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Rainbow Dash asks her friends what they might want carved on their tombstones. Her friends tell her.

Based on the August 2014 prompt from The Writeoff Association, "Famous Last Words."

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Damn. P pie was ON. She is killing me. Get it?

Do I smell cupcakes?


I think I'd like mine to be "I was buried with fifty pound of precious metals and gems". With a suggestive shovel underlining it.

This honestly made me think of what I want my last words to be "that was fun"
Even though I had some ups and downs in life I still had fun . Isn't that the true meaning of life . To make most of it and still have as much fun as you possibly can .
That's just what I think life's all about

I want mine to say: Everyone sucks but ME!
That way everyone will know what the score was.

I was a little worried about Pinkie in here, but she did everything I asked her to. And that smell's probably nothing to worry about.:pinkiecrazy:
I spent all day Halloween writing this, and I didn't even once ask myself the question. Now I'll have to think about it.

No tombstone for me. Just wrap me in newspaper and kick me off a pier, that'll do.

Im stuck between "gg no re" or as my sunbros last words "it looks like my quest has come to an end... but I take solice that at last I found....my sun" man tears were shed.

That last line. Right in the feels.


Talking about dying.
Immortal friend walks in.

I'm not sure I can say anything; I plan to be cremated.

I hope inside the casket with you would be a big sign reading, "PSYCH!"

Two more methods I didn't even think of!
And it's the Day of the Dead coming up tomorrow, too. I didn't think of that, either!

Here lies Chuk died of fatal bunny wounds

I'll just direct you to the icon I use. I'll also note that the ad banner at the bottom of the page as I'm typing this is for headstones.

Google knows everything!

5216059 Here lies Chuk I'm still down here!
Here lies Chuk I told you I was sick
Here lies Chuk shot through the heart and you're to blame
Here lies chuk where am I?
Here lies Chuk first man to land on the sun.... he didn't stay long

Here lies Anon, Mauled by a tiger, He left us these final thoughts
"God above, Someone help me, I'm being mauled by a tiger"

5216148 Here lies Chuk he's not dead he just got bored

I admit, the puns had me dying throughout the whole story.


I was really surprised that I came up with jokes for all five of them. Pinkie must be inside my head!:pinkiegasp:

Pinkie and Rarity were busy getting the Monopony board set up and Fluttershy was rubbing the belly of a stretched-out and purring Opalescence, so none of them seemed to be paying attention.

I see vat you did there. :coolphoto:

I love how you people write these one-shots. They're awesome.

Here's what mine would probably say:

"Here lies a kind man who proudly lived the life of a moron."

I'm so happy I heard about The Writeoff Association. These short, focused stories are just what I've been needing recently.
Might be I'll sign up for that one, too!

Quite honestly, Twilights reaction to their conversation could be a fiction it itself.

There is ridiculously amazing youtube video about it called Eternity's End. It doesnt detail discussion about it but instead an after the fact short sweet remembrance of the ponies we hold so very dear.

(Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzNXuLZD4bQ)

Well, my epitaph would be
"Все мы, все мы в этом мире тленны,
Тихо льётся с клёнов листьев медь…
Будь же ты вовек благословенно,
Что пришло процвесть и умереть."

This isn't meant as a serious critique on this story, I'm only saying it because it bugs me something fierce.
The "punny" name of Monopony is completely unnecessary here, Manehatten is fine because mane replaces man which insinuates humans. Having a monopoly on something can still exist in the MLP universe, just ask Filthy Rich.
Sorry, had to get it out of my system, you may call me pedantic if you so desire.

Mine would be "This seemed like a good idea..."

If we're all lucky, Twilight'll never learn about it.
How about "What could possibly go wrong?"
It was Pinkie in my brain forcing me to make puns.:pinkiecrazy:

Well then all is forgiven! :pinkiehappy:

Last words - That's easy, hold my beer

His last words were "Just like that old gypsy woman said!"

N. Cartman
1999 to 2050
When is this due?

But in all seriousness, my headstone would probably say-
I'm watching you!

I loved this, keep doing what you're doing and you'll make it big.

'Here Rests Raz. Maybe.'

And thank you dear author for the excellent gallows humor! Ah, it was quite refreshing to this poor soul.

I'd be buried at the Last Words Cemetery.
My Tombstone:
"Here lies MyLittleTimeLord.
~Watch this belly flop!"

:yay: for forgiveness!
We should all get t-shirts with our epitaphs on them so we can be prepared.
The Writeoff Association has just started a new round, so there ought to be another story from me here after November 24.

I work with computers and robots, so:
I'll Be Back!


Caution: Explosive Batteries.

or the ever classic:

Insert Lightning Here->
with an arrow pointing at a lightning rod attached to my brain.

"Autosave - turn 26,284"

i'm gonna have 'Respawning in 3...2...' just so people stand around waiting for the 1 to come up.

Either that or 'Unitatis. Officium. Libatis.' (Props if you get the reference. Hint: it's in Latin)

Mine will read "His K/D ratio was legendary, gamerscore unrivaled. Armies crumbled before him, villains flee from his legacy even now. Killed by a swampfly."

"Here lies [insert name]
Fucking respawn time is too long"

Either that or:

"Dance here"

This spawning stuff sounds dangerous...:twilightoops:
The only Latin I know is "Veni, vidi, vici," and I don't think that'd work too well on a gravestone.

I want to be cremated - I'm no big fan of the whole decomposition thing, and even if the chances are next to nil, there is no way in hell I'll ever be part of a shuffling zombie horde if I have anything to say about it. That said, if I did get a headstone, I think I'd want it to read, "And nothing of value was lost."

Alternatively, should I somehow get oodles of cash, I think it would be cool to have a mausoleum built of some sort of dark stone, with the ornate coffin within bound by heavy chains and surrounded by an occult-looking runic circle or some such... perhaps with other accoutrements along those lines; I haven't worked out any great detail. Ideally, there would be no indication of who was interred within, beyond the fact that whoever it was, the builders really didn't want to risk 'em ever coming back... :trollestia:

Mine would be:

"Het nok aan jul wen nah lost ni mindok groe."

I'm with Pinkie on this one; I plan on dying laughing :pinkiehappy:

I'd never really thought about it... :applejackunsure: How bout:
1. Did I leave the oven on?

2. "Waldo found me first."

3. "I should have written an epitaph."

5223052 OMG Cheryl would totally have that on her tombstone! Unless you weren't making an Archer reference, in which case please disregard and/or think I'm weird.

5230068 I have no idea what this "Archer" thing is, friend, Making assumptions like that, you're really entering into some sort of zone of danger or something.

"Here lies Kevin
I got a good feeling about th-"

Twilight's response would be, "Oh, that's not going to be an issue. I plan on making you all immortal soon enough."

5228727 it means 'Unity, Duty, Destiny'

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