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It's been a year now that Rainbow Dash studies at the Canterlot Academy of Music. She lives in a small youth hostel, where one day, a quite improbable mishap makes her meet another resident, Soarin, who she quickly gets infatuated with. Everything would be for the best if her new (and first) boyfriend hadn't been the new superstar of Equestrian adventures flicks for teenagers. No less.

Oh, it sure sounds like a fairy tale... But it rather looks like a romantic comedy turned evil.

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Neat. Excited for next chapter!

I am definitely keeping an eye on this one! Keep up the good work, I love anything SoarinDash related!

AWWWWW ITS AMAZING :heart::rainbowkiss: I loved it! :heart:

Is this story related to The Truth About Girls?

Oh, no, not at all! It's just an adaptation of something I wrote long ago, which demands very little editing so my followers can have something to read until I could publish The Last Flower again (well, after my College year, that is :twilightsheepish:) But, in a sense, it's the same kind of universe, yeah... An fictious Equestria set in our real world, only with those strange eye and hair colors! :rainbowlaugh:

I love this x) good job!

I love the ussr but thunder wiz in my pants
Cool story bro. my mane pal get it XDXDXDXD
But one of them need an eyepatch and a lip piercing like me HEHEHEHEheheheheh

Aw, man! So close! Admittedly it would have been nice to see what happened last night but this was just as good, with Dash being close to ask him on a date. So yes, if you can, please post another chapter because I'm dying to see where this is going! Great job.

Yes do publish another chapter please I want to see them get together eventually

So I acted exactly as if I were Sandra Bullock in "Gravity".

Sandra Bullock in "Gravity".

Sandra Bullock


This was lovely, yet a little bit heartbreaking in the end, but lovely!

Publish it if you wish so, and College lets you, you know I have no problem :raritywink:

Damn cliffhangers ;-;

I can't wait till Thursday ;-;

First I was like: :fluttershysad:
Then I went: :raritystarry:
Then I was all like: :pinkiehappy:
And in the end was like this: :rainbowlaugh:

Great chapter! :heart:

Oh Rainbow Dash, you do not... :ajsmug: I loved this chapter so much! The lunch date was too precious! :heart: Another great job and I look forward to Soarin and Dash's growing relationship!

NAHHHHH BROOOOO!!!!! :pinkiegasp:

I need another chapter like, now??? BecAUSE YOU KILLED ME AT:

Instead, he stretched his hand and wiped something stuck to my bottom lip.

Likeeeeee, that made my heart burst, like that's summm cute stuff!~ Mahhh heart!~

Lovely chapter, aaaaa, I honestly can't wait for more!~ :yay::heart:

Also, lovely descriptions of the writing!~ :raritywink:

A week?! Jeez Rainbow, why that long?! You obviously like him, so there's no need to hold back! All and all this was a good update and I look forward to the next one.

This is good, have a moustache :moustache:

I really love how in character Rainbow Dash is! She's obviously not the type that would give into romance so easily but for her to act this way around Soarin really proves that he's the one for her as she can be her complete self around him and give into her girly side on occasion. And that kiss was soooo awesome! I can't wait for Pinkie and the other girls reactions when they find out Dashie is dating! Another wonderful chapter! :pinkiehappy:

"One week. Next Sunday."

CRYIN' :rainbowlaugh:

But why so long tho??? XDD

This fanfic makes me feel giddy, and I hate screaming and my heart starts doing little backflips, because damn gurl! You have me captivated for more and more each time, and your descriptions are just so vivid, like, slay me and teach your ways, oooff!~ <3

Pinkie knows it. That's it. She can smell Dashie's lies a mile away.

That boy from Thunderlane's bunch put his eyes on Pinkie who smiled at him... reservedly.


This is getting juicy! :rainbowdetermined2: good job

I'm curious what will Pinkie's reaction to Soarin be

Interesting development. :duck: Pinkie is close to discovering Dash's secret and Rainbow was able to dodge a bullet by not dating Thunderlane and no one is the wiser except maybe Pinkie but all and all a great chapter and I can't wait to see where it goes!

But in the end, it was me who was hurt. Later. Much later. Much too late.

And WHAT is that supposed to mean?!?!

Ahhh... I think I know where this going now, The fame and limelight will keep Soarin too busy for Dash that eventually he'll have to make a difficult decision between his career and the girl he loves. I'm pretty sure it'll be the latter but how they'll get there is still a mystery. So awesome twist to the story and I can't wait for more!

We won't know until later I suppose :trollestia:

I am a bit worried for their relationship now though.

