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This story is a sequel to Clip and Crash

Sequel to Enigmatic Otaku’s one-shot ‘Clip and Crash’.

Soarin and Rainbow Dash are heading to Rainbow’s house for some extra practice, but she just can’t keep her mouth shut. He intends to ‘punish’ her anyway at her house but her teasing is wearing out his patience.

The art is not mine, I just found it on Pinterest.
Finally, a big thank you to Helping Hoof for editing and pre-reading this.

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Comments ( 6 )

It's a good thing they left. If they stayed there a bit longer and certain feelings rose, then that cloud would have had to have been recalled to the cloud factory for... decontamination. :trollestia:

Eeeeyh, good to see this come out, and congratulations on the first story release.

this was so good for ur first story :fluttershysad: i loved it :twilightsmile:

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