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My name is Cain, a person who loves writing and rping. Am also a writer on Furaffinity http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rainbowsparkle91/, come check me out!


Note from the Author (3/28/2021)-
Really gotta hate how people don't listen to this segment. Really gotta love it.

Seriously people, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY Please do not comment on, thumbs up, fave this story, or add it to any bookshelves. Years later in all honesty I'm not happy with this story or how I ultimately wrote it. The only reason I don't delete it is because it got featured and because so many folks have it in their bookshelves already.

Hello. If you're reading this, you somehow found my message. Hopefully you are a fellow Brony, and will not simply assume this is the insane ramblings of a crazy person.
Oh, I suppose I should introduce myself, this story is about me, I guess. The name's Cain. Nice to meet ya.
Now, getting to the point of why I sent this out. Ya see, a few months ago, I had a rather unsettling experience. My mind was ripped from my body on Earth and transported to wherever it is our beloved Equestria lies. Normally, this would be nothing to worry about, as it seems to happen all the time, but frankly, this time was different. Instead of being sent to Equestria as a human, or nay, a pony, my mind was placed inside the body of an Equestrian.

Unfortunately for me, it happened to be Diamond Tiara.

Yeah...not what I was expecting either. Now, quick, before the message fades, get me some help!!

Looking for Co-Authors!
Helpers-Hoopy McGee,CloneBurner, RemareShadows,
shagohad12, Dusty the Royal Janitor

Inspired by Hoopy McGee's Why am I Pinkie Pie?!

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Why, why would I be so cruel to myself? Why would I torture myself so by making me the worst filly in all of Ponyville?:rainbowhuh:
Oh wait, because its fun:pinkiecrazy:!!

I would appreciate any suggestions on things to make this chapter better, be it grammar mistakes I missed, or things I could add to the chapter to make it flow better or what not. I am writing this story not just for my enjoyment, but also for yours as well!

I take it this has had heavy inspiration from the recently popularized story "Why am I Pinkie Pie?!"?

....eeyup, this is gonna become a fad now.

I'm heading to the bunker, this is gonna get ugly. Soon, this is gonna be a dead idea, next to MLD and Cupcakes spinnoffs.

*Goes to hide*

Oh, please tell, what clued you in on that? :rainbowlaugh:
I'm curious to where these stories go. speaking of mind possession, I think eventually we might get a female brony in Big Mac's body. Oh, that'd be funny. Please, someone (somepony?), write that story soon! :pinkiehappy:

You have my attention...
Pretty good this far

840477 room for one more in there?

You poor, poor Brony



and on another note its your earth friends and family who will have to deal with diamond tiara in your body I feel bad for.

Oh god...why? anybody but diamond tiara! at least derpy or something! Anyways good story :twilightsheepish:

I hope they don't forbid these kind of stories 'cause it would be interesting to see some of these.

I'm going to be brutally honest.....

I like this more than the original. :twilightsmile: (Please don't kill me, Hoopy McGee)

I think it would be interesting if a pony were in a human body, but I'm not sure if that would be allowed, since everything has to be all equestrified.

But also I think it would be interesting if someone's mind were put into a pony's body, but instead of them calling the shots, they were completely victim to the will of the pony. So they would be the second voice, making the pony seem crazy of course, but in a different way. It does seem like this could be a fun story to read, though, and I look forward to some updates.

840829 It's hardly a new idea. I recall seeing My Little Person: The Strange Case of Lyle Hartman. Never actually read it, but it's buried in my Read Later list.

Please excuse me...I can't help it...this one is really deserving of it. Please forgive me.:fluttercry:
To be honest, i have to wonder if its actually been tried before, and simply wasn't done right to attract enough attention.
Well, Hoppy McGee's story seems to be going on an "Evil secret within Equestria/Inception" thing. To be honest, I think that what I had Filthy do here is what probably happened after Ponyville Confidential. Also, I'd do that, but I'm a little busy with this and Resident Equestria.
I should note, I feel honored that you posted on one of my fics, despite some of the disagreements I've had with briefly with you before.
I tried to think of who it would be worse to be as a pony. DT was the first to come to my mind.
Twas inevitable. Though, the problem is that it could be hard depending on which character you decide to possess.
Actually, I don't feel sorry for them, because she'd be ending up in a mental institution very quickly. Me? I'm stuck in this little pinkish-purple body.
Holy Rutting Flying Feathers! I didn't expect a comment like that on the first chapter!
That thought had briefly crossed my mind, and now that I think about it, why oh why didn't I do that! The opportunity to drive Diamond Tiara insane....:pinkiecrazy:

Thanks everyone, I was actually kinda worried that it wasn't as good as I thought it might be. I may have to try and get a second chapter churned out........hmmm...work on Resident Equestria, or work on this...decisions decisions.

844025 I could probably find a bunch of fics that did the plot beforehand.

For if it is on the internet, someone else already made it.

