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Sometimes, you just need a little quiet. Soarin needed to think. He had already decided what he was going to do, heck, he had known it since the day he met her. It was so peaceful in the sky. No disturbances. Just endless, cool silence. He knew what he had to do.

Because he loved her.

Because he was never going to let her go.

Because if the sky was burning and the light was fading and the world was falling down, she would be the only thing on his mind.

And god be damned if he was about to let her go.

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OH MY CELESTIA:rainbowkiss:
I’m going to make a wild assumption that you are also a fan of the Wonderverse???
Please say yes please say yes :pinkiehappy:
If this is or if this isn’t meant to be in that universe, it’s still freaking amazeballs just the way it is.
Oh, you have made my heart so happy :heart:

Pure sugar and adorableness! I love it!

This honestly made my extremely early morning. It was so sweet and wholesome. Awesome, awesome job! ;)

Aww ahah thank you!! Yes, also massive fan of the wonderverse :rainbowwild:

Aha thank you :) I was wondering if it was too cliche :twilightblush:

Oh not at all! I thought it really suited them.

O.M.G...........that is the cutest Story i ever read😇😇😇😇😇

Wow thank you!! :twilightsmile:

this is the one of the purest things ever.

Thank you I try my best :twilightblush:

this was such a cute story omg
it melted my heart and it was really well written:fluttershysad:

Aha thank you I'm a bit of a soarindash fanatic hehe...

same lmao 😭 soarindash supremacy

Yessss let's build an empire

i read in the comments that you're a big fan of the wonderverse and i was wondering if you would like to join a wonderverse discord server for it :heart:

here's the link :D
i along with @Starsong Shine and @0PinkamenaDianePie0 are the owners:twilightsmile:
a lot of the members were talking about your book recently :)
i look forward to seeing you there :rainbowkiss:

Ahh thanks so much! I will join tmr when I am awake properly :rainbowlaugh:

Flattered to hear people are interested in my writing :heart:

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