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*Insert some inner metaphor about Spike yearning for freedom from Book Horse Tyranny*

Family and the passing of knowledge play big parts in this story. Makes me wonder about the possibilities of Spike finding phoenix that's still too young to resurrect on its own and too far from its parents, and breathing his own fire into its ashes.

that was rather touching. have my like :twilightsmile:

Good story

As for the 'canon', I think it was a rather a cop-out of the writers to give up Peewee like that... so much potential I think was lost with that move

I really dig this. What was the prompt?

Was it kinda sappy? Yes. Was it kinda predictable? Yes. Did I like it? Yes.

Melancholy and satisfying. Good stuff.

I am a sucker for melancholic stories and this one is no different. Well done.


It was simply, "The deleted scene where Spike gave Pee Wee back to his family."

Colonel Sandstorm here,

Someone call for the Kenturky Orbital Feels Cannon?:moustache:

Aww I was hoping spike would tell twilight that she was wrong, that peewee did remember something

So phoenixes lose all memories the first couple resurrections?

Geez, you'd think in a land with so many monsters that'd be a terrible evolutionary disadvantage.

The single one that first manages to retain its early memories due to... magical genetics... whatever... would have such a tremendous leap over its amnesic competitors that its genes would dominate.

In nature, the things that learn more tend to last longer.

Bah, more evidence that Equestria is one of those created worlds made by a god who doesn't understand evolution! Not like OUR universe!


7030845 And yet Rainbow Dash got a sob story where she nearly destroyed the world to stop her tortoise from hibernating...

More evidence of Spike abuse! He's not even allowed a heartfelt moment with the baby he saved from evil teenage dragons! :trollestia:

Yep, you manage to do it. You give a happy ending and it still makes me feel depressed. Keep it up.

That title and image put together made me think Spike was going to give into his predatory instinct and eat Peewee. It's just nature, after all.

I always disliked that Spike didn't get to keep Peewee. A fireproof immortal bird seems like the perfect pet for him.
Love that this story comes up with a logical reason for Spike having to give Peewee up.

7033089 I've got two hypotheses that make this story work in an evolution-esque world.
A: The phoenexes that could remember stuff post-death always ended up going on their own, and becoming reckless (they're immortal, right?). So they die. For realsies. The ones that don't stay dependent on their parents until they're physically mature enough to survive on their own.

B: Ponykind is idiots (not a typo) that have gleamed all their data regarding the infancy of phoenixes by observing one case. Because they is idiots.
What if Philomena was brain-damaged, and she needed multiple ressurections to regenerate?

Aw, sad story, but glad to see a Spike story. Spike and Peewee could have been interesting background characters... but that would require the show to treat Spike with more respect first. Still not sure if it was better or worse that the show got rid of Peewee with just one photo showing something that happened off-screen in between episodes.

An interesting and touching take on why Spike had to return Pee Wee to his parents. Nice work.:moustache:

7030532 "If you love something, let it go. If it returns, make it re-shelve your library books."

A beautiful story. I for one always add Peewee when I write Spike stories and I'm so glad people remember the poor little guy. Here's to more Spike and Peewee stories.

This is so beautiful. :fluttercry::raritycry:

A lovely, touching little read :twilightsmile:

Um sort I didn't read this sooner. This is very touching and heart felt
Well done good sir

> ...nubile ...

That might not be the right word :twilightsmile:

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