Well, when it comes to adventure stories, I prefer the less serious adventures that aren't about stopping a menace that threatens all of Equestria.

Well then, you should love this story. No mass evils or anything like that. Just exploring the character and history of Diamond Tiara through the eyes of poor...poor me....:raritycry:

Oh, we do the same to ourselves. Sort of :unsuresweetie:. Maybe you'd like my fic, though? It has a slightly similar premise as yours, and predates it by several months :rainbowderp:.

844025 It's because I like the approach. The main character in "Why am I Pinkie Pie" is WAY too random, and does senseless things (granted, being inside Pinkie will do that). Cain (not sure if this is your real name, or just your character's name) is like "cool I'm in Equestria... NO I'M IN DIAMOND TIARA." Plus, your conflict is better imo. Not only do you have to find your way home, but you have to overcome ponies who don't like you (or rather Diamond Tiara).

You're right... maybe I am jumping the gun a little in saying it's better already. But I WILL say this is better than Why am I Pinkie Pie's first chapter.

Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

A wonderful beginning. :)


Why don't you come over here? Pinkie would like to have a word with you :pinkiecrazy:

Kidding, of course! I'm not going to get upset because people like someone else's story better than mine. If that were the case, I'd be getting upset all the time :pinkiesmile:

This one is pretty well written, after all. And it's putting a pretty under-utilized pony (Diamond Tiara) front and center, which is (I admit) more interesting than doing the same for one of the Mane 6 :twilightsmile:

Well, there's also the theme that in Why am I Pinkie Pie!? the human is becoming more like Pinkie, so that can be partially described for some of the randomness. Yes, Cain is my real name. Yeah, but not only that, to keep them from thinking DT has some how either magically turned over a new leaf (which, while such would be possible in FIM, is unlikely, and you can bet the CMC would be suspicious as heck) or has gone insane, I have to act just like her (or close enough anyways)

And don't say that too much, you might overfill me with so much confidence that the next chapter I write sucks in comparison!
Don't know why, but the first thing that image makes me think of is "Back away slowly" or "Don't make any sudden moves".
Pinkie Pie? Kidding? What is this you speak of :pinkiecrazy:?
Most people tend to ignore Diamond Tiara, as far as I can tell, and I think thats mostly because she's...well....herself :derpytongue2: Not only that, but considering how much depth some of the background characters who don't even speak have gotten thanks to the fandom, I think even miss prissy little brat DT needs some attention.
I thought briefly about doing it one of the mane 6, but the only problem is that aside from Pinkie Pie (who can get away with acting strange) they all know each other way too well, not to mention there's the distinct possibility of having to fight some big bad, which if one of the mane 6 is possessed by a human, I'm not sure if they'd be able to use the Elements of Harmony (and boy, would that be a heck of a problem)

Now, this is just a food for thought coming from me, since I expect we'll see more of these, this is mostly directed towards those who would consider doing one with the pony being possessed being one of the CMC: If a different soul is inhabiting one of them, and say they did something while in said filly, and gained a cutie mark, would it be the humans cutie mark, or would it actually be the CMC's cutie mark?

847877 That question is un-answerable. It's impossible for any of the CMC to gain a Cutie Mark Crusader, because then they'd just become regular fillies with no rhyme, reason, or method to contribute to the plot. I believe if someone were to possess Scootaloo, (who could be an engineer according to end of ponies), Sweetie Belle (singer, of course), or Apple Bloom (something like...oh I don't know...an apple?), they would be too distracted and caught up in shenanigans, forced into silly situations and preferring to mess around over actually achieving that something. Likely their Cutie Marks would require a touch more of maturity, but that's most likely just me rambling on a bit. Beware the rambles, they sometimes get the best of us.

And Rainbow Sparkle, have you set yourself a set time limit within which you will provide the next chapter? A first chapter is all well and good, but how will you live up to all the promises you've made, when the going gets tough, will you get distracted? Don't fail as others (like perhaps myself) have, but rather find inspiration, or let it find you! And I look forward to possibly seeing DT grow and change as a dynamic character, or, failing that, I think it'd be interesting if all of the sudden everyone suddenly noticed her being less of ... her, and she becomes extremely popular because she's nice, but then oh noes! The human mind presence suddenly leaves and she's back to square one. Food for thought is most often delicious when served with gemstones to baby dragons.

Also, if you'd like a pre-reader, I'd be more than happy to at least filter out most of the grammatical or punctuation or spelling or capitalization errors, just so that your story is that much better from the get-go, but of course what you do with your stories is your choice, and maybe I would just want to have the upper-hand in seeing a story as good as this before anyone else, haha. :P

Its bound to happen at some point. Heck, they might even do a three episode arc that has each of them discovering their super special talent. Also, the Cutie Mark Crusaders could still have a purpose: To help all colts and fillies with blank flanks to get their cutie marks!

