Rainbow Dash likes it a lot more than she thought she would.

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Always nice to start off a story by making the reader hungry before they've even read the first paragraph.

...I want some hot spiced apple cider now.

I wonder how many stories have titles longer than their descriptions. Definitely have to give this a read... tomorrow, probably.

You are too good to us, skirts :heart:

[11:04:29 PM] silvadel: [Wednesday, July 23, 2014 10:54 AM] silvadel:

<<< Apple Donuts are actually really REALLY good

Applejack..." The blue fuzz on the back of Rainbow's neck raised like a canine's as she hissed, "One does not simply boil apple cider! "


Bloop. Really nice story.

It was a loft softer than she imagined.

Spelling error.

Beautiful as always, SS&E.

"For what?! Pony tears?!"

I lost it at that point. That's just a brilliant line. Many, many kudos to you.

:moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

Like, you gotta swish your tongue around a bit to get at it



Expert! :raritywink:

Kidding aside, this is about the warmest, best slice-of-life everyday pony story I've ever seen. Thank you, Skirts :ajsmug:

This story was great! I did see a few typos and missing words in some places, but overall this story could and should be part of an episode. Thanks for taking the time to share this gem with us, and have a nice day.

Applejack produced emerald daggers from beneath her brow.

One does not simply boil apple cider!

Canter Camera

"Maple syrup..." Rainbow Dash's eyebrow twitched as she murmured aloud. "Sprinkle... of cinnamon...?"

>At this point I start craving things...

"Yeah. Sure. Uh huh. Samples?!"

pale snow white thang that sounds like Count Draculoats

>"this wears a ton!"

She climbed up onto a couch, turned around three times, and squatted down.

"If yer gonna talk with yer mouth full..." She winked. "At least make it somethin' worth hearin'!"

Rainbow Dash was suddenly flabbergasted by the commonly-known fact that it took more than one bite to finish off a proper doughnut.

After that I was too wrapped up in the story to pick out the good lines.

Seriously, how do you manage to write gold... every... single... time?

This story made me feel warm inside. Adorable, funny, and managed to describe the magical feeling that comes with autumn just perfectly.

Once again, fantastic job. :rainbowkiss:

Y'know, I get the feeling that this was a much, much longer part of Appledashery that you took out of the narrative and changed a bit. Either way, this was really, really good. You did a fantastic job at capturing the feeling of autumn in every regard, and this was adorable to boot.

EDIT: I like the Frost-esque title.

One of your better stories, by far. Seriously well done.

Mmmmm. Yummy warmth and coziness. MOAR PLEEZE! :pinkiecrazy:

Oddly enough, one of the things that made my day as a kid was when my parents would take me to a place called Delicious Orchards, up in NJ. The family loves the things so much that when anyone goes by, they buy a bunch and tend to ship em to everyone else, where some get eaten and the rest get frozen for later...not too much later, mind you. :) They STILL make my day, those donuts do.

It's a rainy, dreary, wash-the-leaves day right now. And I drank up this story like a hot mug of cocoa, though now I want some Delicious cider donuts...A+ for the read and the reminder. :)


Yep Delicious Orchards were where I discovered Apple Cider Donuts.

Not sure how I was effected most; in the feels, or in craving for Apple cider donuts.

To be fair, Granny Smith DOES have a pretty bitchin' recipe for pony tears.

this story just gave me good warm fuzzy feeling inside.:pinkiehappy::ajsmug::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::raritywink::yay::moustache:

Rainbow reluctantly swallowed the morsel down, regained her breath, and mewled forth: "Sh-shazam."


Apple Bloom hopped again. "Or that time you went looking all over Ponyville for nails to fix the gazebo?!"

Isn't that from one of the comics? xD

My fanfic does. :3

Nice, as always, SS&E. You really did a good job of capturing that warm, family atmosphere. 10/10 This is a short, and sweet vignette that I would read again, and again on a cold day in hell to give me the warm, and fuzzies. :ajsmug:

Home. This story feels like home. :heart:

This is a very cute story. Luckily I was eating spaghetti while reading so I didn't get so hungry with this :raritywink: I like the characterization of everypony in here! this going to favs!!

Thanks for this Skirts.

Do you think, if I ask really, really nice, the Apple family will adopt me? :applecry:

Seriously, though. This was beautiful. You once again prove yourself to be the best slice-of-life author on this site--15k words of basically nothing happening, aside from simple moments and conversations about nothing-in-particular, and yet I hung on every word. It was all so warm and cozy, with lots of cute little moments and, like a nuance of apple hidden in an autumn-kissed pastry, just the right amount of feels. This made my day.