Oh my gawdddd, aaaaaaah I am in love with this story WAYY too much than I should!~ Gurl, I need to know what happens at the premiere, and I am so proud of my baby Soarin getting the lead role! The way you write makes me feel in the moment, and I am just in LOVE with the way you write, I can read your writing all day!~ Keep up the fantastic work, and I honestly can't wait for more!~ :heart::twilightsmile:

Whoa! Someone get a fire truck cause this chapter is a burning inferno of passionate! But in all seriousness this was beautifully detailed and romantic that I can only hope that it'll last for a very long time before something goes wrong. If anything, I think this stardom business will bug Soarin more than Dash since I think she already knows the cons of dating a superstar and are willing to make those sacrifices for him. Soarin will realize that he doesn't want to hide his girlfriend anymore from the world and will fight with his agent to let him reveal her. At least I think that will happen but I will have to wait and see. Otherwise another great if not amazing chapter cause it's my favorite to date! :pinkiehappy:

On the screen there was in front of the long table, the first fifteen minutes of the movie were shown. Well, the story was always the same but at each new "generation", they brought new elements, changed the name and personalities of the main characters, so much that the movies didn't resemble the books anymore, except for the world-building and how the story was supposed to end. More or less. It felt so strange to see Soarin playing someone else. It was his voice, his eyes, his body and his hands but it wasn't Soarin anymore.

Well this is interesting. I've always wondered what it was like for friends and family of celebrities seeing them in the screen, knowing exactly how they are, and yet, seeing them be different people. I guess this is how, it's a strange feeling, and it seems legit for me.

Quickly, I noticed something... Sandalwood often stared at Rarity. She was staring at him as well... Each time they chatted together, he was looking straight into her eyes and I could feel my friend was disconcerted. That rather was a good thing if Rarity liked a boy and a boy liked Rarity, but I felt awkward because I knew she already had a boyfriend too.


Soarin probably felt the same way since I saw a smile appeared on his handsome face. So, I closed my eyes and waited, heart in alarm, anticipating his lips against mine as a frustration increased in my belly. I could feel his breath caressing my cheeks, his arms tightening around my waist... And I heard someone opened the door behind us.

Oh, Buck him!

No answer. He only went back to his armchair, get his magazine and slouched on it. Obviously, embarrassment was no part of his vocabulary since I discovered he was actually reading (or, rather, fapping) a porn magazine.

This guy is disgusting...

It barely lasted. Already, his face was going back... He seemed to be both sorry and looking for my approval. I wrapped my arms around his neck and led him to me. This time, our kiss wasn't a chaste little caress. There was more pressure, more fever. We kissed without a break, in each other's arms, impatiently.

O-Oh my...

When we parted, we both were breathless, cheeks scarlet. But we were happy. With a burst of laughter, we ran to the door when, in the back, the elevator door opened and we were almost caught up in the act.

You know what? This is one of the things I like the most of their relationship. One moment they can be eating each other's faces, but the next they'll be laughing together. They complement each other so perfectly, it's beautiful.

Yes yes yes! :rainbowwild:

but don’t put too much stress on yourself

Well, I would love to read more, but I'm worried about you. I know you have it hard with college, so if you're sure it won't be a burden, then go ahead. Don't overstress yourself, and take care :twilightsmile:

As for the chapter, this was a sweet one, and I swear I can't help but blushing when you write stuff this beautiful. I have to sit in front of the computer for a while, trying not to squeal and lower the red of my cheeks :rainbowlaugh:

Immediately, a shape emerged from the sofa and I could see Soarin, his hair messy, trying to identify where that sound came from.

For some reason, I couldn't help but laugh at this :rainbowlaugh:

more more more !! XD:pinkiehappy: but take your time :)

Yes omg more pwease

But dw if it's too stressful take your time

Fluttershy! :yay: I'm so happy to see her! Now it's just Twilight and AJ left and we have the whole gang!

Ooooohhhh, I see Coloratura. I admit I really like her, and I'm excited to know what's her role in this story of yours my friend!

Keep the awesome work! :heart:

Sorry for not reviewing the last chapter, I was out of town but now that I'm back, I was able to enjoy reading two chapters instead of one! Both chapters made me very excited though I am nervous about Coloratura's personality changing in this universe, I hope she doesn't do something stupid like exposing Dash and Soarin's relationship or something like that. And I'm with Midday Giggle, I hope we get to see Applejack and Twilight very soon and if I'm right all of them will form the Rainbooms and Dash will become as famous as Soarin is.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

When you will update?
I really loving your fanfic πŸ’•

Thanks :heart:
There's an update every Thursday night Paris timezone :twilightsmile:

:raritydespair: NOOO! Not a cliffhanger!!! And Filthy made me so mad here! :flutterrage: I mean come on, it was just one little photo! Dashie was hardly noticeable in it! No one would have been able to know she was Soarin's girlfriend! All I can say is, I really hope things work out in the end for them. Update when you can, but take any time you need.

Oh no could this be the end of Dash and Soarin?! :pinkiegasp: stay tune for our next chapter. :rainbowdetermined2:

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