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When Rainbow Dash falls very ill, It's up to her coltfriend Soarin to take care of her. But, When she seems more than merely just sick, Soarin begins to wonder what exactly is wrong with her.

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omg they're raising scootaloo together ? :rainbowkiss:

why did i think she was pregnant lmaaooo:rainbowlaugh:

Yes yes. I just can’t help myself when it comes to them raising scoots together. It’s just so cute 😌

frrr, it's one of my favourite headcanons :fluttershysad:

Good story but the medical stuff about the bacteria was wrong, bacteria growth could be cured with antibiotics but if you wanted the whole surgery thing maybe a parasite those could require surgery.

Ty! I did a little bit of research based off of the 'stomach bacteria' when I was writing this story and I didn't find much information. So, thank you for telling me.

I was honestly thinking that she was pregnant. What is wrong with me?


very cute. could have been executed a little better. but all in all the story was good. i would have put a little more detail in it but that's fine. again cute story.

Pls don't tell me i'm the only who was thinking she's pregant 😂😅

She probably had a parasitic infection called cryptosporidium.

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