And then Dash found out the donuts were filled with demons that stole her life force slowly as they infected everypony around her and everypony died and the planet exploded in slow motion to the tune of "Nocturne in E Flat Major" for extra tragedy.


I was reading the title in the feature box, guessed the author and wasn't even surprised. Skirts, you've perfected the art.


Heartwarming. Wonderful. Pleasingly dripping with more sugar than Granny Smith's donuts.

Made a stormy autumn evening in my neck of the woods a little easier to deal with. Thanks for a great story.

Hey, it's Applebloom's bedtime story from when Harmony was visiting the farm and doing... pretty much this.

Why must you tease us with delicious slices of an end that will never come. :ajbemused:

My... god. This was beautiful. I mean, just so absolutely perfect and heartwarming... Just plain old farm family hospitality and stories told around a warm fire. No drama or anything else, 'cause it doesn't need anything else. Just... beautiful. It even brought up a lot of happy memories of some great times I've had with my family, like how we always drove up to see my grandmother every week and we brought a picnic lunch with us 'cause she lived right next to the park... and then the family reunion rolled around every year, which, again, happened at a place right next to her house, so it was awesomely convenient for her since she was pretty old. Good times.

Thank you so much for the story, SS&E. I really enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Never thought I'd laugh out loud at a description of a pony eating a doughnut, or feel sad to see the end of a story that had practically no story at all.

Skirts, you're my favorite fanfic author.

I forgot to read the word count or the author's name before I came in. I was expecting some three, four thousand words, to be read in ten minutes. I was honestly surprised when I spent about half an hour on this. Not that I'm complaining. This is one of the best pieces of AppleDash I've ever seen. Hell, it's one of the best romance oneshots I've ever seen with anyone involved. You, sir, are a genius.

Well, the guy does write Appledashery. :duck:

Cute little thing skirts, nice to see the feels are still flowing. Could use a detailed eye to look over it again, I found a few minor errors throughout, but nothing too major.

Would have been cuter to read without all the damn rain here though.:trixieshiftleft:

I was expecting something completely different!:pinkiegasp: I'm shocked at how AMAZING this fic is! Good job!


Excellent slice of life! Good job!

Wow. What a beautiful story. I love how real you make the characters here. Each with a story to tell. And your discription of autumn amazing. Also I see the bit of metaphysical and romantic literature you threw in their...Nice!

I actually felt warmer reading this.

Simply magnificent.

Nostalgic Slice of Life you've written. The beginning and end was especially beautiful... I could picture the scenes in my mind so fluently, including the characters dialogue and behavior. Wonderfully heart-warming and relatable (at least for me) story you've wrote. :ajsmug: Well done. :twilightoops:

this is beautiful... and it's always nice to slow down and savor the moments you have with your loved ones. :pinkiesmile:

This was lovely. It had a nice, slow pace, lots of detail, and a sweet idea. There's nothing like enjoying time with your family. :twilightsmile:

:rainbowderp: Funny how when I come to check this out the ad I get is for forest fires... :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

5150780 Agreed.

While it could of gone Love dovey shipfic stuff...

It didn't. And I appreciate this story much more for it.

Not to mention, The way it was paced was much like the Apple Cider Doughnuts. Kinda like its not there at the beginning, but as you read through you see the bits and pieces come together and end with a pleasantly cute little scene.

Well, blow me down with a feather and tuck me in bed in my flannel PJs, that was just a slice out October 1968! Little six-year-old me says "Bon soir," and drifts off into slumberland dreaming of apple donoughts and being big enough to grow a moustache. :moustache:

Thanks, Skirts!

That was absolutely delicious, god damn you are a poet. Just this afternoon took wife and kids out pumpkin picking, about 40 minute ride out east, little farm we go to here and there... Pumpkins, hay rides, pony rides... And above it all the wafting aroma of apple cider donuts being made. Kids tried for first time and were In heaven... What are the odds of reading this the very same night? One slight nitpick would be that Granny Smith would have been frying her donuts, not baking... But who the hell cares, I can still taste them! Thank you.

Another beautiful piece Skirts.

This was simply awesome. What a wonderfully beautiful slice-of-life story for Rainbow Dash and the Apple family. From the pace to the dialogue to the characterizations, everything was perfect. Well done! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

cider doughnuts reminded me of this

I love this "A normal story of someone with her friends" series. As a loner, it feels warm.

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