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Uria the Sacred Beast


This story is no longer being worked on due to higher levels of quality and faded interest in the subject.

As Celestia begins modernizing Equestria, a new type of transportation system is needed to travel long distances. With this come the invention of the automobile, or car, which is an instant hit. But, with a new method of fast transport, illegal races break out along major highways and roads. With the Royal Guards unable to stop them a new force is created to combat the racers.

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First off, I'm not gonna lie, I kinda squealed when I saw the title. I've always loved the NFS series, and this extra abbreviation will go well with it.

I never did play the Pursuit games much, but I assume the way it's described in the fic is how it works in-game since it did seem very much like an in-game tutorial, but you pulled it off fairly well. There's quite a few things in particular I'm looking forward to if they happen.

- What will Rainbow Dash's reaction be to finding somepony who can race better than her?
- Just how could Pinkie Pie make even this utterly nonsensical and physics-defying?
- Will any other background ponies join the force?
- Why am I imagining a Discord-mobile?
- What is sleep?

Anyways, I should be off before I faceplant on my keyboard and start snoring. Favourited and thumbs up'd! Looking forward to chapter 2!

I hope this isn't like other NFS crossover fics which stop halfway and go on a hiatus. Anyways,you could've had a more interesting intro,really. This first chapter is a little bland. Let's see how your story progresses... keep writing and good luck!


I don't normally like crossovers, but I read the first chapter and it was very good. It would be pointless of me to keep reading this story because I won't understand it, but I'll give it a thumbs up for the first chapter :)

I was excited.....until I saw the pic :( NfS HP 2010 is certainly one of the best indicators that the People responsible for the NfS Series lost all touch with reality and whatever goodies that made this series world famous.

Remeber, the sky may be her domain, but the asphalt is an alien world to her.
Pinkie always finds a way.:pinkiesmile:
Is it a TVR?
Sleep is for the weak! *Chugs a Coke*
I can understand. NFS HP 2010 is in a small sense realistic. I'm going to try to keep the physics realistic. Key word being try. Pinkie Pie is involved after all. I used this picture because it was the one that inspired me. I own Hot Pursuit 2 for the Gamecube, but haven't touched it in a while. Might have to dust it off.:applejackunsure:

Second chapter! Let's see...

Pretty much all the usual stuff,but are you inserting a story into the game, if you know what I mean? You probably are...

Also in the 1st chapter you mentioned 'body kits'. So are the cars upgraded? Hope you confirm this...

Other than that,hardly any typos. Keep going dude.

1029068 BULLSHIT. I can't say I like car games without customization,but if you did your research,THIS was what NFS started off as. Speeding supercars thru different environments;no rules,raw adrenaline with cops on your tail. And they STILL got famous from that.

Yes to the body kits. A little way of distinguishing a driver's car besides the color. Thought it might be a good idea.

1032342 Finally someone who shares the same idea as me. Thank you so much,I love you,and brohoof.

Edit:Btw,you can approach me if you wanna take things further with the cars. Trust me on this. Show me potential and I'll help you in every chapter. Good luck and keep those chapters coming!

Can they be same tunner cars or just all high class cars

Lame. Another one of these stupid crossovers.

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