A lonely tree, a windswept hill, and a glowing night's sky.

All her life, Fluttershy has had this one reoccurring dream, and now it's up to Princess Luna to help her find out why.

Special Thanks to nerevars

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>Clever comment about Skirts Oneshotobering this place up with word splooge

Pumping them out like mad, eh?

Nice to see you doing this again. I missed the insanity.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Did you start writing this as soon as you saw that comment? :rainbowlaugh:

5166632 If there's any word splooge I'd want the site to be covered in, it's skirt's.

I'm getting EoP and Sedna vibes from this, and I'm completely okay with that.

5166808 his seed is pretty much dream seed isn't it?
(Wohoho I'm so punny!)

Comment posted by Super Trampoline deleted Oct 21st, 2014

Wow just wow!
10/10 :mustache:

Towards some greater dawn, indeed.

If I could shoot out 10,000 words at the speed you do, I would.
If I could do it as well as you, I would.
If I was as creatively clever as you, I would use the cleverness and creativity all the time.

You amaze me. Well, done.

I'm going to sleep now. Maybe there'll be a message. ;)

Always with the hummens.

Comment posted by nerevars deleted Oct 21st, 2014

Wow, just wow...
At first I was like "Wow, this is exactly what I meant about that picture." and then I was like, "Death?! What?!" and lastly, I was like "Everything went better than anything I could imagine."

This reminds me to the quote Jake The Dog from Adventure Time:
"This place is designed to mess you up. To mess with your head. None of this are real. It just a trial to test your heroic attributes."

btw I think I saw a typo

their is an untold legacy of billions

latched onto you mind during your foaling.

every morning of every ay.

Maybe, if you somehow want to write something from a song, I have this two suggestion:

This is great. The only problem I saw was this formating issue.

... and it's []b]okay. In fact, nothing has ever felt okay as this...

Just remove the extra brace and it should fix it.

Wow, that was so sad:fluttercry:, but so happy at the same time:yay:

When I got to the part where Fluttershy told Luna she was the tree, I expected the rest just to be a joke on the whole :yay:"I'd like to be a tree..." thing...

But I loved it!


Amazingly written. I am guessing the creature was a human?:yay:

Huh, you just wrote down the meaning of life. It's all about the little things, those moments that will live on long after the darkness retakes everything. We exist just because the dark said we couldn't. I like that idea. There really is no better reason than "because I can." because eventually all others just lead back to that one. Ex. "Why do you eat?" "to live." "why do you live?" "because I do, or because I can." that third answer is unsatisfying to most people, but its the only one there is, because its the only one there can be ignoring infinitely recursing reasons.. I leave you to think on that. I probably took this way more seriously than you meant it, but I really like it.

"We're all proud of what you, Fluttershy."

Missing word, maybe?

"We're all proud of what you did, Fluttershy."

I actually think that this story would be used to explain why Fluttershy said that. Now when I watch the episode, that phrase will appear to have a whole new motivation to it. :yay:

Hmm. The description sounds like the synopsis to a Terrence Malick movie. Intrigued.

5169901 Of course, the 'darkness' is yet another example of the anthropocentric mindset pervasive to human thought.

In reality, the darkness knows nothing, for it is nothing.

We came to be for the same reason the darkness still exists: because it happened.

It really is that simple. What we do in response to the events of our existence and where we take ourselves are what matter. We must determine how far we are able to go, and press the boundaries of existence; indeed, first our task is to determine what boundaries to existence exist. We do not know them as yet.

That was... deep... and really, really good.:yay:

5170846 Huh. Interesting.:trixieshiftright:

Seems good… I'll put on read later. :pinkiesmile:

She sniffled, then finally whimpered. "I l-love you..." She nuzzled the hand, shuddering. "I don't know who you are... or where you came from... wh-why you died or what mistakes brought you to such a fate." She gulped. "But if you were once as real and... and as kind as this... th-then I am so... so very glad to have dreamed of the tree in the first place..."

Reminded me of V for Vendetta.
Overall, this story made me sad... and also not. I don't know exactly how to explain this feeling.:twilightblush:

Never before have I felt so precious, so touched, so loved and meaningful.

This story arrives at the answer to the incorporeal yearning I think most of us feel on a recurring basis. The point of everything. The answer, as it turns out, is simpler than we expect. Climbing mountains simply because they exist.

Thank you, skirts.

I stand in awe. Again.

Thanks, Skirts. :yay:

I was listening to Echo of Small Things by Robert Rich when I found and read this. Kinda freaked me out how thematically relevant it turned out to be.

A new sad fic from SSE?! I just wet myself with excitement!

