beautiful. Amazingly emotional, especially considering word count.

Yeah, 329 words total. Awesome.

Just wait. Now that your guard is down he'll probably come out with a sequel that will make Background Pony look like a cake walk.


Call me stupid, but I have no idea what happened and why Spike cried last chapter.

6722274 This fic is only the result of bullshit that some asshole kicked up his his blog. It's a one-time deal.

6725247 He appears to be wandering into what was once a hatchery, and his question, "why was I the last?" seems to imply that all the other eggs in his clutch were hatched and carried away by their parents, leaving his behind to be hatched by Twilight...Stupid.

6724107 Yeah I'm not sure whats up with that, glitch maybe?

6725369 I recommend you go elsewhere. You don't seem to be having a lot of fun here.

6726018 Oh, obviously. 329 is the sum of the first and third chapters; for some reason, the second chapter's word count was excluded—and then one subtracted for good measure. Maybe it's fatigue from trying to keep up with skirt's output.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

Ending Spoiler: Spike will either kill his brother or nuke Equestria.

"If you merged the leylines of two harmonically charged crystalline diodes and placed them laterally along a strip of enchanted timberwolf twigs, you'll not only jump start the creature's reconstitution, but you will have also rid it entirely of its chaotic and beastly nature."

I... magical electrotherapy, applied to a section of an auto-ressurecting golem animated by wild magic, strips it of it's violent temperment and disobedient nature. That's rather terrifying.

Err, it might be because I'm an idiot or something like that, but I don't really get it.

I kinda hope the word count never gets fixed, I'm too enthralled by it.

I'm embarrassed to admit that parts of this went over my head. Until I read some of the comments at the end. Then I got it and the delay burn to the feels kicked in.

:raritystarry: Spikey I'm a lady - a 'wet willy'? really! you silly drake.
:moustache: you only live twice.
:duck: Honestly you're beginning to sound like Sweetie Drops. . .


Comment posted by The Devious Writer deleted Dec 14th, 2015

6722610 What could you have possibly put at the end to make people think you were serious with the bird?

6729959 It originally had "0/10 could not keep my attention" at the end.

Eek, Twilight's suggesting lobotomizing those timberwolves, isn't she...

6725369 Well played but sadly I think this crowd is old enough to get the joke. Surely the days of witty humor are numbered.


A magical crystal orbitoclast?


The ceiling was starting the bow.

Even when Spike lay at sleep at night, clamping his claws over his ears, he heard them.

6728556 um, this comment is really out of place.

6752542 your previous comment is still irrelevant to the story.

6753626 My point is, Spike giving Rairty a wet wille has noting to do with this story about Spike feeling sad due to loss.

About half way through this story, I thought the ending would be that after Twilight mentioned how to domesticate timberwolves by essentially lobotomising them, Spike would reveal, through an inner monologue, that Twilight did the same thing to him, to repress any of his draconic urges, and that the reason that he returned Peewee to his family was so that she wouldn't do the same thing to him.


Spike you dirty little liar. For Shame :facehoof:

How is it there's two thousand words in the second chapter and 329 words altogether?

6778299 I dunno. Imagine never knowing your mother, being tossed into a life of servitude with all your brothers and sisters gone without trace. And I understand why he wouldn't talk about. How could he, when the only ones he could ask are the ponies who did this in the first place?



I'm just going to nod and agree since it's been sixty seven weeks since I've read this story :rainbowlaugh:

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