I don't set time limits on updates....as I never end up following them. I'll either procastinate or just not get inspired enough to meet them. So, I basically update when I feel like it. I do however, give out time periods when one should expect an update to show up.

don't currently need that, but I wouldn't mind someone being able to make a better cover art. The one I have there is just something I threw together using copy-paste and the gradient tool on Paint.Net.

As I said with the previous chapter, if you have any suggestions or comments as to how I can improve this chapter, please, lend me your ears!:twilightsmile:
.........not like that :pinkiesick: :pinkiesick::pinkiesick:
But seriously, if you think there's something I can add, remove, or alter to make this chapter better, please don't be shy. I may be sounding like Rarity here (and hopefully this won't-no, not gonna say it, not this time murphy!) when I say this, but if you enjoy the chapter, than I enjoy the chapter.:pinkiehappy:

Okaay... I think little more interactions and prejustice would be nice. He's Diamond Tiara after all, that filly has reputation and everypony in Ponyville already know her. She has friends - not only Spoon, I think - colts who adore her, acquantances, enemies, just ponies who like\dislike her, teacher knows her too and may say something about Foal Press... something like that.

And try to make her ... real. Not all bad, not all nice - just filly with difficult character. Not exactly good with others, but she does have talents. Like, ordering ponies around. She's good manager?!)

How much d'you wanna bet Tiara wished that the punishment would happen to "anypony but" her?:rainbowwild:

I'm enjoying the story so far, especially the mental checklist. Can't wait to see what shenanigans not-DT gets into next.

Prejudice is the term I believe your looking for. As for reactions, its currently limited to Filthy Rich and a new maid named Ginger Gold (who happens to be a random background pony I picked randomly from the list of earth ponies list).
I will admit theirs a chance she has other friends besides Spoon, but I think Spoon is her only "true" friend. As for colts/fillies who adore her, that's also questionable.

Also, by any chance, may I make the guess that English is not your first language?
She probably would wish somepony else would be blamed, which was actually happening to the CMC before they did that last article. Unfortunately, now I have to go thru it. But hey, at least we can all assume DT, if she is stuck in my body, that she is stuck in a straight jacket in a funny farm somewhere.............damnit.
Tons no doubt. Especially considering I have temper problems, and can be as stubborn as a mule.
It doesn't help that any negative emotion I experience eventually becomes Anger (and if it was already anger, it becomes fury) My ability to control it is good, but it shall without a doubt be put to the test.

btw, if your not, make sure when reading not-DT/my lines, your reading them with DT's voice speaking them. Some of them may be amusing that way :p


You can, and you will be correct :D Hope I'm not as awful as I think. And she may have more friends...say, remember Apple Family Reunion? Why not Rich's Reunion, where her sisters\brothers and family friends meet each other?

I enjoy the chapter. My only concern is that the story might stall and die if you haven't planned out at least a rough idea of what's going to happen. Apart from that though, I like it. The bit with the maid was clever, making her new allowed you to skip the awkwardness of explaining any differences and the interactions showed us a lot about the difference in character between Tiara and Cain.

850239 I recently went on a Friendship is Witchcraft watching spree, so I've been imagining not-DT's voice from that. Which is pretty hilarious in its own right. Looking forward to doing the same with Silver Spoon.

Another brilliant story to brighten up my day.
Thank you:pinkiehappy:

Just a thought
If he is in DT body
DT should be in his body

Well. Obviously you have to make it as hard as possible for Cain since he is afterall in DT's body. Let the Pain Train begin.

I look forward to him having to help the Apples.

851765 DT is not going to be happy doing physical labor.

850066 No complaints about this story, and it's one I want to see finished.

If this were your typical after school special, the main character would learn her lesson somewhere near the end of the hour. It sounds like Filthy Rich is expecting his daughter to learn a lesson. So at some point, if Cain realizes that, he can "learn his lesson" and start being nice.

Then Diamond Tiara will get her body back, and it will look to everyone else that she quickly forgot her lesson.

Thats assuming she doesn't get dropped off in the nearest psych ward. I like to think of this as similar to the ST TOS episode Mirror, Mirror. Someone who isn't spoiled or an asshole can act like such, while someone who is both of those will have trouble being nice and unspoiled.
This assumes a few things that shall be answered...in time.:pinkiehappy:

DT could prove to twiligth that she is possessed by snapping her diara in half. Everybody knows it was her most prized possesssion, and doing that with a poker face convinces everypony shes possessed/insane/heartless.

However, Cain could be, I don't know, so merciful and kind that he can't do that to poor, poor DT.

Or DTs personality will start to take control in the last possible moment and he will stop, reafirming everypony that DT is just trying to escape her punishment...:ajbemused:

They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha,To Funny Farm,Where is Beautiful all the time And I'll be happy see those nice young men with clean white coat

I haz idea! Make Diamond Tiara bit by bit nicer to other ponies.

I admit, I kinda had to force myself to read this one. Its nothing against you, its just.... Diamond Tiara.... god i want to hurt her. Good so far though.

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