I was actually gonna say something along those lines myself. :twilightsmile:

5172587 I honestly don't think it's sad. Existential, perhaps, but not sad.

His was very deep for a fic that made good use of the fluttershy is a tree trope. 10/10

This wasent sad.Instead very deep.
I'am amazed..i mean it is not a new idea but you made it so great, so fitting to the spirit of mlp'verse.
10/10 would tree again

Sharing kindness is an easy feat.

Transmitting it across the universe? Not so much, but doable...

A spray of stars across an endless sky
Wove of umber and cerulean thread
Above a tree whose leaves in silent sigh
Caressed the night across majestic spread
This dream had haunted her since she was young
It always felt like there was more to know
If only she could see the secrets strung
Between the stars that on her leaves did glow
The Lady Moon came forth to light the way
With ancient wisdom freely shared and shown
But what 'twould fin'lly mean she could not say
The risk was Fluttershy's, and hers alone

Her heart reached out to hear the stars above
For Kindness could not keep from seeking Love

An sonnet in offering to the author, as my poetic way of saying thanks for a most excellent story. Tears were shed, kindness felt, and love strengthened this day.

Light and laughter,


Make one for Twilight next..

This is absolutely exceptional. Perhaps a sequel or a new chapter could be based on Fluttershy passing the torch to a new bearer...

This was just brilliant :fluttercry:

This story describes my deep thinking, yay.:yay:


..W-wow... That was beautiful...

5173942 You have officially received all my spare yes.

Smexxy as always Skirts. And I see you revisited (and much better fleshed out) that "moment" concept from later chapters of BP! Your entropy-free dreamscape is something I know I'll be mulling over for a while, and that's the best thing a story can do to me so :twilightsmile: Thanks!

One thing:

"You may not be fully incapable of fully asserting yourself in the real world, my little pony. But here? You are the mistress of your domain.

I think you have an an unnecessary double negative there with incapable (should be capable) and I don't like the double usage of fully in one sentence, but eh :moustache::moustache::moustache: it's all good.

So many feelings. Happiness at Flutters, Sadness at myself for not doing anything for my life, and hopefulness and hope that the human race will send a message like this. I love this feeling.:heart:

There are only certain types of stories I look for. Very rarely does it happen that I come upon a random story, such as those of featured ones, that I just read the description randomly and decide that I'd love to read it.
This was one of those rare moments.
They cannot describe at all how much I...I'm not even sure the world love is the right word to use. Adore seems too trivial. Cherish, too soon. In time...Cherish, yes, in time I'll cherish it. The message of this, the way it was conveyed, the characters you used...This isn't just a story, it's a masterpiece.
If I had to tell one person to become an author this very second, it would be you, friend. To take this story, make characters of your own, and just apply this very same concept. I feel like this kind of message could change lives.
The funny thing is, earlier today, I was thinking about how in love I am with the concept of kindness...How it's one of those things I've always liked about the world the most. Perhaps I came across this for a reason. Either way, I'm glad I read it. I feel like it's touched me in a way that will stay with me and help me remember that while sometimes all seems futile...There will still be a new beginning to something, and that nothing was pointless because every moment of the world counts, and that love and kindness triumph through it all despite all that opposes it.
I could tell you more, like how in-character you were with every single character (especially Luna and Spike, who many people, I think, struggle with), and how you portrayed the kind of Fluttershy I love, the kind that reminds me why she is my favorite character. You remind me why I love Spike, with his dry humor and his need to be important, which strikes a chord with me as well. You remind me why I love all the characters, even when there were those I didn't think I cared for, only to have my mind changed. You remind me why love and friendship is so important, and why I love this show, and why I love fanfiction, why I love reading, why I love to be alive.
Thank you.

This is deep as fuck, yo.

Extremely impressive imagery, well done.

MLai #47 · Oct 23rd, 2014 · · 1 ·

Random stuff I was reminded of while reading this one-shot:
The Fountain (2006)
Contact (1997)
Joseph Campbell interviews
Speaker For The Dead
ST:TNG Inner Light
To The Moon

And the universe said "I love you."
And the universe said "You have played the game well."
And the universe said "Everything you need is within you."
And the universe said "You are stronger than you know."
And the universe said "You are the daylight."
And the universe said "You are the night."
And the universe said "The darkness you fight is within you."
And the universe said "The light you seek is within you."
And the universe said "You are not alone."
And the universe said "You are not separate from every other thing."
And the universe said "You are the universe tasting itself, talking to itself, reading its own code."
And the universe said "I love you." because you are love.

The Poem of The End

I was given something wonderful, something that changed me forever: a vision of the universe that tells us undeniably how tiny and insignificant and how rare and precious we all are. A vision that tells us that we belong to something that is greater than ourselves, that we are not - that none of us is alone. I wish I could share that emotion, that everyone, if even for one moment, could feel that awe and humility and that hope that I felt.

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