A series of humanised Soarin and Rainbow Dash one shots. Welcome to the SoarinDash cult :)
A huge huge thank you to my bubba @Sunrise_Mist for the cover art. Please go check out her wattpad :)
This story was originally written /still being written on Wattpad.
Sex tag: for mentions of sex as well as some sexually explicit scenes in some chapters.

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(pegasi will have wings, earth ponies will have increased strength and unicorns will have the ability to do magic

Then maybe you should go more with Anthro or Ponies.

all the stories will be canon up until season 8 because season 9 was straight up fucking pure shit ass trump looking ass trash and we just don't acknowledge its existence in this house, okay?

This is starting to turn into a blog post.

eqg also won't be canon due to the fact that i'm just not a huge fan of eqg uno and if I wrote eqg it would mean that I would have to probably write sci-twi and I hatteeeee that bitch with a fucking passion.

Yep, blog post instead of author's note and that alone should maybe e enough for a T rating or an M rating if all the notes will be like that.

Also, maybe explain more about the criminal organization, don't just say that this group was bad and wanted revenge.

thank u for the feedback :twilightsmile:
i'll make long author notes into blog posts in the future :)

Окей. Это было неожиданно.
Ну как минимум из-за того, что большинство избенает этой темы среди вондерболтов. Потому что это временно выводит их из строя, а когда беременеет капитан, так это вообще полный треш.
А теперь я начинаю ждать продолжение.
И эта тема с вирусом мне что-то очень напоминает *флэшбеки из 2020*

Okay This was unexpected.
Well, at least due to the fact that most people prefer this topic among wonderbolts. Because it temporarily puts them out of action, and when the captain gets pregnant, it's a complete mess.
And now I'm starting to wait for the sequel.
And this theme with the virus reminds me something very much * flashbacks from 2020*

"Soarin!? Awake!? On-time!? Who are you and what have you done to my best friend?" Rainbow Dash dramatically gasped and she placed her hands on his shoulders and shook him. Soarin rolled his eyes and chuckled.

This my family and friends @me


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