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Something something Imagination.

Story says 0 words/0 views on the new stories page...

I think you broke Fimfiction.

This is the best use of the Adventure tag I've seen yet.

A perfect mixture of Calvin and Hobbes, Ponies, and childhood shenanigans. If this is selling out, it never read so well.

How does this only have 7 likes so far?!
This is an outrage!
This should have around 500 likes by now, maybe 600!

Well, that was just as cute as a button. And somehow, I like it even more for including Derpy. I don't think I've ever really seen a story that had much interaction between Scootaloo and Derpy (except for that one about the time-travelling chicken, even if it was by proxy). Nice descriptions, kudos for not using dialogue, and well done capturing the feel of children's make-believe.

Simply adorable, and I mean that in every sense. Thank you for this. :scootangel:

Hey, not bad.

This is criminally underrated

Harmony 1.0.

This had a fantastic Calvin and Hobbes vibe, but holy moly you're just pumping out stories.

Scootaloo's epicness cannot be rivaled. :scootangel:

Scootaloo is a mary sue.

Also, where the heck does SS find the time to write these? That's like the third story of his that I've read this week.

Meh, this was an ok, so so story

Probably a 12/10 :pinkiecrazy:

Gotta love the imagination of a child give them a box and they can be entertained for hours... I miss being able to do that

Very sweet! :yay:

Calvin would be Proud. :heart:

Some say Sponge Bob, some say Calvin, I say SS&E has his own methods for using imagination and cardboard boxes. This is perhaps how he came up with most of EoP, just playin' around in a cardboard box. :raritywink:

This story was AWESOME and I was more then happy to give it it's 100th Like :twilightsmile::scootangel:

Well, this was wonderfully refreshing! Cocksure rollercoaster adventure that charmingly reconciles fantasy with reality.

Well done!

Since no one's done it yet.

I was honestly expecting her to be shot down by the Red Baron.

5160310 I approve of your approval :ajsmug:

The sky is the limit with imagination.

5160310 This is all one big publicity stunt for you, isn't it?

This is an amazing fimfic. i absolutley love the imagination behind it.

when i saw that there was one dislike i was stunned! :derpyderp1:

What if she imagines she's on "Robot Pirate Island?"


'Cause no one should ever dislike something by a popular guy, right? :pinkiecrazy:

The coast is clear, and so she next braves a long, consecrated look at the box.

Consecrated? To consecrate something is to make it sacred. That sentence means that some divine power made her gaze, specifically her gaze upon the box, sacred. I think you might want to change this sentence.


Perhaps concerted effort, or concentrated effort?

Ya know it could be correct, I mean she DID have a whole orchestra playing music as she approached the box, I can imagine the angel choir could have shown up too.

Amazing what a little imagination can do to a simple cardboard box.:twilightsmile:

It was kind of cute, but I found it laden with distracting adjectives and unnecessary words. The overall experience has left me feeling neutral on this story.


That is simply adorable :3 A child's imagination is a wondrous thing, is it not?

T501 #40 · Oct 20th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Barrel-rolling to the left,

"Aileron", not barrel rolling.

Aside from that, I feel like liking this fic 3 times, even though I know that will just like, unlike, and like this fic.

Two things:
It's great to see Scoots playing in a box instead of trying to live in it.
And screw you for making me tear up at bedtime >_<

above the left shoulder of pilot's seat. Taking

*the pilot's seat.
(Besides, you tend to leave a space too much after periods.)

5163322 actually, putting two spaces after the end of a sentence is proper grammar. it's just that nobody tends to bother with it. I remember learning to put two spaces at the beginning of a new sentence back in grade school. knowing that this author did it, I'm actually tempted to go back and edit my own fics.

and to anyone with papers to write that have a minimum required page count, take note. this is a completely grammatically correct way to get just a little more padding into your papers.

5162698 why can't it be a barrel roll? those are things. just because starfox misinformed a lot of people doesn't mean someone can't do a barrel roll, and veer toward the left while doing it.

5163836 Ever since I watched Game Theory's video on Star Fox and correct air maneuvers and their names, I can't EVER stop thinking of the barrel/aileron roll misconception.

every child is a mary stu in their imagination if it was realistic, it wouldnt be imaginaton would it?:yay:

I like the concept that comes with a stable introduction and conclusion. It's a good story with little to no errors although you could use more synonyms instead of relying on the same words. 8/10

5163829 That's how I learned how to do it. Since then, I've had two people tell me to do just a single space between sentences. I always thought somewhat odd, considering that I used two during all of my college education and none of my college professors seemed to find fault with it.

flea's sneeze

I would probably pay to see a band called Flea's Sneeze.

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