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This story is a sequel to His Other Half

'Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.' - Emily Dickinson

Nobody ever told Soarin that grief felt so much like fear.

Some leave our lives as quickly as they entered. Some were with us right from the dawning of our existence. Some leave footprints all over our heart, and change us for the better.

But some insinuate themselves into the very centre of our hearts, become our whole life, alter the very nature of our souls, and we are never, ever the same again.

They had been together for so long, the prospect of losing her had never really crossed his mind. He couldn't imagine a world without her, it was simply... unfathomable.

But he knew he couldn't stop it from happening.

And he hated that.

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I feel so sorry for soran hope he gets a happy ending

Oh my gosh. This managed to be so sweet, and sad, and all around amazing.
Got me right in the feels.

I can't stop crying

Don't worry he willll
I hate sad endings myself:)

:raritydespair: omg thank you so much all your comments are so niceee

forgive me and I will give you more soarindash fluff :fluttershysad:

I don’t know if I love this for being so sweet and sentimental or if I hate it for breaking my heart into millions of pieces :raritycry: But girl this was so good I can’t wait for more :heart:

Aww thanks that means the world x

i regret reading this in public because im trying so hard not to cry :fluttershysad:

i don't think ive even cried this much over a fanfiction. i shut my phone and just cried for a good 5 minutes. you are a brilliant storyteller and captured everyones emotions perfectly. now if you will excuse me im going to go cry more:fluttershysad:

Dammit, I'm at work and I'm reading this. It wasn't a good decision 😭 Poor Soarin. I loved your fic and the best Fics of this ship without a doubt

Swing you low or high away,
Burn you hot or dim,
My only wish I dare not say-
Lest you should grant me him.

You know what I'm adding that to the chapter :raritydespair: thank you for the inspiration

I thought it would end here, I want to see the next chapter. I love how you write to Soarin. Her feelings seem real and the love she feels for Dash. It makes me very sad that Poor Wonderbolt is like this.

Thank you for your kind words :fluttershysad::heart: I think I may have underestimated how many chapters it's gonna take me to finish this story, I think ill probably have another 2 out and then it'll be done x

Tears are all I could see while readinggg!
Awesome job as always, your writing is so powerful!

It was so sweet! Also I almost cried just at the mention of the fact that it was Silver who greeted her.
My heart!

Something tells me that the next chapter, It will be time to say goodbye to Soarin.

Silver always has to have a word in :rainbowlaugh:

Ooohohoh we will have to wait and see hmmm :raritywink:

I know! The wise-ass makes everything better.

Silver never fails to put a smile on my face :rainbowlaugh:

No, thank you for leaving such amazing comments :twilightsmile:

And yes, there does seem to be quite a lot of Soarins hehe :moustache:

so amazing amazing in every single way :pinkiesad2: this is my new favorite soarindash story

Thank you I try my best :heart: very honoured to be a favourite story :twilightblush:

Ahaa I hope they're happy tears :raritydespair::twilightsmile: And thanks so much for the follow!! :)

How heartbreaking! I literally cried throughout the entire story! :fluttercry: :raritydespair:

bestie that was a beautiful ending and im sobbing my eyes out rn :')

The best fanfic I've read besides Piercing the Heavens

this hurts so fucking much oh my

this is so perfect! i love how i could just feel the raw emotions of the characters. it's like i was actually there, watching and experiencing.

*here comes the pain train choo choo*

Comment posted by Fan Of Rainbow Dash deleted June 4th

I am literally crying right now :fluttercry:

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