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With Twilight now on the throne as Ruler of Equestria, the royal sisters have retired to the small island community of Silver Shoals. However, their long awaited retirement isn't going quite as smoothly as they might have hoped. It seems that when ruling a nation for over a millennia, one might not think too much about the work that goes into living a normal life.

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This looks like it's gonna be interesting. Definitely going to be keeping an eye on this.

This wasn’t rush at all. I really love to see how clueless the girls will be at handling real life experiences and lessons. Like for example you had it were Celestia doesn’t know how to use the stove well makes sense because their whole life somepony was taking care of them.

Can’t wait for them to fight who does the dishes :rainbowlaugh:

you think even that they have a live in cook or maid or house keeper there for them to take care of the cooking, cleaning, and shopping, for them since I guess neither have done that in well over 1000 years.

it be funny to see them run out of bits and have to get jobs on island but cant find work cause they either under or over qualified

I'm very excited for this and the other post-show content that's coming. Can't wait! :pinkiecrazy:

This could be fun.

The way I see it, the princesses wouldn't want to bring any kind of servants with them because they want to stay out of the public eye, and just live as normal ponies.

As for money, they essentially have a pention on top of whatever personal wealth each of them had. So money won't be an issue for them.


Just because they have money doesn’t mean it’s there for long. Money comes and goes pretty quick when not looking :rainbowderp:

oh I figure that, but that be one of the thing that they may not releize at first, ie they have an allowance and go though it quickly, and wonder that to do about more, or try to get part time job to fill in hrs of boredom in the day/night.
I can see luna somehow get job as a nighttime radio host by accident

Oh this will be a ride

Well since mostly eveybody assumes alicorns are immortal and can't die, they need to account for making back all the money that they might spend aka they need JOBS. that money gonna run out sooner or later

Poor Celestia

Doesn't even know how to use a dang stove

Thank you!! :pinkiehappy:
I couldn't find the original for the life of me

As far as I'm concerned, Luna and Celestia have no need to worry about money. They've got fortunes that were built up over centuries, so the odds of them running out of bits is basically zero. Besides that, they get regular payments from their pention as former heads of state. Not to mention living in a small seaside village without any kind of luxury facilities means they aren't spending much to begin with anyway.

Suprisingly the crown didn't come with a home economics class :rainbowlaugh:

You know...you probably could do pretty much a whole other TV series just on these two trying to settle into retirement. :rainbowlaugh:

-sigh- please end it with them QUITTING their retirement and going back to ruling.

With Twilight Sparkle newly crowned as Ruler of Equestria, the sisters had decided it was finally time they step aside and leave the life of royalty behind them.


It's the Canon ending of the show. Don't like it? Suck it up, and read another story

They will be bored. I KNOW IT.

“Sister… You don’t know how to work the stove, do you?”

Wasn't Celestia established as an accomplished cook back in Season 7?

I'm way behind in the show. Only seen a handful of episodes beyond season 5,including the finale

In the episode "A Royal Problem", Celestia makes pancakes and says that she enjoys doing it. I highly recommend you watch it; it's one of the show's best episodes.

Getting around this is easy, though: just have Celestia and Luna swap places. Luna's cooking does suck, so she's probably going to set the stove on fire or something.

Thanks for the tip:scootangel:

And let me just say... It's good to be back~


True. It's actually a tragedy

I wasn't too happy about the retirement arc at first, but I've since made my peace with it. Mostly because I now realize that us fan-writers can put Tia and Lulu through whatever crazy adventures we want. :trollestia:

Personal opinion, pal.

Hmph. Says the person who used to be on my side for being against the sisters retiring. -_-

Honestly, my biggest concern was that the other members of the Mane Six would have to abandon their jobs and become rulers alongside Twilight. Which they didn't. So I'm happy. I was also concerned about what would happen to Celestia and Luna (or "fake Luna" as you'd call her), but they lived through the finale, and I can think of a number of directions their lives could go from here. So I'm happy with that too.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to end this here before it clutters up this guy's story. I'd rather the comments section be about the fanfic at hand rather than a pointless debate.

Good day.

I'd totally be down for that. :)

Celestia and Luna totes needed to retire. Change is a constant and they'll enjoy the change. They've been ruling for a long time.

Uh.... not for Luna though. She only came back from being in the moon a few year ago :/

She's still over 1,000 years old. Living that long is gonna take it out of you, no matter what you were doing

This is going to be fun!:moustache:

Just ignore him entirely. He's been spamming the same thing, almost word for word as well, on every story set after The Last Problem like it's going to change anything.

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